Top 10 Richest Rockstars in the World 2023

Rockstars have given a new direction to the music industry with their enthusiastic performance and the energy they used to bring to the stage was fiery. Most of these rockstars are from 60s and 70s but their music is famous as if it were released today. These successful rock band members are still making millions of money from their songs released decades ago. Paul McCartney, Bono, Bruce Springsteen, and many others veteran rockstars are counted among the greatest and also the richest in the world. This article presents a compiled list of top 10 richest rockstars in the world 2023.

Top 10 Richest Rockstars in the World 2023

Here is the list of ten richest rockstars in the world 2023 along with their net worth:

NameNet worth (2023)Nationality
Paul McCartney$1.2 billionUnited Kingdom
Jimmy Buffett$1 billionUnited States
Bono (Paul David Hewson)$800 millionIreland
Bruce Springsteen$650 millionUnited States
Sting$550 millionUnited Kingdom
Elton John$550 millionUnited Kingdom
Mick Jagger$500 millionUnited Kingdom
Jon Bon Jovi$410 millionUnited States
Gene Simmons$400 millionUnited States, Israel
Ringo Starr$350 millionUnited Kingdom

World’s 10 Richest Rockstars in 2023

Now that you know the world’s richest rockstars, their net worth, nationality, etc, let us learn a little bit more about them in detail.

1. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney is the co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter and bassist of the rock band The Beatles. With a net worth of over 1.2 billion dollars, McCartney is the richest rockstar to be featured in this list. McCartney is also a great musician who has worked with famous artists including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Rihanna and others.

  • Age: 81 years
  • Band: The Quarrymen, The Beatles, Wings
  • Instruments: Vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards
  • Awards: an Academy Award, 18 Grammy Award
  • Songs: Band on the Run, Too Many People, Live and Let Die, Jet

2. Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett is counted among the greatest rockstars of all time and has a devoted fan base who calls themselves ‘Parrotheads’. Other than being one of the best musicians, Jimmy is also an author and a businessman. His books ‘Tales from Margaritaville’ and ‘Where Is Joe Merchant?’ were included in The New York Times Best Seller fiction list for seven months.

  • Age: 76 years
  • Band: Coral Reefer Band
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, ukulele
  • Awards: 2003 Country Music Association Award
  • Songs: Son Of Son Of A Sailor, He Went To Paris, Margaritaville, Come Monday

3. Bono

Paul David Hewson

Paul David Hewson, known by his professional name Bono, is the member of rock band U2 where he was their lead vocalist and primary lyricist. For his contribution to the music industry and humanitarian work, he has received numerous accolades. Bono is the 3rd richest rockstar with a net worth of around 800 million dollars.

  • Age: 63 years
  • Band: U2
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Awards: 22 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Award
  • Songs: One, Beautiful Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad

4. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is a singer, songwriter, musician and a member of renowned rock band, the E Street Band. Springsteen is credited with the creation of heartland rock style of music along with few others. In his sparkling career of more than six decades, he earned a lot of fame and wealth and has been nicknamed ‘The Boss’.

  • Age: 73 years
  • Band: E Street Band
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar
  • Awards: 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, and a Special Tony Award
  • Songs: Born to Run, Thunder Road, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Badlands

5. Sting

Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas)

Gordon Matthew Thomas, known by his stage name Sting, was the frontman, songwriter and bassist for the rock band the Police. He gained quite fame and popularity as a member of this band before launching his solo career in. Sting is one of the world’s best-selling music artists with over 100 million records sold as a band member and solo combined.

  • Age: 71 years
  • Band: The Police
  • Instruments: Vocals, bass guitar, guitar, double bass, keyboards
  • Awards: A Golden Globe, an Emmy, Ivor Novello Award, Polar Music Prize
  • Songs: Every Breath You Take, All for Love, King of Pain, We’ll Be Together

6. Elton John

Elton John

Sir Elton John, also known as Rocket Man (named after his song of same name) is one of the greatest and also the richest rockstars of all time. He formed the famous band, Elton John Band, in 1970 which comprised of both English and American musicians. John is acclaimed by everyone for making a significant impact on music industry.

  • Age: 76 years
  • Band: Elton John Band
  • Instruments: Vocals, piano, keyboards
  • Awards: Five Grammy, five Brit Awards, two Academy, two Golden Globes, a Tony Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, a Disney Legends Award
  • Songs: Tiny Dancer, Your Song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Levon

7. Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger (original name Sir Michael Philip Jagger) is one of founder members of the popular rock bands known as Rolling Stones for which he was also the lead vocalist. His career spanned for more six decades in which he was credited as the most popular and influential frontman in the history of rock & roll.

  • Age: 80 years
  • Band: The Rolling Stones
  • Instruments: Vocals
  • Awards: Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Golden Globes, MTV Video Music Awards
  • Songs: Gotta Get A Grip, England Lost, Dancing in the Street, Wild Horses

8. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is a renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist who formed the rock band Bon Jovi in 1983. He has been included in the list of The Most Powerful and Influential People in the Music Business, 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, Sexiest Rock Star and others. Other than music, Jovi also has interests in business and is a philanthropist as well.

  • Age: 61 years
  • Band: Bon Jovi
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar
  • Awards: American Music Awards, Brit Awards, Golden Globe Awards
  • Songs: Bed of Roses, Livin’ on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, Wild in the Streets

9. Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons is one such rockstar who is known for his energetic stage performance that is out of this world and his special stage makeup that earned him the name The Demon. He is the co-founder, bassist and co-lead singer of the rock band Kiss. As a member of Kiss, Simmons was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

  • Age: 73 years
  • Band: Kiss
  • Instruments: Bass guitar, vocals
  • Awards: People’s Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Golden Medal
  • Songs: God of Thunder, Rock and Roll All Nite, Deuce, A World Without Heroes

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10. Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr (real name Sir Richard Starkey) accomplished international fame for being the lead drummer for rock band the Beatles. He is known as one of the greatest drummers of all time and the wealthiest drummer in the world. Ringoo has been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a Beatle in 1988 and as a solo artist in 2015.

  • Age: 83 years
  • Band: The Beatles, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes
  • Instruments: Drums, vocals
  • Awards: Academy Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, Grammy Awards
  • Songs: Don’t Pass Me By, Octopus’s Garden, Let It Be, Hey Jude

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest rockstar ever?

Paul McCartney with a net worth of $1.2 billion

Who is the richest rock star in 2023?

Paul McCartney

Which Rockstar is a billionaire?

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Buffett

What is the net worth of Jimmy Buffett?

$1 billion

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