Easy Way to Change Your Riot Games Username and Tagline

A gamer tag may either make or break your gaming reputation. You need a name that is memorable, unusual, and perhaps even a little bit amusing. If you’re not happy with your gamer tag right away, give it a couple more attempts.

The majority of games allow you to change your username and gamer tag. When you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to alter your Riot Games in-game name for the better. On Valorant and League of Legends, for example, you may easily change your player tag.

In Riot Games, what is a tagline?

In Valorant, a tagline is a collection of letters and numbers known as a hashtag. Having a unique display name helps you stand out from other players who may have the same name. In addition, without it, your friends will be unable to add you.

There is no tagline option when you initially sign up for a Riot account and go into Valorant. You don’t have to do anything to get the hashtag. But if you have something better in mind, you don’t have to use that hashtag. To customize your Riot ID, go to your account page on the Riot website and click on the Riot ID tab.

Is it possible to rename and rename your character in Riot Games?

Changing your username or tagline in Valorant is free, in contrast to Roblox and other PC games. In other words, it’s completely free!

Valuable players can choose display names that other players can see in the game.. Many people spend a lot of attention choosing a distinctive domain name, but it’s possible that you’ll become tired of it or, worse still, that you’ll make a mistake when creating it.

The method is similar to that of other Riot Games titles, such as League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and more, so if you’d want to modify it, just follow a few simple steps.

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How often can it be changed?

You can alter your Riot slogan, but a cooling-off period of 31 days is still required. Only once per 31 days may you make a change to your display name or tagline, whichever you like. After a month, if you don’t like your new IDs, you won’t be able to change them again.

Keep in mind that you may only make one adjustment per month to your username and hashtag. If you don’t receive a new joke in a month, you’ll be the butt of all of your friends’ jokes for a whole year.

When and how did this feature first appear?

VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift were all released by Riot Games in 2020, when they transitioned from the League of Legends publisher to a “bunch of games” publisher.

This resulted in a comprehensive overhaul of the developer’s login and account structure. For each game, the developer is now using “Riot accounts,” rather than individual accounts. VALORANT is only one of several Riot games that may be accessed using one single account. In Riot Games, how can you change your username and tagline?

The name and taglines of a user are fetched by Riot Games games using a single account. You’ll have to alter your Riot Games account’s username if you wish to change your gamer tag in any of these games, such as Valorant.

How to Change My Image?

In Valorant, your profile photo is referred to as a Player Card, and it serves as the basis for your character. Even if you can’t submit your own photographs, you may change the featured image to a different one. Take a peek at this page to learn how to begin:

  • Press the start button: Select “Collections” from the main menu.
  • In the Arsenal section, pick the Player Cards option to see your whole collection of cards.
  • Select a new image by scrolling through the unlocked alternatives.
  • Right above and to the right of the card pictures is a button that says “Equip Card.” Press this button to equip your chosen card.
  • • To return to the game dashboard, use the “X” key or the “ESC” key.

Completing contracts will get you more Player Cards to use as your avatar. Cards are given to players by both individual Agents and via event-specific contracts. Battle Pass incentives such as playing cards are also possible. Using the Right Taglines Will Help You Unify.

Even though you receive a list of letters and numbers when you first log in, you don’t have to preserve them. Clans in online games can benefit greatly from the use of catchy taglines to identify and unify their members. You may also use them to verify that the person you’re adding to your friend’s list is who you think they are.

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Process to Change My Tagline in Riot Games

Your tagline may be found by visiting the Riot Games website and logging in to your account. View your hashtag and slogan under the Riot ID tab.

To do so, follow the following instructions.

  • Using your account credentials, log in to account.riotgames.com.
  • Using the Riot Games Account Management page, you may alter your display name and five-digit ID by editing the RIOT ID and TAGLINE sections.
  • To complete the process, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
  • There is a 30-day limit on how many times you may modify your Riot ID and slogan. A notification will appear on your dashboard if you’ve made any changes to your account information within this time period.

Final Thoughts

Playing games may be a lucrative source of income. Despite the fact that gaming may sound like a lot of fun, it requires a significant amount of time and work to make a living from it.

With Riot Games’ account dashboard, changing your gamer tag in Valorant has never been easier. Logging into your Riot Games account and altering your username and ID are the only steps required.

In Valorant, how frequently do you update your username and/or hashtag? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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