NIOS Class 12 English Syllabus 2024-25

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has prepared it’s class 12th English syllabus in a way that it not only helps the students in clear the exam but also help them in getting a job. The NIOS Class 12th English syllabus 2024-25 primarily focuses on enhancing the English reading, writing and speaking abilities of learners. The students who are looking to appear for the class 12th English exam through NIOS should know the syllabus completely. This will help them prepare for the exam in a much better way. In this article, we are going to provide all the necessary details related to the NIOS Class 12 English syllabus.

NIOS 12th Class English Syllabus 2024-25

The complete syllabus of NIOS senior secondary English subject is divided into four modules as given below.

  1. Reading and functional grammar.
  2. Functional writing and study skills.
  3. Listening and speaking skills
  4. English for specific purpose
    1. English for Science
    2. English for Receptionists
    3. English for Office use

Apart from the name of modules, the NIOS has also assigned teaching hours and marks for each module as given in the table below.

Name of Module Teaching hoursMaximum Marks
Reading and functional grammar10035
Functional writing and study skills7025
Listening and speaking skills3020
English for specific purpose4020
Total240 hours100 marks

Detailed syllabus of NIOS Class 12th English Subject.

Given below is the NIOS class 12th detailed syllabus of English subjects.

Module 1: – Reading comprehension (prescribed texts) and functional grammar

Under this module, different questions from the following prose text and poems will be asked.

  1. Prose texts (Prescribed)
    1. A warmer or a colder earth (popular science) Arthur – C. Clark
    2. The tiger in the tunnel (narrative) – Ruskin Bond.
    3. First two or four pages from Sunny Days (autobiographical) – By Sunil Gavaskar
    4. Case of suspension (narrative)
    5. Big brother (narrative) Shekhar Joshi
    6. Father, dear father (newspaper article from the Hindu)
    7. Face to face (autobiographical) Ved Mehta
    8. I must know the truth (narrative) Sigrun Srivastava
    9. If I were you (play) Douglas James
    10. India, her past and her future (speech) Jawahar Lal Nehru
  2. Poems
    1. Leisure – W H Davis
    2. The road not taken – Robert Frost
    3. Where the mind is without fear- Tagore
    4. My grandmother’s house – Kamla Das
    5. The night of the scorpion – Nissi, Ezekiel

Non-Prescribed: Newspaper, articles, tables, diagrams, advertisements, etc.

Grammar and usage

  • Passive voice (perfect tenses and modals)
  • Tenses: simple past (negatives/interrogatives) present perfect, past perfect continuous, past perfect, expressing future time (will and going to)
  • Modals (must, should ought to, would)
  • Agreement/concord: number – gender, etc.
  • Reported speech, statements, questions (yes/no)
  • Linking words (to like because although, instead of, if, as, since, who, which that, when however, inspite of)

Module – 2:- Functional writing and study skills

  1. Paragraph writing
    1. Describing objects
    2. Describing people
    3. Narrating events, stories
  2. Letter writing
    1. Application for leave
    2. Application for jobs
    3. Asking for information from various agencies (e.g. last date for getting prospects; price of items before placing doers, etc.)
  3. Note making
  4. Ending (punctuation, spelling, appropriate vocabulary, structures)

Module – 3:- Listening and speaking skills

In this module, the learners will listen to various activities of good spoken English recorded on the audiotapes. Here are the exact topics including in this module.

  1. Introducing yourself/friends in formal and informal situations.
  2. Inviting people (over the phone and face to face) giving details of occasion, time place and date. Acceptance and refusal of invitation – formal and informal.
  3. Seeking and supplying information (example opening an account in a bank, applying for loans, etc.)
  4. Talking and conveying messages (over the phone and face to face).
  5. Giving directions/ instruction.
  6. Discussing contemporary issues related to environment, child labor, gender bias, etc.
  7. Listening to excepts form television and radio.
  8. Listening to poems/plays (prescribed).
  9. Listening to speeches/ talks.
  10. Listening to songs like “We shall overcome”.

Module – 4: English for specific purposes

This module is further classified into three sections having multiple sub-sections as given below.

  1. English for Science
    1. Health and hygiene
    2. Conservation of (nearly extinct) animals.
    3. Plant life
    4. Biogas / solar energy
  2. English for Receptionist
    1. Receiving messages, making a request, etc.
    2. Supplying information
    3. Giving advice and making suggestions
    4. Dealing with complaints
    5. Making entries in an appointment book, register, etc.
  3. English for Office Use
    1. Using the telephone taking and passing messages.
    2. Receiving messages
    3. Marking noting on files and circular.
    4. Writing office notes, memos, notices, agendas for meetings.
    5. Telegrams and fax messages.
    6. Writing business letters, application enquires, complaints.
    7. Filling in forms, cheques, pay in slips, etc.

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