World Pangolin Day 2024: Celebrating the Wilderness of Pangolins

One of the best ways to raise awareness about the predicament of the pangolin is by participating in World Pangolin Day 2024. Due to illicit hunting and poaching in Asia and Africa, the population of these incredible creatures is fast decreasing.

Today is the day to help raise awareness of the eight species that fall into the Vulnerable to Critically Endangered category throughout the world.

The only mammal with scales is this species, which is still a mystery. Scales made of keratin cover the bodies of these unusual creatures.

Ants and termites are their primary prey. It’s difficult to learn more about their routines because they are nocturnal and elusive and secretive. It’s possible that each pangolin species has a distinct number of scales because of its size and the size of the scales it possesses.

The scales of the Sunda pangolin have been reported to be between 900 and 1000.

World Pangolin Day 2024 Date

As the world’s most trafficked animal, pangolins deserve our attention. Africa and Asia are home to the pangolin, often known as the scaly anteater.

Two of the most vulnerable and endangered pangolin species might be extinct within the next decade. Since 2012, the third Saturday of February has been designated as World Pangolin Day.

Event nameDayDate
World Pangolin Day 2024SaturdayThird Saturday of February 2024 (17th Feb)

World Pangolin Day Culture

Pangolin Day is held yearly to promote awareness and reaffirm international organizations to the battle against pangolin poaching. In the animal kingdom, they are the only scaly mammals. It’s a chance for pangolin lovers and the general public to unite and raise awareness about the predicament of these distinctive species, which are in decline throughout Asia and Africa.

The traditional medicine industry in Asia relies heavily on pangolin scales and meat, both of which are considered delicacies, and as a result, the animals are unlawfully captured, transported, and slaughtered by organized crime networks on a vast scale.

Pangolin meat is frequently served in restaurants in Vietnam, Central Africa, and southern West Africa, where the wealthier patrons see it as a rare delicacy and a sign of social rank. Because of this, the pangolin is a prominent target for illicit poaching because of its tendency to curl up into a tight ball when scared.

More than 360,000 pangolins were seized in 52 seizures between 2016 and 2019, according to a study by the Wildlife Justice Commission, an international nonprofit based in the Netherlands that aims to disrupt and destroy organized transnational illicit wildlife trade networks.

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World Pangolin Day Important Facts

  • Only pangolins have scales on their bodies.
  • More than 360,000 pangolins were seized in 52 seizures between 2016 and 2019, according to a study by the Wildlife Justice Commission
  • To protect themselves, they coil into balls like hedgehogs.
  • When fully extended, a pangolin’s tongue can be as long as its body!
  • To describe them, Malay uses the phrase “pengguling,” which translates to “something that rolls up.”
  • The scales of the Sunda pangolin have been reported to be between 900 and 1000.
  • Their flesh and scales make them the world’s most smuggled animal.

How to commemorate the World Pangolin Day?

Participating in World Pangolin Day is one of the finest methods to raise awareness of the pangolin’s plight. Asian and African illegal hunting and poaching are threatening the survival of these magnificent species.

  • Assist governments in enforcing anti-pangolin harvesting legislation where they already do so and encourage those that do not to do so.
  • Learn more about pangolins and share your findings in a piece of writing as an additional way to commemorate World Pangolin Day. Increase everyone’s eagerness.
  • NGO throughout the world are working together to safeguard and preserve pangolins by teaching the local public about the threat of pangolins going extinct. That’s something we can do as people to help spread the word about pangolin conservation by creating artworks that catch the interest of other members of our community and encourage them to avoid buying pangolin products.
  • Try to get others to make the same commitment you have: never buying or eating anything that contains pangolins. Make them vow to assist other people to make an educated decision as well by making them sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Make contact with people who have influence in order to enlist their help in spreading the word and motivating others to take action. Use the #WorldPangolinDay hashtag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the pangolin be considered endangered?

National and international legislation protects all eight pangolin species, two of which are placed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Critically Endangered.

Are pangolins bulletproof?

However, pangolins are not bulletproof, despite stories to the contrary. Pangolins, on the other hand, can protect themselves to the fullest with their scales from being pierced.

How old are pangolins on average?

Pangolins are one of the world’s most unusual and bizarre creatures. This animal has been alive for 80 million years and is prehistoric. The pangolin has developed a number of extraordinary and surprising talents during its lengthy history.

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  1. Hello there! all Pangolin lovers. Glad to share that we have been celebrating World Pangolin Day for the last five years in the State of Uttarakhand in India. We organize awareness programs and conduct surveys to measure the awareness level among the local students, lay villagers, researchers, teachers, social workers, wildlife lovers, and even forest officials.


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