Indira Ekadashi 2023: Date & Time, Tithi, Vrat Katha, Rituals

Indira Ekadashi 2023 is that Ekadashi which falls in the month of Pitru paksha. As per the Gregorian calendar, this Ekadashi generally falls in the month of September. It is often said that forefathers of those devotees who observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi get moksha. Like all other Ekadashi, Indira Ekadashi is also dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, many devotees also like to donate on the day of Indira Ekadashi.

In the year 2023, Indira Ekadashi will be celebrated on 10th October. Keep reading this post to know the exact date and time of Indira Ekadashi 2023 with all its other details.

Indira Ekadashi 2023 Tithi

EkadashiIndira Ekadashi
Dedicated toLord Vishnu
Date10th October 2023

Date and Time of Indira Ekadashi 2023

Indira Ekadashi is one of the most important vrats as per the Hindu religion. It is crucial for devotees to know the exact Indira Ekadashi Shubh Muhurat so that they can worship accordingly. Given below are the date and timings for Indira Ekadashi 2023.

  • Date: 10th October 2023
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 12:36 PM on October 09, 2023
  • Ekadashi Tithi End – 3:08 PM on October 10, 2023
  • Parana Time – 6:19 AM to 08:39 AM on 11th October 2023
  • On Parana Day Dwadashi End Moment – 5:37 PM

Importance of Indira Ekadashi

Indira Ekadashi has special importance out of all 24 ekadashi. This Ekadashi falls in Pitra Paksha. As this Ekadashi falls in Shrad Paksa that’s why it is also called Shrad Ekadashi. Religiously, this Ekadashi is extremely important. It is believed that if the forefather (Pitar) of any person is getting punishment from Yamraja due to his sins then he can get forgiveness if his relative observes vrat on Indira Ekadashi.

It is also believed that your forefather (Pitar) can get moksha if you observe the fast on Indira Ekadashi.

Indira Ekadashi Vrat Katha

The vrat katha or story of Indira Ekadashi is as follows. In the older days of Satyug, there was a king named Indrasen of Mahishmati city. The king was very wise as well as wealthy in all aspects. He was also a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. One day the king was seating in his court when Maharishi Narad appears.

Maharishi Narad then asked the king if all his 7 senses are working fine. King got amused asked Narad muni why he is asking such a question. Then, Narad muni told him that he went to Yamloka from Brahmaloka. In the Yamloka, he saw the father of the King. The father of the King has sent a message for him from the Yamloka.

The message of King’s father was that due to his sins he is living near Yamloka and can’t get to heaven. So, my dear son, you should observe a fast on Indira Ekadashi of Ashwin month regularly. So that, I can reach heaven.

Then, King asked Maharishi Narad to tell him the procedure of Indira Ekadashi Fast. So, Narad Ji told him that he should wake up early on dashmi to Ashwin Month and take a bath. Then, he should take another bathroom in a river in the afternoon. After that, he should observe shrad for his forefather and eat food one time. On the day of Ekadashi, he should wake up early and do a sankalp of the vrat. Then, observe the fast. Do Jagran and worship the lord at the Night.

The king does exactly what Narad Ji has told him. This results in that the father of the king goes to Vishnuloka riding on garud.  There was also a shower of flowers on the King. King, then himself went to swarglok leaving his son as his successor.

Indira Ekadashi Rituals

The complete process of Indira Ekadashi worship is explained below.

  • To start with, you should wake up early on Indira Ekadashi and offer water to the Surya devta.
  • Next, You should do shrad of your forefathers (Pitar)
  • Then, you must worship Lord Vishnu with full dedication.
  • After that, you should offer food and donate brahmins.
  • You should also listen to the vrat katha or story of Indira Ekadashi.
  • Finally, you should take food and complete the Vrat on the Prana muhurat of Dwadashi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: When is Indira Ekadashi 2023?

Answer: Indira Ekadashi 2023 vrat will be observed on 10th October 2023.

Question 2: When does Indira ekadashi tithi start?

Answer: It starts at 12:36 PM on October 09, 2023.

Question 3: When does Indira ekadashi tithi end?

Answer: It ends at 3:08 PM on October 10, 2023.

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