National Refreshment Day 2022-2023: Significance, History (Traveler Beer Company)

Every year, the fourth Thursday of July is observed as National Refreshment Day in the United States. The day is celebrated to remind people about the importance of taking a break from their daily routine and relax with some refreshing snacks and beverage. The day is all about breaking the monotonous routine of life and finding some refreshment. This year the National Refreshment Day will be observed on July 28. Let us know more about this fun day in a little more detail.

National Refreshment Day 2022 Upcoming Events

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for National Refreshment Day for the next 5 years.

Event Date Day
National Refreshment Day 2022 July 28, 2022 Thursday
National Refreshment Day 2023 July 27, 2023 Thursday
National Refreshment Day 2024 July 25, 2024 Thursday
National Refreshment Day 2025 July 24, 2025 Thursday
National Refreshment Day 2026 July 23, 2026 Thursday

National Refreshment Day 2022

Event National Refreshment Day 2022
Date July 28, 2022
Day Thursday
Declared by Traveler Beer Company
Purpose To remind people about the importance of taking a break from daily life and relax with some refreshments.

Significance of National Refreshment Day 2022-2023

We spent most of the day working in office and fulfilling domestic chores rest of the time. Between work and household activities, life becomes quite hectic and boring. Celebrating a day where there could be a break from the boredom of life sounds about nice. National Refreshment Day provides an opportunity to take a break from your daily life and enjoy the day with some snacks with lemonade, cocktail or beer. National Refreshment Day 2022 will be observed on 28 July.

History of National Refreshment Day Celebration

Fourth Thursday of every July is celebrated as National Refreshment Day in United States. The history of the day is quite interesting and is not older than eight years. Celebration of the day was started in US by a beer company (now closed) Traveler Beer Company. They created this day for their customers to look forward to a refreshing break with a drink during the hottest time of July. July was chosen for celebration seeing it as the hottest time of the year and taking a refreshment break at this time would feel very relaxed. The first National Refreshment Day was first observed in 2015. The year 2022 marks the eighth anniversary of the celebration of National Refreshment Day.

About Traveler Beer Company

The Traveler Beer Company was established in the year 2012 and is based in Burlington, Vermont. It was a craft beer venture launched with the aim to create a line of craft beers that are both fun and refreshing. Their beers combined European refreshment inspired by shandy and originality of American beer. Due to lack of sale, the company had to close down business in 2021. Although the company is gone but the celebrations that it left behind in form of National Refreshment Day still continues and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

How to celebrate National Refreshment Day 2022?

Celebration of National Refreshment Day is just a gentle reminder of the importance of kicking back and relaxing with an icy chilly drink and some snacks. It is observed on the fourth Thursday of July to find some refreshment in the hottest times. The day is celebrated in a general manner without any holiday. People get together with their families and meet their friends for some beer or lemonade and snacks. Glass of chilled lemonade, iced tea, mocktail or a jug of beer, whatever makes you feel most relaxed, along with a bowl of chips and snacks are the best way to observe this day. Whether you plan to watch movies with your family or go out with your friends, order some refreshments and celebrate this fun-packed day. People also celebrate this day with the hashtag #NationalRefreshmentDay on their social media account. So don’t forget to take out some time from your busy schedules and celebrate National Refreshment Day this July and also spread it among your friends and colleagues.


Question 1: Is any holiday observed in the United States on the occasion of National Refreshment Day?

Answer: There is no holiday observed in any part of the US to celebrate National Refreshment Day.

Question 2: What will be the theme for National Refreshment Day 2022 celebration?

Answer: There is no theme for celebrating National Refreshment Day in any year. As such, National Refreshment Day 2022 will also be celebrated without any theme.

Question 3: Is National Refreshment Day celebrated anywhere outside United States?

Answer: The National Refreshment Day is just a cool celebratory day observed in the United States to remind people about having some fun in their lives and taking a rest with refreshing snacks and beverage.

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