Soorasamharam 2023: Festival that Celebrates the Victory of Good over Evil

Soorasamharam, also known as Sooranporu, is a major Hindu festival celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu. Other this this, festivities and celebrations are also held in Sri Lanka and in Palakkad district in Kerala state.

This festival commemorates the killing of demon Soorapadam by Lord Murugan and is a part of Skanda Shasthi Vratham. Large number of devotees every year visit temple of Lord Murugan and seek his blessings on the occasion of Soorasamharam.

Soorasamharam is a part of six day long festival known as Skanda Sasthi or Kanda Sasthi. Many devotees observe fast for six days which begins from first day of Karthika month and ends on the sixth day which is known as Soorasamharam.

Soorasamharam is the last but most important day of the six days festival and it is believed that Lord Murugan defeated the demon Soorapadam on this very day. The festival of Soorasamharam is observed every year with great devotion to mark the victory of good over evil.

Soorasamharam 2023 Date

Soorasamharam is observed on the sixth and last day of Skanda Shasthi Vratam, also known as Kanda Shasthi Vratam.

This is an important festival celebrated by Tamil Hindus and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The day of Skanda Sasthi is decided on the basis of Tamil calendar and it falls on the sixth day of Karthika month.

This usually falls in the month of October or November as per the Gregorian calendar. Calculated as per Tamil calendar, Soorasamharam 2023 will be observed on 18th November 2023. The Shasthi Tithi will begin at 9:18 AM on November 18 and will end at 7:23 AM on November 19.

It should be noted that the Soorasamharam day is decided as the day when Shasthi Tithi is associated with Panjami Tithi. Due to this, most temples observe Soorasamharam on Panjami Tithi if Shasthi Tithi starts before sunset on Panjami Tithi.

Story behind Soorasamharam festival

Soorasamharam festival celebrates the victory of Lord Murugan over Soorapadam and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the devotees.

Significance of this festival can be found the Hindu scriptures Skanda Purana. According to the Hindu mythology, Soorapadam was a very powerful demon who defeated the Devas and captured both earth and heaven.

When the sins of demons kept on increasing, the Devas sought Lord Shiva’s help to defeat the demon. Lord Shiva created a son, Lord Murugan, who with the help of a spear (Vel) that he got from his mother, defeated the asura.

The fight continued for six days and on the sixth day, Lord Murugan finally defeated and killed the demon Soorapadam and his kin. The six days in which Lord Murugan fought Soorapadam is known as Skanda Sasthi and the sixth day is celebrated as Soorasamharam.

Significance of Soorasamharam

The festival of Soorasamharam is observed to mark the victory of Lord Murugan over the evil demon Soorasamharam. The day signify the victory of good (Lord Murugan) over evil (demon Soorasamharam).

On the occasion of this festival, devotees pray to Lord Murugan and seek his blessings in form of protection from all evils.

Soorasamharam Celebration

Many people observe a fast on the occasion of Soorasamharam and worship Lord Murugan with utmost devotion. In many temples and at other social gatherings, Soorasamharam performance is re-enacted as mentioned in the Skanda Purana.

Skanda Purana is also narrated in temples by priests and special puja dedicated to Lord Murugan is also conducted. Devotees in large number visit temples of Lord Murugan to seek his darshan and offer prayers.

In Palani (Tamil Nadu), a procession of Lord Murugan is carried out from the hill temple to the main town and back to the temple. The Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple in Palani is one of the six abodes of Lord Murugan.

The festival of Soorasamharam is celebrated in a grand manner at the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple which is the second Arupadai Veedu (six abodes) of Lord Murugan. A large number of devotees from Tamil Nadu and nearby states visit the temple where the story of Murugan and Soorapadam is enacted by artists. Soorasamharam is also celebrated in Thiruvannur Subramanya Swami temple in Kozhikode district Kerala and here it is known as Sooranpada.


Why is Soorasamharam celebrated?

It is believed that Lord Murugan killed the demon Surapadman on this day

When is Soorasamharam 2023?

18th November 2023

When will Shasthi Tithi start?

It starts at 9:18 AM on November 18

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