Biological E Vaccine (Corbevax) Registration: Dates, Efficacy, Doses Cost, Side Effects

After Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, the vaccine from Biological E is the second developed and made in India Corona vaccine approved by the government. Apart from this, Biological E Vaccine is the first vaccine that is purchased by the Indian government even before the vaccine has been granted emergency use authorisation (EUA) by the regulator. The name given by the company to this vaccine is “Corbevax”

It is a protein subunit vaccine that contains the antigenic parts of the virus to trigger a protective immune response. However, it doesn’t have any live component of the virus. Go through this post to know all important details about Corbevax such as its registration, availability dates, cost, side effects, etc.

Who is Biological E Limited?

Biological E. Limited (BE) is the oldest private vaccine manufacturer in India. In the year 1962, it becomes the first private company to enter into the vaccine business. This company has already developed and successfully manufactured seven WHO pre-qualified vaccines. Currently, BE is the largest producer of Tetanus Vaccines in the world and the most prominent supplier of Pentavalent Vaccines. Apart from this, the company has delivered many projects in partnership with WHO, UNICEF, and Pan American Health Organisation. Overall, Biological E is a renowned brand and we can trust Corbevax.

Biological E Vaccine (Corbevax) Registration

There is no official confirmation so far regarding the registration process of Corbevax. However, there is some important information available that is mentioned in the following points.

  • In a recent interview with a newspaper, Mahima Datla (Managing Director of Biological E) said that “It’s a significant capacity and we have already scaled up. We have confidence in our manufacturing capabilities to be able to deliver that number from August onwards”. So, it is expected that the registration of Corbevax will start from the month of August.
  • It is almost certain that the registration for getting a Biological E Vaccine i.e. Corbevax will take place through the Cowin app. Currently, we can register for getting Covshield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V through Cowin. Similarly, the option of Corbevax will also be added to the Cowin application.
  • Apart from the Cowin, the government will also provide options of Corbevax Registration through Arogya Setu and Umang app.

Biological E Vaccine Availability Dates

Last year in the month of August 2020, BSM and Biological E signed an agreement for the trial and product of Corona Vaccine in India. Currently, the vaccine (Corbevax) is in the final phase of trials. In a bold move, the government has already made the advance payment of procuring 30 crore doses of Corbevax. Even though,  the vaccine has not been granted emergency use authorisation (EUA) by the regulator.

Biological E already told the government that they have the capacity to scale up the production once they got all the approvals. Currently, in the last stage of clinical trials, the vaccine is expected to be available in the month of August 2021. The company is targeting to produce 75 million to 80 million doses a month from August.

Efficacy of Biological E Corona Vaccine – Corbevax

As already mentioned above in this post, the vaccine is in the final phase of its clinical trials. The open-source information about the Corbevax efficacy is as follows.

  • The final efficacy data of Corbevax (Biological E Vaccine) is not yet available. However, according to many experts, the vaccine is going to very effective.
  • In an interview, the managing director of Biological E Limited has told the media that they are delighted with the success of the Phase I/II clinical trials of their COVID-19 vaccine. The results of these clinical trials are very positive and promising.
  • Dr. KV Balasubramaniam who is a veteran in the field of life science has said that “Subunit protein vaccines will have good efficacy and safety”. As Corbevax is also a Subunit protein vaccine is its efficacy is expected to be good.
  • In many aspects, Corbevax is quite similar to Covaxin (Corona vaccine of Bharat Biotech). The efficacy result of covaxin is very impressive. This is another reason to believe that Biological E Vaccine is going to offer great immunity against coronavirus.

Corbevax Biological E Vaccine Cost

Its affordable price is the x-factor that makes Corbevax extra special. It is the most inexpensive corona vaccine in India. According to Dr. KV Balasubramaniam, Biological E Vaccine will be a game-changer for the cost-effective covid vaccine for low and middle-income countries.

Biological E Limited has already issued a statement stating their vaccine is going to be “one of the most affordable”. However, the company’s director refused to share the exact prices as the company is still working on the prices. On a positive note, she assured the press that this vaccine is going to be the most affordable covid – 19 vaccines in India.

Currently, the Indian government is getting Covishield and Covaxin from Serum of Institute of India and Bharat Biotech respectively. The price that the government is paying for these vaccines is Rs. 150/- per dose.

On the other hand, the government has made the advance payment to Biological E of Rs. 1500/- crore for 30 crore doses. As per this calculation, the per-dose price of this vaccine must be around Rs. 50/-. However, you should note that these are only predictions as the company is not disclosing the exact price as of now.

Side Effects of Biological E Vaccine

What will be the Corbevax Side Effect? It is one question that is buzzing across the minds of many Indians. The good thing is that the first two clinical trials of this vaccine are very successful without any serious side effects. Corbevax is a protein subunit vaccine containing only antigenic parts of the virus. It doesn’t have any live component of the virus. So, no major side-effect of the vaccine is expected.

The minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has already published a list of side effects of Covid – 19 vaccines. You can expect some of these side effects with Biological E Vaccine as well. The list of some of these side effects is as follows.

  • Pain or Swelling at the Injection Site
  • Mild Headache
  • Mild Fever
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Body Ache

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What are the doses of Biological E Vaccine i.e. Corbevax? 

Answer: Please note that Biological E Vaccine Corbevax is a two doses vaccine to be given in an interval of 28 days.

QuestionWhat is the eligibility of getting a dose of Biological E Vaccine? 

Answer: Although Biological E is also working on the jab for children the vaccine is currently for adults only. So, anyone who is older than 18 years can get Biological E Vaccine Corbevax.

Question – What is the gap between two doses of Corbevax?

Answer: The ideal gap between the two doses of Biological E Corbevax is 28 days.

Question – I have taken my first dose of Covishield. Can I take Corbevax as the second dose?

Answer: No, you should opt for Covishield for the second dose if you have already taken the first shot. Although the government is researching on mixing and matching of the doses there is no official confirmation regarding the same.

Question – How corbevax works and give protection again coronavirus/

Answer: Corbevax is a protein subunit vaccine having antigenic parts of the virus to trigger a protective immunu response.

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