National Mushroom Day 2023 – A Day to celebrate the most amazing fungus in the world

  • National Mushroom Day is celebrated every year on October 15th.
  • This day aims to acknowledge the benefits of Mushrooms
  • Mushrooms have been used in food and medicine since ancient times.
  • You can celebrate National Mushroom Day by cooking mushrooms and spreading knowledge about them.
  • There are thousands of types of Mushrooms. However, only a few are considered safe for consumption. 

National Mushroom Day is on Sunday, October 15, 2023. It is a day to show your love for various kinds of Mushroom species around the world. Mushrooms are fascinating organisms that you can find in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that Mushrooms are a type of fungi. They also play a vital role in the ecosystem. They decompose dead matter and recycle nutrients back into the soil.

Although there are some poisonous mushrooms, we can eat many of them. On National Mushroom Day, we recognize the importance and benefits of Mushrooms. It is also a day to make these incredible fungi popular and appreciate their taste and health benefits.

History of National Mushroom Day

The exact history of National Mushroom Day is not clear. However, it is known that it was first celebrated in Australia. Mushrooms have been used by humans for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians believed that mushrooms were a gift from the gods. On the other hand, the Chinese preferred them for medicinal purposes. In the 17th century, French and Italian chefs started adding mushrooms to their dishes. This makes mushrooms a famous food in the continent. 

In modern times, mushrooms have gained popularity as a nutritious food option. They are low in calories, and high in vitamins & minerals. They are also a great source of antioxidants.

Various Ways to Celebrate National Mushroom Day

There are many activities that you can do on this day to show your love towards Mushrooms. Check out the following points to get some ideas regarding the same.

  1. Enjoy your favorite mushroom dish tonight.
  2. Support Mushroom farmers by visiting their farms and buying fresh Mushrooms directly.
  3. Watch a documentary or read a book about mushrooms.
  4. Create a Mushroom based craft with your kids.
  5. Invite friends and family to your backyard for a mushroom-tasting party.
  6. Start a small mushroom garden at home and watch your favorite mushroom grow.
  7. Visit a local restaurant and order a mushroom pizza or sandwich.
  8. You can also order mushroom-based skin care products.
  9. Spread the words. Post on your social media accounts using #Nationalmushroomday.
  10. Let your kids know about the benefits of mushrooms.

Fascinating World of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are available in hundreds of varieties. Let’s discuss a few of the most popular ones along with their characteristics.

Type of MushroomCharacteristics
Button mushroomSmall and round with a creamy-white colored texture. Commonly used in cooking and making salads.
Portobello mushroomLarge in size and has a brownish color. It is a popular choice for grilling and stuffing. 
Shiitake mushroomThey have a unique umbrella-like shape. One of the key ingredients of Asian cuisine. 
Enoki mushroomIt is long with a thin stem and a tiny cap. People enjoy it raw as a salad due to its crunchy texture and mild taste
Oyster mushroomsLooks similar to an Oyster shell. Comes in white or gray color and is often used in pasta dishes.
Truffles mushroomExotic and expensive variety of mushrooms. Many chefs grate it over dishes for garnishing.

Iconic Mushroom-Based Dishes from around the world

Mushrooms are used in amazing dishes around the globe.

CountryNames of DishesDescription
ItalyRisotto ai FunghiArborio rice is combined with a variety of mushrooms to make a flavorful dish.
FranceCoq au VinTender chicken cooked with mushrooms, red wine, and aromatic herbs.
MexicoQuesadillas de HongosThese are cheesy tortilla pockets filled with sauteed mushrooms and served with salsa and guacamole.
ChinaStir-Fried MushroomsMushrooms are stir-fried with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.
JapanMiso Mushroom SoupMushrooms are added to miso paste, tofu, and seaweed.
United StatesMushroom BurgerA classic burger with sauteed mushrooms as one of the main fillings.

Medicinal and Therapeutic Uses of Mushrooms

Our ancestors used mushrooms as a medicine for centuries. They are beneficial in boosting your immunity as well as in providing relief from various diseases. It is proven in many researches that some mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties.

Mushrooms are also good for your Cardiovascular Health. They have been found to lower your cholesterol levels. A few varieties of mushrooms like shiitake and oyster contain dietary fiber that is good for healthy digestion.

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National Mushroom Day Dates

Every year, we celebrate National Mushroom Day on October 15th.

2023October 15Sunday
2024October 15Tuesday
2025October 15Wednesday
2026October 15Thursday
2027October 15Friday

Some Less-Known Facts About Mushrooms

  1. You can grow Mushrooms in all 50 states of the USA as well as in most countries around the world.
  2. Mushrooms are excellent sources of vitamin D. When you put them in sunlight, they synthesize Vitamin D, just like your skin.
  3. Armillaria Ostoyae Mushroom is the largest living organism. It spans over 1,500 acres and is estimated to be thousands of years old.
  4. The Matsutake mushroom from Japan can cost you thousands of dollars for a single piece.
  5. According to many experts, Mushrooms are one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States.
  6. Some species of mushrooms can glow in the dark.
  7. In ancient Egypt, mushrooms were consumed only by kings and other members of royal families.
  8. There is a mushroom called “Laughing Gym”. It is so because it has the ability to induce laughter when consumed.
  9. Some species of mushrooms can change color when exposed to different environmental conditions
  10. The spores released by mushrooms can travel hundreds of kilometers for reproduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is National Mushroom Day 2023?

Sunday, October 15, 2023.

Can we eat all types of mushrooms?

No, all types of mushrooms are not edible.

Are mushrooms a plant or animal?

They are actually a type of fungus.

Are mushrooms used for anything other than food?

They have many other uses including in medicines, in natural dyes, etc.

Can I grow mushrooms at home?

Yes, you can grow them easily at your home. They grow well even indoors.

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