Best Online Mental Wellness Platforms in 2023: Check Out the List

With life running at a fast and competitive rate, the problem of mental illness in people has increased many folds. Mental illness is something that should not be ignored and it is important to get this treated as soon as possible. It is not wise to take mental health for granted as a person suffering from mental illness can develop a tendency to harm himself/ herself. There are many simple ways by which people can reduce stress from their life and take a step forward towards improving their mental health.

Apart from this, there are many online platforms as well that help people in overcoming from mental sickness. Check out some of the best online mental wellness platforms in 2023 that can help a person in recovering from the state of mental illness.

Top Online Platforms for Mental Wellness in 2023

It is very important for every individual to take care of their physical as well as mental health. In the present scenario life is becoming more stressful with all the competition going on, new technologies breaking in, pressure to succeed in life. Between all these tensions, people forget to look after themselves and that’s when mental sickness sneaks in like thief. Ignoring this and continuing living the stressful life can be quite dangerous with the passing time.

The main reason for ignoring this is lack of time as people find it hard to visit a therapist and seek help for their mental problems. Here sweeps in the online mental wellness platform where people are not required to step out of their homes and visit a therapist. They can simply open their laptops, connect to the internet, visit these online platforms and get the required help and treatment. Let’s check out some top online mental wellness platforms in 2023 that a person suffering from mental illness can visit.



Manastha is one of the best online counselling and therapy website that provides help to the people suffering from mental illness. Psychologist, counselors and therapists of great knowledge and experience are available on this platform and the website is itself established by the two psychologists who have done postgraduation in Psychology from the University of Delhi. Many mental wellness packages can be found here that include chat/ audio session and if needed, people can opt for video session as well. On Manastha a non-judgmental and comforting atmosphere is provided so that the individuals feel free to discuss their problems without having the fear of getting judged. Depending on the depth of the problem, personalized therapeutic treatment is offered to the clients with insight on the ways of overcoming their problems.


Another platform that helps those with mental illness is YourDOST. Not just for individual, but this platform has been designed to help colleges, corporates, incubators, government bodies, etc in building emotionally resilient communities. Apart from online chat and voice/ video call session, face to face sessions are also provided at YourDOST. Based on one’s need like whether one seek counseling for making career decisions or want to overcome any kind of grief or anxiety, personalized help packages are offered to the clients. On its website, YourDOST also provides self-testing kit and the users can perform anxiety test, emotional intelligence test, compatibility test, emotional wellness test and many more and that too free of cost. Backed by a team of diligent psychiatrists, YourDOST in undoubtedly a great platform for seeking mental wellness.

Wellness Hub

Wellness Hub provides one-stop solution for all wellness needs of its client. Plethora of counseling and consultation services are made available by Wellness Hub that is sure to provide customized wellness to its clients. People can opt for any of its available services as per their need and convenience. Personal as well as corporate wellness services can be found at the Wellness Hub. Psychiatrists who are experts of their fields can be reached through this platform and they can help the individuals with their career related or personal issues. Boosting up mental and emotional health of every seeking individual is the main motto behind Wellness Hub. Other attractive features of this platform include speech therapy, yoga classes, autism therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Services offered by Wellness Hub are reliable, convenient and affordable as well.


HopeQure is a wellness platform which provides a means of connection between mental health psychologist, mental health counselor, and mental health therapist to clients seeking mental wellness solutions through its online mental health counseling services. The therapists and psychiatrists at HopeQure not only provide counseling regarding depression, anxiety and stress but also help people in controlling their anger, overcoming their loneliness, OCD behavior and much more. Different packages are available at this platform that can be selected by the clients as per their needs and all these packages are really affordable as well. In addition to offering counseling services to individual clients, many corporate programs are also available on the website of HopeQure. Through the website, people can easily connect to the experts, discuss their concern, get the solution and find a happier version of themselves.



Talkspace is another such platform where help can be sought by people suffering from mental illness. A range of specialties to meet specific needs of its clients can be found at this platform. Some common services include Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Relationships, Parenting, Chronic illness, Eating disorders, Anger management, Childhood abuse, Mood disorders, etc. Clients of Talkspace can also get health news and tips delivered to your inbox weekly by signing up to its newsletter. The procedure for getting help regarding the mental issues is also very simple. One need to answer a few questions about their preferences, pick their therapist from a list of recommendations and start the therapy. Therapists are available round the clock and individuals seeking help can get in touch with them any time they feel the need to.


Everyone deserves to be happy. Keeping this in mind, world-class mental wellness online services are offered by BetterHelp. People can get in touch with the therapists through messages, chat, phone or video sessions. Millions of people have already been helped via this platform. BetterHelp services are really great for those who are looking to improve the quality of their life. It helps people achieve life goals, get rid of issues like stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, disorders and boost their self-esteem. Clients can sign up on BetterHelp and get a therapist/ counselor based on their objectives, preferences, and the type of issues they are dealing with. Someone who is not satisfied with the counselor provided to them also have the provision to ask for a counselor that he/ she thinks can be a better match.

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