Most Dangerous Sports in the World

From wingsuit flying to BMX racing to free diving, check out these 12 most dangerous sports in the world.

Sports have always been a source of entertainment but they are not as entertaining as they sound. There are certain sports in the world that are considered quite dangerous and the sportsperson involved always put their lives at risk.

As much fun as these sports are to watch, they are even more dangerous to take part in. There are numerous extreme sports that are gaining popularity day by day, and here we present the 12 most dangerous of all of them. Keep reading to know more about 12 most dangerous sports in the world 2024.

12 Most Dangerous Sports in the World 2024

  1. Wingsuit Flying
  2. BASE Jumping
  3. Deep Diving
  4. Free Solo Climbing
  5. Bull Riding
  6. Motorcycle Racing
  7. Auto Racing
  8. BMX Racing
  9. Big Wave Surfing
  10. Downhill Mountain Biking
  11. White Water Rafting
  12. Free Diving

World’s 12 Most Dangerous Sports

Let us know about a little bit in detail about the most dangerous sports in the world.

Wingsuit Flying

Most Dangerous Sports -Wingsuit Flying
  • Also known as wingsuiting, Wingsuit flying is a highly dangerous sport that involves skydiving in a webbing-sleeved jumpsuit.
  • The first attempt at wingsuit flying was made by a 33-year-old tailor, Franz Reichelt, on 4 February 1912.
  • Despite intense training and regulation, wingsuit jumping is very dangerous and fatalities occurrence is very frequent.

BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping

  • BASE stands for buildings, antenna, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs) which are four categories of fixed objects of jumping.
  • BASE jumping is basically a sport that involves jumping from fixed objects using landing sagely to the ground using a parachute.
  • Unlike parachuting or skydiving, BASE jumps are performed from fixed objects at much lower altitudes.

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Deep Diving

Deep Diving

  • Deep diving is a type of underwater diving but it requires dive beyond the scuba diving limit of 40 meters.
  • Special training is required to take part in this sport as there are many risks involved while diving that deep in the sea water.
  • All these complexities and risks involved makes deep diving one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Free Solo Climbing

Free Solo Climbing
  • Free solo climbing include both ice or rock climbing in which an alone climber attempts to climb a mountain with own equipment.
  • What makes this sport really dangerous is that one have to rely completely on their own ability to survive.
  • Free solo climbing generally takes place from higher altitudes and a fall can be very fatal as such.

Bull Riding

Bull Riding

  • In bull riding, a rider attempts to ride a bull for eight seconds following the given set of rules.
  • The rider is required to have one hand on a bull rope tied behind to its forelegs and one free hand that should not touch self or bull.
  • Bull riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, especially American bull riding.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing
  • Motorcycle racing is a racing sport that involves biker on a motorcycle at a speed as high as 350 kmph.
  • It is also called motor racing and motorbike racing and includes circuits, open courses, and track racing.
  • First held in 1907, the Isle of Man TT is the oldest and one the most dangerous motorcycle race.

Auto Racing

Auto Racing
  • Similar to bike racing, in auto racing the race car drivers drives state-of-the-art automobile that again goes at 350 kmph.
  • Not just highly dangerous, it is also one of the highest paid sports in the world.
  • The sport has recently become a lot less dangerous than before due to multiple safety measures being developed. Also check Richest Car Racers in the world

BMX Racing

BMX Racing
  • BMX racing is another category of racing and is as dangerous as the other ones.
  • It is a type of off-road bicycle racing on a track that consists of a groomed, serpentine, dirt race course.
  • There are also multiple jumps and rollers on the track after which the rider comes across the finish line.

Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing
  • Big wave surfing is a type of surfing in which the waves are at least 20 feet high on a surf board that is no more than 7 feet long.
  • The record for highest wave ever surfed was made recently by a German surfer Sebastian Steudtner (80 feet).
  • The Eddie is the oldest and most prestigious big wave contest that takes place on last day of February annually.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill Mountain Biking
  • Downhill mountain biking is a type of mountain biking that is performed on steep and rough terrain.
  • The track often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles before one reach the finish line.
  • With a track that is so dangerous, Downhill mountain biking is surely one of 12 most dangerous sports in the world.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
  • In white water rafting, participants guide and paddle a raft through whitewater.
  • Popularity of this sport grew in 1970s when it became part of the Olympic Games.
  • Due to its high popularity, people often try this as a recreational activity that also gives them an adrenaline rush.

Free Diving

Free Diving
  • Free diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing without any other source of oxygen.
  • Challenges including holding breath under the water and exposure to high ambient pressure.
  • Arnaud Jerald holds the free diving record of reaching 120 meters in 3 minutes 34 seconds.


Which is the most dangerous sport in the world?

Wingsuit flying might be the most dangerous sport in the world.

Which sport causes maximum injuries?


Which is the highest paid dangerous sport?

Auto racing

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