List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan (1949-2021)- First Female CM of Rajasthan, First Chief Minister of Rajasthan

Heera Lal Shastri was the first chief minister of Rajasthan served from 7th April 1949 to 5th January 1951. Vasundhara Raje was the first female chief minister of Rajasthan. Let’s uncover the list of all chief ministers of Rajasthan starting from 1949 to 2021.

Ashok Gehlot took the oath as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for the 15th Assembly (2017-21) on December 17, 2018, We are listing below all chief ministers of Rajasthan starting from 1949 to 2021.

List of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan (1949-2021)

Check below the list of all CM of Rajasthan for the period 1949-2021:

SL. No Name of CM Period Party
1. Heera Lal Shastri 7 April 1949 to 5 January 1951 Indian National Congress
2. C. S. Venkatachari 6 January 1951 to 25 April 1951 Indian National Congress
3. Jai Narayan Vyas 26 April 1951 to 3 March 1952 Indian National Congress
4. Tika Ram Paliwal 3 March 1952 to 31 October 1952 Indian National Congress
5. Jai Narayan Vyas 1 November 1952 to 12 November 1954 Indian National Congress
6. Mohan Lal Sukhadia 13 November 1954 to 13 March 1967 Indian National Congress
26 April 1967 to 9 July 1971
7. Barkatullah Khan 9 July 1971 to 11 October 1973 Indian National Congress
8. Hari Dev Joshi 11 October 1973 to 29 April 1977 Indian National Congress
9. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat 22 June 1977 to 16 February 1980 Janata Party
10. Jagannath Pahadia 6 June 1980 to 13 July 1981 Indian National Congress
11. Shiv Charan Mathur 14 July 1981 to 23 February 1985 Indian National Congress
12. Hira Lal Devpura 23 February 1985 to 10 March 1985 Indian National Congress
13. Hari Dev Joshi 10 March 1985 to 20 January 1988 Indian National Congress
14. Shiv Charan Mathur 20 January 1988 to 4 December 1989 Indian National Congress
15. Hari Dev Joshi 4 December 1989 to 4 March 1990 Indian National Congress
16. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat 4 March 1990 to 15 December 1992 Bharatiya Janata Party
4 December 1993 to 29 November 1998
17. Ashok Gehlot 1 December 1998 to 8 December 2003 Indian National Congress
18. Vasundhara Raje 8 December 2003 to 11 December 2008 Bharatiya Janata Party
19. Ashok Gehlot 12 December 2008 to 13 December 2013 Indian National Congress
20. Vasundhara Raje 13 December 2013 to 16 December 2018 Bharatiya Janata Party
21. Ashok Gehlot 17 December 2018 to Incumbent Indian National Congress

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GK Questions on Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

Question 1: Who was the first chief minister of Rajasthan?

Answer: Heera Lal Shastri

Question 2: Who was the first female chief minister of Rajasthan?

Answer: Vasundhara Raje

Question 3: Who is current chief minister of Rajasthan?

Answer: Ashok Gehlot from Indian National Congress

Question 4: How many members are there in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 200

Question 5: Who is the speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Dr. Chandra prakash joshi, INC

Question 6: Who is the Governor of Rajasthan?

Answer: Kalraj Mishra

Current Cabinet Ministers of Rajasthan

 Ashok Gehlot Chief Minister





Policy Planning.

Personnel and General Administration.

Rajasthan State Investigation Bureau.

Information & Technology.



 B. D. Kalla Cabinet Minister


Public Health & Engineering.

Ground Water.

Art & Literature.

Culture & Archeology.

Shanti Dhariwal Cabinet Minister

Local Self Government.

Urban Development & Housing.

Law & Legal Affairs and Legal Consultancy Office.

Parliamentary Affairs.

Parsadi Lal Meena Cabinet Minister


State Enterprise.

Harish Chaudhary Cabinet Minister



Command Area Development.

Water Utilisation.

Pratap Singh Khachariyawas Cabinet Minister


Soldier Welfare.

Raghu Sharma Cabinet Minister

Medical & Health.

Ayurved& Indian Medical.

Medical & Health Services (ESI).

Information & Public Relation.

Lalchand Kataria Cabinet Minister


Animal Husbandry.


Pramod Jain Bhaya Cabinet Minister



Udai Lal Anjana Cabinet Minister


Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana (IGNP).

Saleh Mohammad Cabinet Minister

Minority Affairs.


Public Grievances Redressal.

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