World Maritime Day 2023: Theme, Date, History, Significance

World Maritime Day 2023 is all set to be observed all around the world on Thursday, September 28. The aim of this special day is to raise awareness of the important role shipping plays in international trade. It also celebrates the day on which International Maritime Organization (IMO) came into complete force. IMO is a special agency of UN that focuses on safety, environmental issues, legal issues, technical cooperation and efficiency of marine shipping.

World Maritime Day 2023 Date

Below you can check important date for World Maritime Day in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027:

World Maritime Day 2023September 28, 2023Thursday
World Maritime Day 2024September 26, 2024Thursday
World Maritime Day 2025September 25, 2025Thursday
World Maritime Day 2026September 24, 2026Thursday
World Maritime Day 2027September 29, 2027Wednesday

World Maritime Day 2023 Overview

EventWorld Maritime Day 2023
DateSeptember 28, 2023
Declared byUnited Nations
PurposeTo raise awareness of the importance of shipping in international trade and to honor the hard work of maritime industry workers.

Significance of World Maritime Day

Over 80 per cent of global transport is carried out through maritime shipping as it is the most efficient, cost-effective and dependable method of international transportation for most goods. It facilitates commerce between nations and help economies grow. Other than that, there are many who rely on maritime shipping industry for their livelihood.

Therefore it is important to promote sustainable shipping and maritime development so that it keeps supporting sustainable green economic growth in the future. With this in mind International Maritime Organization came into existence in 1959 and World Maritime Day began to be celebrated since 1978. With the similar objective to be fulfilled in technologically advanced manner, every year the last Thursday of September is observed as World Maritime Day.

History of World Maritime Day Observation

To mark the date of the IMO Convention’s entry into force, the World Maritime Day was first held on March 17, 1978. Earlier known as International Maritime Consultative Organization, the IMO or International Maritime Organization is a branch of United Nations accountable for regulating maritime shipping.

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The IMO was established after a resolution was adopted at a UN conference held in Geneva in 1948 but came into existence ten years later. The first meeting was held in 1959 with 21 member states. The organization has now around 167 member states and three associate members.

World Maritime Day 2023 Celebration

World Maritime Day will be celebrated at the IMO Headquarters in London. Other than that celebrations and parallel events are also expected to be held in South Africa. The member governments and other international organizations related to maritime industry are encouraged to organize suitable events in promotion of the day. As an individual, you can participate in these events to be more aware of the maritime industry and World Maritime Day.

You can visit maritime museums to understand the history and significance of the maritime industry. Many schools also arrange for events or tours to allow the students learn more about maritime shipping. IMO also encourages people for social media participation on this day by tagging @IMOHQ and using the hashtag #WorldMaritimeTheme and #WorldMaritimeDay. There is also a theme decided every year for celebrating the World Maritime Day with great enthusiasm.

World Maritime Day 2023 Theme

World Maritime Day 2023 theme is “MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on”.

The World Maritime Day 2022 theme was ‘New technologies for greener shipping’ which reflects the need to support a green transition of the maritime sector for a sustainable future. The theme provides an opportunity to focus on the importance of a sustainable maritime sector so that a better and greener post pandemic world can be build. The 2022 theme also had links to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDGs 13 & 14, SDG 9 and SDG 17.


When will be the World Maritime Day Parallel Event (WMDPE) observed?

The World Maritime Day Parallel Event (WMDPE) is expected to be held in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

What is the theme of World Maritime Day 2023?

“MARPOL at 50 – Our commitment goes on”

When did the world observed the first World Maritime Day?

World Maritime Day was celebrated for the first time on March 17, 1978. It was later decided to be observed in the last week of September every year.

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