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Miss Universe is one of the top international beauty pageants that is organized and managed by the Miss Universe Organization. This beauty pageant is watched by more than 500 million viewers in more than 190 countries. Along with Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth, Miss Universe is among the big four international beauty pageants in the world. If you are a student then you can expect at least a few questions from Miss University General Knowledge (GK) Quiz 2023. The current miss universe is Harnaaz Sandhu from India. Go through this post to check the latest GK questions and answers.

Question: Who won with 71st Miss Universe title?

a. R’Bonney Gabriel
b. Deta Kokomani
c. Kiara Arends
d. Chayenne Van Aarle

Answer: a. R’Bonney Gabriel

Question: Who has been crowned with Miss Universe 2020 title in May 2021 in Florida?

a Janick Maceta

b Andrea Meza

c Adline Castelino

d Zozibini Tunzi

Answer: B Andrea Meza

Question: The highest Top 5 Interview score was all time was given to whom?

a Lara Dutta

b Carol Moris

c Milka Chulina

d Veruska Ramirez

Answer: A Lara Dutta

Question: Women representing how many countries participated in Miss Universe 2021?

a 60

b 70

c 80

d 90

Answer: C 80

Question: Who is the current president of Miss Universe Organization?

a Tony Hill

b Paula Shugart

c Swine Rob

d Toby Marget

Answer: B Paula Shugart

Question: Who was crowned as VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020 in February 2021?

a Manika Sheokand

b Manasa Varanasi

c Manya Singh

d Suman Ratan Singh Rao

Answer: B Manasa Varanasi

Question: In which year, for the first time ever, one of the sixteen semifinalists was selected exclusively by fans via online voting?

a 2007

b 2011

c 2001

d 2004

Answer: C 2011

Question: Who among the following Indians did Not hold the title of Miss world?

a Reita Faria

b Sushmita Sen

c Diana Hayden

d Yukta Mookhey

Answer: B Sushmita Sen

Question: The first Miss Universe Pageant was won by Armi Kuusela. She was from?

a Finland

b Norway

c Canada

d China

Answer: A Finland

Question: Who has been crowned Miss Universe 2021?

a Roshanara Ebrahim

b Noa Kochba

c Harnaaz Sandhu

d Nandita Banna

Answer: C Harnaaz Sandhu

Question: In which year, Donald Trump acquired Miss Universe pageant?

a 1990

b 1996

c 2008

d 2001

Answer: B 1996

Question: Which Country ha won the most number of Miss Universe titles?

a Puerto Rico

b Venezuela


d Sweden

Answer: C USA

Question: The Miss Universe crown used from 2002-2007 was designed by?

a Bohikono

b Mikimoto

c Kiono

d Jihaito

Answer: B Mikimoto

Question: What is the Logo of Miss Universe?

a The women with stars

b Beauty circle

c The women with freedom

d Round Beauty

Answer: A The women with stars

Question: Miss Universe contest was founded by which company?

a Sugar Hill

b Pacific Mills

c Romer Pills

d Joint Up

Answer: B Pacific Mills

Question: Miss Universe is a international beauty contest which held after every?

a Two Year

b Four Year

c Three Year

d One Year

Answer: D One Year

Question: In 1998, Miss Universe changed its name from Miss Universe, Inc. to?

a Miss Universe Ltd.

b Miss Universe Organization

c Miss Universe Group Inc.

d Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

Answer: B Miss Universe Organization

Question: Which country was 1st runner up in Miss Universe most number of times?

a Venezuela


c Brazil

d India

Answer: B USA

Question: The first Miss Universe Pageant was held in which city?

a California

b Los Angeles

c Paris

d New York

Answer: A California

Question: The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is broad-casted on?





Answer: C NBC

Question: The Miss Universe pageant was first televised in?

a 1967

b 1961

c 1955

d 1942

Answer: C 1955

Question: Who is currently making the Miss Universe crown?

a Harbour Ltd

b Diamond Nexus Labs

c Harbour Point

d Nexus Cur Labs

Answer: B Diamond Nexus Labs

Question: Which organization currently owns and runs the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty contests?

a Miss Universe Organization

b Organization of Pageant

c International Organization of Beauty Pageant

d Howard Organization of Beauty Pageant

Answer: A Miss Universe Organization

Question: Around how many gemstones are in current Miss Universe crown?

a 900

b 350

c 1490

d 1350

Answer: D 1350

Question: How many winners have been crowned Miss Universe on their home turf?

a 9

b 4

c 1

d 6

Answer: D 6

Question: Electronic voting was introduced to television viewers in?

a 1985

b 1864

c 1968

d 1978

Answer: D 1978

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