Covid-19 Vaccine for Children in India, Age of Child for Vaccine, Cost, When Available

Covid-19 Vaccine for Children is more likely to be available by first week of October 2021. As per the information, vaccine will be given to children suffering through a serious disease in the first phase.

While, vaccinations for people above 18 years of age are going good in India as the largest portion of the population got vaccinated successfully and the drive is running at hasty rate. Still, this concern is roaming across the country when will be Covid-19 Vaccine for Children available in India, what will be the age criteria, and what will be the cost.

We are discussing here the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine for kids in India, which age group will be vaccinated first, when will covid vaccine below 18 years registration starts, what is the date of availability of 12 to 18 years covid vaccine in India. According to doctors and experts, the third wave of Covid-19 is going to affect children the most and hence government is looking for quick vaccination for children and kids in India. We are listing below the top upcoming corona vaccine for children.

There are many children corona vaccines in the race of trials in India including Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, Moderna, and AstraZeneca etc. These vaccines are being tested on Children of below 18 years of age. The efficacy of few vaccines is sufficient for its use. However, covid-19 vaccine for children in India is in its third trial phase. The Indian Government is giving more priority to Zydus Cadila and Covaxin for children aging between 12-18 particularly. Discussed here all details regarding vaccines to be available for kids in India, Covid vaccination for children, cost of Covishiled, Zydus Cadila, Sputnik V, Covaxin, Moderna in India.

Covid-19 Vaccine for Children in India

As per the latest information, Zydus Cadila got approved in India for vaccination of children between age group of 12-18. It’s a needle free vaccine that is more likely to available to use from October 2021 onwards. Below we have highlighted few top Covid-19 Vaccines for kids in India.

Zydus Cadila: Zycov-D vaccine is trending since when it got approval for children aging between 12-18 years especially. It is a renowned Ahemdabad-based pharmaceutical company. Have a look at some quick highlights of Zydus Cadila-

  • ZyCov-D has become the World’s first Plasmid DNA vaccine for Covid-19.
  • There will three doses of this vaccine.
  • For the first time, 12-18 age group candidates will be also vaccinated with ZyCov-D apart from adults.
  • The vaccine is recognized for its efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity.

Covaxin: Covaxin is under phase 2/3 trial for children above 2 years of age and more likely to be available by September or October this year. AIIMS Delhi already started screening children for trials aged between 2 to 17 years. Bharat Biotech got its approval for phase 2 and phase 3 trials on children on May 12, 2021.

  • Positivity rate is high in case of Covaxin.
  • It is one of the most popular Covid-19 vaccines currently administrated for adults in India.
  • As the vaccine is getting positive trial results and hence to be approved for final use for children in India soon.

Sputnik V: You must have heard about Sputnik V, it is a single dose covid vaccine. This vaccine is also in the list of top covid-19 vaccine for children in India. However, it is yet to be approved by the concerned authority for its official use for children.

  • The local production of Sputnik V is more likely to commence from September 2021.
  • Sputnik V is the first registered vaccine for Covid-19.
  • This vaccine assures substantiated, long-term safety.

Pfizer: It is one of the most popular vaccines at global level especially in US, India, UK, EU. During the first and second of corona, it was approved by World Health Organization for its emergency use. According to the AIIMS director, this vaccine is not only efficient for adults but also for children.

  • Pfizer is being administrated on children in other countries, but in India it is still under trial.
  • There is no sure date released yet for the use of Pfizer as a covid vaccine for children in India.
  • As the third wave of Covid-19 is knocking on the door and hence the concerned authorities are working hard to ensure safety of children.

Moderna: Moderna may not be much familiar to people of India but this is considered one of the most powerful vaccines for children. The vaccination got approval in the United State for children use. Unquestionably, it met all safety protocols in case of vaccination for children still are under trial in India.

  • This vaccine is considered ideal for children of age group 12 to 17 years.
  • Clinical trials are going on and soon it may get approval for its use in India on children.
  • The dose and cost of this covid vaccine for children in India is yet to be decided.

Covid Vaccine Below 18 Years in India (Age Group 12-18 age and 2-12 years)

According to health ministry, various vaccines are under trial to be used for children, however we can’t approve them without final trials as the number of 12-18 years children in India is around 120 million. Thus, it is essential to meet all safety protocols and remove all included risks before its final use on children.

The Government of India is also working to prepare an ideal strategy so that the covid-19 vaccination for children can be executed in order. Though, the efficacy rates of most of vaccines are satisfactory still trials at different stages is compulsory for safe vaccination. The trials will soon start for children between 2 to 12 years of age.

Eligibility for Children to Get Covid Vaccine in India

It is not yet decided by the concerned official what will be the eligibility for children to meet to get vaccinated. Zydus Cadila got approved for its use on children of 12-18 age groups most probably from October 2021. However, other corona vaccines for children are under trials. Currently, people above 18 years of age are only eligible and permitted to get vaccinated. The names of vaccines which are under trial for use on children are Moderna, Sputnik-V, Coavxin, and Pfizer. You should get in touch with concerned official for latest updates on covid vaccine for kids, however, you’ll be also notified through various news channels.

When will Covid-19 Vaccination starts in India for children?

As per the reports, Zydus Cadila is approved in India as covid vaccine for children of age group 12-18 years. Other vaccines like Moderna, Sputnik-V, Coavxin, and Pfizer are going under phase 2 or phase 3 trials based on its efficacy. Many states in India have started recording covid cases in Children and hence the Government of India is taking it on priority for children vaccination in India.

We are hoping that the two or three vaccines will be soon available in India for children of age group 12-18 years and 2-12 years. Hoping for the good news very soon!

Cost of Covid Vaccines for Children in India

Soon, the trials of covid vaccines for children in India end the concerned official will make cost of the same live. Children aged between 12-18 years may start vaccinating with Zydus Cadila most probably from the first week of October 2021. There are around 120 million children aged between 12-18 years in India and hence the Indian Government is taking all precautionary measures to ensure a safe vaccination for children across the country.

The third wave of Covid-19 may blast in country anytime and hence we should not forget using hand sanitizer, washing our hands, wearing masks and maintaining a distance to ensure safety for us as well as our children. Go outside only if it essential and try to avoid outing with your children. You may write your opinion on how the vaccination for children should be executed in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Which vaccine is approved in India to use for children?

Answer- ZyCov-D is approved in India for children aged between 12-18 years. The vaccination may commence from the first week of October 2021.

Question 2- When will covid-19 vaccine available for children?

Answer- Children between 12-18 age groups will start vaccinated from first week of October 2021 with ZyCov-D. Other vaccines are also under phase 2 or 3 trials and soon to be announced.

Question 3- What will be the cost of corona vaccine for children?

Answer- It’s not yet revealed.

Question 4- My child is 12 year old, is he/she eligible to get covid vaccine?

Answer- The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) approved ZyCov-D for its emergency use in India for 12 years and old.

Question 4: Are my children safe after taking covid vaccine?

Answer- Once approved for use in public, the covid-19 vaccine is completely safe for children. Do not hesitate getting your child vaccinated.

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