Karwa Chauth 2021 Date: When is Karwa Chauth 2021, Shubh Muhurat, Puja Samagri, Puja Vidhi, Significances

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Karwa Chauth 2021 vrat is all set to be celebrated on 24th October. Check here Shubh Muhurat, puja vidhi and significances of Karwa Chauth vrat.

Karwa Chauth 2021 Vrat Date: Karwa Chauth symbolizes a precious bonding between a man and his wife. It is one of the most awaited festivals for married Hindu women. Karwa Chauth fast is observed with the wishes of the husband’s long life. Check here Karwa Chauth 2021 date along with all other details you must know about this vrat regarding its shubh muhurat, puja vidhi, puja samagri, significances etc.

Karwa Chauth 2021 Shubh Muhurat

Check out the shubh muhurat for Karwa Chauth vrat 2021:

Date of Karwa Chauth in 2021: 24th October 2021

Puja Muhurat: From 17:43:11 to 18:50:46

Duration: 1 Hour & 7 Minute

Moonrise time: 20:07:00

Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival where married Hindu women keep fast from sunrise to moonrise for the protection and long life of their husbands. On this auspicious day, married women wake up early in the morning to eat Sargi. Sargi is a home-made meal which consists of milk, vermicelli, and dry fruits. Thereafter, she is restricted to consume even a single drop of water until the moonrise.

Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri

Before your start Karwa Chauth 2021 vrat puja, you need to arrange all puja samgri at one place. Have a look at the complete list of puja samagri required for Karwa Chauth:

  • A dedicated place for puja
  • Puja thali
  • Cow-dung- it is used to make idol of goddess Gora or Parvati
  • Matthi
  • Karwa Chauth vrat storybook
  • Karwa – It’s a vessel filled with water
  • Red thread also known as kalawa
  • Fruits
  • Paan Leaves
  • Matchbox
  • Agarbatti or Dhoop
  • Sweets
  • Ghee or Oil
  • Diya- it should be made of atta
  • Kapoor / Camphor balls
    Red or Pink cloth is essential in order to cover your puja thali
  • Strainer or channi- it is used to see moon in the evening

Karwa Chauth Puja Vidhi

Are you eager to know the puja vidhi for Karwa Chauth? We have explained the same below, have a look please:

After waking up early in the morning take a fresh bath, wear new clothe, take a sankalp for the vrat. Once you took the sankalp chant this mantra- ‘‘मम सुखसौभाग्य पुत्रपौत्रादि सुस्थिर श्री प्राप्तये कर्क चतुर्थी व्रतमहं करिष्ये’.

Along with observing fast, married women also worship for Goddess Parvati on this auspicious day. The Goddess Parvati is believed to be Akhand Saubhagyavati and this is why women worship for the goddess.

Married Hindu women offer fruits, sweets, flowers, sindoor to the goddess and light the dhoop and diya.

Thereafter, they read the Karwa Chauth vrat katha . The puja will be performed first in the evening and upon moonrise women need to see the moon through a sieve and then see their husbands using the same. The husband will further break the fast of his wife by feeding her water.

Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha

Married Hindu women must observe fast and listen to Karwa Chauth vrat katha. The fast is considered incomplete without listening to the vrat katha. You can buy a Karwa Chauth vrat storybook from your local market.

Significances of Karwa Chauth Vrat 2021

During ancient times, when men used to stay out of their homes for months because of wars, travel or trade, married women used to conduct prayers for their husbands after observing a day-long fast- it was for health and welfare of their husbands.

On the day of Karwa Chauth, married women take a fresh bath during Brahma Muhurat. Thereafter, they offer their prayer to Lord Shiva, Karwa Mata, Lord Kartikeya , and Lord Ganesha.

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