Top 10 Richest Cities in India 2023

India is the 5th largest economy of the world. It is also the world’s fastest growing economy. Although the 2020 pandemic wrecked havoc on trade worldwide, India remained 8th largest importer and 10th largest exporter. So there’s no doubt India and it’s cities are growing exponentially in different sectors.

Top 10 Richest Cities in India 2023

Here, we shall take a closer look at the richest cities in India 2023:

1. Mumbai


Mumbai, also knows as the city of dreams is the richest city in India with GDP of $209 billion. The financial capital of India is also included in the list of richest cities globally. The city also houses major billionaires of the country and is also a home to many big Indian companies like Tata, Reliance and Aditya Birla Group.

Bollywood and the glamour industry are a crucial part of the cities charm with media, financial agencies and real estate section making up for a huge part of the economy. Mumbai holds numerous tourist attractions that aids the tourism industry as well.

2. Delhi


The capital of the country and the city with most population, Delhi, is at position 2 with a GDP of $167 billion. The city is the political epicenter and home to some big names in politics. Delhi has a rich political and cultural background with many places of political importance and ancient history. This also attracts tourists within the country and from all over the world.

The city’s notoriously famous mouth watering cuisine and popular markets make visiting this city totally worth it.

3. Kolkata


Kolkata, also previously known as Calcutta, used to be the capital of British India. It is widely knows as the ‘city of joy’ and ranks third in the list of richest cities in southern Asia. Kolkata has a GDP of 150 million. It houses some of the big companies like Coal India and Britannia.

Majority of the city’s population is involved in the tertiary sector and is know for its financial and commercial centers. And one definitely cannot avoid it’s extremely popular and mouth watering traditional sweets.

4. Bengaluru


Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru comes 4th on the list of richest cities in India. It is the capital city of Karnataka. It received the title of ‘Silicon Valley’ of India due to it’s role as nation’s leading Information Technology (IT) exporter. The city also houses Kannada film industry and is home to major E-commerce sites like Myntra and Flipkart headquartered in the city.

It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India.

5. Hyderabad


Situated in Telangana, Hyderabad falls 5th under the list of richest cities. Hyderabad is the 4th most populous city in the country.  The city is extremely popular for its rich culture and delicious food, more well known for its famous biryani. The city is multi-lingual with Hindus being the majority of the population followed my Muslims and Christians.

There are a multitude of temples, masjids and churches which makes tourism industry the backbone of its economy. Hyderabad is also knows for its technological advancement and its IT industry.

6. Chennai


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, holds the 6th place in list of richest cities. The city is known to have the automobile industry as it’s economical backbone. Chennai is also quite rich in culture based on Tamil traditions, and hence also serves as a gateway to the South Indian culture for tourists within and outside of India.

The city is also reportedly called as ‘Detroit of India’ due toh the huge dominance of the automobile industry and also contributes to the IT sector of India.

7. Ahmedabad


The commercial capital and the largest city of Gujrat, Ahmedabad comes 8th under the list of richest cities with an estimated GDP of $64 billion.

The city is also knows as the ‘Manchester of the East’ as the majority of it’s economy depends upon the textile industry. Ahmedabad is also culturally rich and hence a tourist attraction, that contributes well to the tourism industry there.

The calico museum of textiles has significant collection of modern and antique textiles.

8. Pune


Located in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is the eighth largest city in India. It boasts a GDP of US$48 billion. Jawaharlal Nehru once named Pune as the ‘Oxford of the east’ because of it’s wide range of some of the best schools and universities.

It attracts students from around the globe. The city is also culturally and historically rich with many popular tourist attractions which aids it’s economy via the tourism industry.

9. Surat


Surat is large city beside the Tapi river in the west state of Gujarat. It also houses large textile industries and is one of the cleanest cities in India. It is also the center of diamond markets.

About 90% of the world’s diamond supply are cut and polished in this city. Surat’s economy has a seen a significant growth in the recent years. According to a recent study in the Economic Times, Surat will become the fastest growing city between 2019-2035.

10. Vishakhapatnam


The port city of Vishakhapatnam, located in Andhra Pradesh is the 10th richest city in India. It is the largest and most populous city of Andhra Pradesh.

The city houses many big businesses and is also a major tourists attraction due to it’s cultural heritage and beautiful beaches. It also has numerous education institutes like National Institute of Oceanography, India, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Andhra Medical College (AMC), and Andhra University (AU) and others.

It is also often referred to as the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh and among richest cites in India.

These are the 10 richest cities of India in 2023. And the rate at which the economic infrastructure of these cities are growing, we can expect a hike in their GDP in the near future.


Which are the top 10 richest cities in India?

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolakata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat and Vishakhapatnam

Which is the richest city in India?


Which is the 2nd richest city in India?


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