CBSE Class 12 CARNATIC MUSIC (VOCAL) Syllabus 2024-25

CBSE Class 12 students can check here CARNATIC MUSIC (VOCAL) new syllabus 2024-25. We have updated CBSE class 12 CARNATIC Vocal syllabus as released by Central Board of Secondary Education. You can also download the CBSE class 12 syllabus pdf for CARNATIC MUSIC (VOCAL).

CBSE Class 12 CARNATIC MUSIC (VOCAL) Syllabus 2024-25

AHistory and Theory of Indian MusicNo. of Periods
1 (i)An Out line Knowledge of the following Lakshana Grandhas


Sangita     Saramrita,      Sangita     Sampradaya      Pradarsini, Svaramelakalanidhi, Raga Vibodha, Brihaddesi.

(ii)Short life sketch and contributions of the following: Annamacharya, Kshetrajna, Swati Tirunal, Gopalakrishna Bharati, Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer, Patanam Subramanya


Aiyar. Ramnad Srinivasa Iyenger, Mysore Vasudevachar.

(iii)A study of musical forms:- Kriti, Padam, Javali, Tiruppugazh, Ragamalika.5
(iv)Detailed study of Manodharma Sangita5
2Definition and explanation of the following:- Janaka- Janyaragas, Bhashanga, Upanga, Varja, Vakra ragas, Arudi, Eduppu, Prabandham, Grama, Murchana, Jaati5
3Lakshanas of the ragas prescribed in practical activity5
4Candidates should be able to write in notation of the kirtana in the prescribed ragas.5
5.Brief description of concert instruments, their construction techniques of playing.3
6Classification of Musical Instruments in general.3
 Total periods40

Exam Format

Sr. No.TopicsMarks
IMCQ covering the whole syllabus6 marks
II (i)Notation6 marks
(ii)Raga Lakshanas6 marks
III    (i)Lakshana Granthas3 marks
(ii)Contribution & life sketch of compose3 marks
IV (i)Musical forms & Manodharma & angitha6 (2×3)
(ii)Musical instruments in general description & contribution 
(iii)Definition of technical terms 
 Total30 Marks

Practicals List

B.Practical ActivitiesNo. of Periods
1Ragas prescribed: Pantuvarali, Todi, Nata, Goula, Sri, Saveri, Kedaragaula, Purvikalyani, Mohanam, Keeravani, Ritigoula .30
2One varnam in Atatala in two degrees of speed.6
3Alapana of the ragas prescribed.18
4Compositions in authentic tradition atleast one each in the prescribe ragas covering musical forms, kritis, Padams, Javalis, Tillanas and Raga



5Niraval and kalpana svaras in Adi, Rupaka, and ChapuTalas in only first degree of speed.15
6One Simple Pallavi (R.T.P) in adi or Khanda Triputa Tala with Trikalam only.20
7Knowledge of tuning tambura.2
 Total Periods100

List of Topics for References

  1. Tuning of the Tambura/drone. The candidate should be asked to tune the Tambura to his/her Questions related to its structure, tonality, etc., may be asked.
  2. Varnam: One Ata Tala Varnam of the candidate’s choice in two degrees of speed, either entirely or in part may be
  3. A kriti of the candidate’s choice, may be asked along with Alapana, Niraval, and Kalpanasvaram.


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