World Hippo Day 2024: Date, Facts, How to Celebrate

In honor of the world’s third-largest mammal, February 15th is designated as World Hippo Day each year. Also, it’s Hippopotamus Day, so you may learn more about this fascinating creature.

All other animals are smaller than a hippopotamus, which is why only blue whales and African elephants are larger than them. A hippopotamus is an old Greek name for a river horse. The enormous beast is 8,000 pounds heavy. A hippopotamus can only be found on one continent. It’s called Africa. Hippos may be found in more than 30 African nations. In the wild, these herbivores can live for up to 50 years. Two species of hippos are known to exist on the globe. These include the pygmy hippopotamus and the ordinary hippopotamus.

World Hippo Day 2024 Date

Hippos are preyed upon by a variety of species of predators, including hyenas, lions, and even saltwater crocodiles. Others go after their ivory canine teeth instead of their flesh. After the international prohibition on the international trade of elephant ivory in 1989, the demand for hippo teeth soared.

A prohibition on the trading of hippo teeth has just been instituted, although the species is still considered threatened. The biggest drop in hippo numbers has been in the Democratic Republic of the Congo throughout the years.

Event nameDayDate
World Hippo Day 2024Thursday15th February 2024

The Evolution of World Hippo Day

The Whippomorpha, a species of semi-aquatic mammals, are regarded to be the ancestors of hippos. At some point in the past 54 million years, this group was divided into two distinct groups.

To become aquatic cetaceans, the initial branch of the family tree included whales and dolphins. In the second branch, anthracotheres, a relative of the common hippopotamus, emerged.

Except for those that developed into Hippopotamidae, all anthracothere branches died extinct during the Pliocene Epoch (nearly 2 million years ago). Approximately 35 million years ago, this lineage of hippo ancestors arrived in Africa and became one of the continent’s first great animals.

The earliest known hippopotamus, Kenyapotamus, lived in Africa between 16 and 8 million years ago. Archaeopotamus, a species that existed in Africa and the Middle East between 7.5 million years ago and 1.8 million years ago, was the ancestor of the contemporary hippo.

Before the last glacial period, the European hippopotamus, Hippopotamus antiquus, Hippopotamus major, and Hippopotamus gorgops lived in Europe and the British Isles. Scientists have hypothesized that humans are to blame for the extinction of these hippos, but the specific cause remains a mystery.

Although anthracothere genus has been identified in North America, there is no evidence of hippos on the continent at all. Numerous attempts have been made to bring this species to the United States without success. That is, until the late 1980s when Pablo Escobar brought four hippos into Columbia illegally. There are now roughly 100 hippos in this area.

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Facts about World Hippo Day 2024

  • Baby hippos weigh around 100 pounds.
  • In order to breathe, hippos must emerge from the water every five minutes for up to 16 hours a day.
  • Hippos give birth to their young in the water, much as their mothers do.
  • Every two years, female hippos give birth to a calf.
  • They may appear slow, but hippos can reach a top speed of 19 mph. It takes hippos around four or five hours to ingest 150 pounds of grass.

How to celebrate World Hippo Day 2024?

  • The finest way to celebrate this special day is to do it this way. The hippopotamus may be found in a variety of locations. A local zoo may have a hippo exhibit, so you may check it out. You might perhaps go on one of the several safaris in Africa. There are a wide variety of safari trip providers to choose from. To get up and personal with an animal, you can use these
  • “Madagascar” has always been a favorite of mine. Among the zoo animals shown in the video is Gloria, a hippopotamus. You may spend World Hippo Day watching Gloria and her zoo-animal pals’ escapades, or you can use your movie streaming service to look for a hippos-themed movie.
  • Hippos are in danger of being extinct in the wild. Animal conservation groups are working around the clock to save this species from extinction, but they need your help to do it! Donations are one way you can assist. One hippopotamus can be saved for as little as $1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that hippopotamuses are dangerous?

Yes, hippopotamuses may be a threat. In fact, they are the deadliest big land animal on the planet, responsible for the deaths of an estimated 500 people each year in Africa. Hippopotamuses are ferocious, having large sharp teeth and the ability to hurl about 3,000 pounds.

How do hippos get their energy?

Hippopotamuses are omnivores who eat a variety of foods, including grasses found in the rivers where they reside.

What is the weight of a hippo?

Male and female common river hippopotamuses weigh around 3,500 and 3,500 pounds, respectively. They stand 5 feet tall and range in length from 10.8 to 16.5 feet.

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