Required Documents for Delhi School Admissions in 2021: Check Here

delhi nursery admission 2020

Getting your kid enrolled in school for nursery has changed drastically. Due to immense competition, nowadays, schools have a lot of criteria that every student must fulfill in order to get admission. Due to a large number of criteria, parents/ students have to submit a lot of documents. There is no doubt that it can […]

Andhra Pradesh Holidays List 2022

Andhra Pradesh Holidays list

Andhra Pradesh is a state of Southern India and is the first state of the country to be formed on a linguistic basis. There are many public holidays in Andhra Pradesh that are observed by the banks, schools and public offices of the state. Apart from this, every institution has their own list of holidays […]

Chhattisgarh Holidays 2022 List

Chhattisgarh Holidays 2022 -2023

Holidays provide people a day which they can enjoy with their family or friends and get a break from the monotonous work they have been doing every day. A total of 25 Government holidays are observed in the state of Chhattisgarh and other than this, every institutions have a holiday list of their own. Some […]

Goa Holidays List 2022: Public, Government, Bank, School Holidays

goa holidays 2022-2023

There are certain secular and national holidays that are observed by almost every state in India. Other than this, each state has some of its own holidays too. Talking about Goa, apart from observing holidays like Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Christmas, etc, the state also celebrate holidays like Ugadi, Feast of St Francis Xavier and […]

Mahavir Jayanti 2022: Date, History, Tithi

Mahavir Jayanti 2022-2023

Mahavir, who was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism, is entitled as the reformer of the Jain monastic community. Born as a prince in royal Jain family in Bihar, he left his home at the age of 30 years in the search of spiritual awakening and salvation. Devotees believe that Mahavira was born in 599 BCE […]

Delhi Holidays List 2022: Delhi Bank, Govt, Public, School Holidays

Delhi Holidays 2022-2023

India is a country of festivals and people of Delhi are always eager to celebrate any upcoming festival with great enthusiasm and excitement. Some festivals are marked as public holidays and every bank and schools are closed on that day. Other than this, there can be some regional festivals that might or might not be […]