GK Quiz Questions and Answers on Ramayana

The Ramayana is a Sanskrit epic from ancient India, one of the important epics of Hinduism. This epic was written by Maharishi Valmiki. It narrates the life of lord Rama, a prince of Ayodhya, Kosala. The epic describes his fourteen-year exile to the forest commended by his father King Dasharatha; their travels across forests in the Indian subcontinent; the abduction of Sita by Ravana; Lord Rama’s war with Ravan; victory of Rama over Ravan, and Rama’s final return to Ayodhya along with Sita.

Ramayana is an important topic to prepare for the IAS UPSC exam. According to our research, 4 or 5 questions are always asked from the Ramayana epic. Below, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions and answers related to Ramayana.

GK Questions and Answers on Ramayana

Question -1: Who was the author of Ramayana?

Answer: Maharishi Valmiki.

Question -2: What are the two important epics of Hinduism?

Answer: Mahabharata.

Question -3: What was the kingdom of Ayodhya?

Answer: Kosala.

Question -4: How many verses are there in Ramayana?

Answer: 24,000.

Question -5: What is the meaning of “ayana” in the word Ramayana?

Answer: The word “ayana” means travel or journey. Thus, Ramayana stands for “Rama’s journey”.

Question -6: Valminki’s Ramayana is divided into how many kāṇḍas (chapters)?

Answer: Seven.

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Question -7: Who was the king of Ayodhya?

Answer: Daśaratha.

Question -8: How many wives Daśaratha had?

Answer: 3 wives -Kausalyā, Kaikeyī, and Sumitrā

Question -9: What are the seven Kandas of Ramayana?

Answer: Bala khanda, Aayodhya khanda, Aranyakhanda, Kiṣkindakāṇḍa, Sundara khanda, Yuddha khanda, and Uttarakanda.

Question -10: What was the name of the fire sacrifice performed by the Dasharatha for the offspring?

Answer: Putrīyā Iṣṭi

Question -11: Who was the mother of Lord Rama?

Answer: Kausalya.

Question -12: Who was the son of Kaikeyi?

Answer: Bharat.

Question -13: Who was the mother of Lakṣmaṇa and Śatrughna?

Answer: Sumitra.

Question -14: How many sons did King Dasharatha have?

Answer: Four- Rama, Lakshmana, Satrughna, Bharat.

Question -15: Who broke or strung the divine bow of Bhagavan Shiv at King Janak’s palace?

Answer: Lord Rama.

Question -16: What was the name of Ravan’s mother?

Answer: Kaikesi- A demon princess.

Question -17: Who was the father of Ravan?

Answer: Visharva.

Question -18: What was the kingdom of King Janak?

Answer: Mithila.

Question -19: Which Rishi (Sage) took Rama and Lakshman to fight with demons?

Answer: Vishwamitra.

Question -20: At the age of 16, which demons did Lord Rama kill?

Answer: Tataka, Subahoo.

Question -21: From where did King Janak find Sita when she was a baby?

Answer: In the earth while plowing a field.

Question -22: Who was King Dasharat’s first choice as crown prince?

Answer: Lord Rama.

Question -23: Who insisted that Kaikeyi ask King Dasharath to make Bharat the crown prince?

Answer: Manthra.

Question -24: Who went to the forest along with lord Rama?

Answer: Lakshman and Sita.

Question -25: What was the name of Lakshman’s wife?

Answer: Urmila.

Question -26: Who was the wife of Bharat?

Answer: Mandavi.

Question -27: What was the name of Shatrughna’s wife?

Answer: Shrutakirti

Question -28: Rama is the incarnation of which Hindu God?

Answer: Vishnu.

Question -29: How many siblings does Ravan have?

Answer: 8.

Question -30: Sita is the incarnation of which goddess?

Answer: Lakshmi- wife of Vishnu.

Question -31: From which sage, the four sons of Dasharatha gained Education?

Answer: Sage Vashishta

Question -32: Which rivers did Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshman cross while going to the Forest for 14 years?

Answer: Tamara, Gomati, and Vedashurti.

Question -33: On which mountain the lord Rama live in the period of exile?

Answer: Chitrakuta.

Question -34: Which Rishi gave the celestial weapons to lord Rama?

Answer: Agastya.

Question -35: Who was the king of Kishkindha?

Answer: Vali.

Question -36: Who helped Ravan to abduct Sita?

Answer: Mareecha- Demon.

Question -37: Who tried to protect Sita from Ravana?

Answer: Jatayu.

Question -38: Where did Hanuman meet with Lord Rama and Lakshmana?

Answer: Rishyamukha mountain.

Question -39: In Lanka, where did Ravan retain Sita?

Answer: Ashoka Vatika.

Question -40: What was the name of Vishwamitra’s ashram?

Answer: Siddhashrama.

Question -41: What was the name of Gautama Maharishi’s wife?

Answer: Ahalya.

Question -42: On which river is the Panchavati located?

Answer: Godavari.

Question -43: Whose ears and nose were cut off by Lakshmana?

Answer: Surphanakha

Question -44: What are the names of Ram and Sita’s sons?

Answer: Love and Khush

Question -45: Who killed Ravan’s son Indrajit?

Answer: Lakshmana.

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