Contact Prime Minister office (PMO) of India, Know Narendra Modi’s Email Address, Twitter Account, Facebook Account

There is no doubt that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is utterly popular. All of us what to interact with him due to various reasons. Gone are the days when contacting the Prime Minister of India was something out of reach of a common man. Now, we can see Prime Minister Modi interacting with common citizens now and then. However, you must how to contact Prime Minister of India in order to do so.

The Prime Minister Office (PMO) of India has multiple channels that let a citizen reach and contact the Prime Minister of India. Unfortunately, the general public at large is still unaware of these channels. Through this post, we aim to let you know about the correct methods to contact the Prime Minister of India.

Popularity of Prime Minister Modi

PM Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India on 26th May 2014. Since then, the number of people looking to know about the methods to contact PMO has increased a lot. This is due to the unprecedented popularity of Narendra Modi. He is the first Prime Minister of India to be born after the Independence of India.

Due to his humble background and upbringing, the general public of India can relate to him and want to share their problems directly. In many ways, PM Modi is able to leave his mark in the hearts of millions of Indians throughout the country and abroad.

Different ways to Contact Prime Minister (PM) and Prime Minister’s (PMO)

A few decades ago, it was considered very difficult for common citizens to get in touch with the Prime Minister. Now, PM Modi has curbed the Red Tapism. Plus, the advent of latest technologies has made it quite simple. Let’s discuss different easy methods to contact PM Modi and convey your message to him.

Contact PM Narendra Modi through written correspondence or through PMO’s website

  • PMO’s website – You may simply visit the PMO’s website designed specifically to contact PM Modi. The official portal is’ble-pm. On this portal, you can register and then sign in to convey your message. As mentioned earlier, the staff of PMO manage this portal only to let common citizens of India contact PM Modi.
  • Write a letter to PMO – This is the old school or traditional method to contact Prime Minister Modi. You can send the letter to Contact PMO to the following address

Address: –  Prime Minister’s Office, South Block, Raisina Hill New Delhi-110011.

  • File an RTI to get answers to your query – You should know that every citizen of India has a right to seek an answer from any government department under RTI Act 2005. It is very easy to file an RTI, you need to fill out a form either online or offline and pay Rs. 10/- as RTI fee. For further information, you may visit the PMO India on the official RTI website.
  •  Contact PMO on the – You can also use this portal to get answers to your queries from the PMO. You may visit this portal and register to submit your grievance. You can expect a reply within a few days of submitting the grievance.

Get in touch with the Prime Minister through NaMO App or PMO App

PMO or NaMO App is developed so that a common man can approach PMO. The app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Apart from contacting PMO, you can use these apps to get news and updates about the works of Modi Government and read the blogs from PM Narendra Modi.

Contact Prime Minister’s Office through Fax

  • Fax is also an effective method to suggest something or convey your message to the PMO.
  • You can send the fax at +91-11-23019545, 23016857.
  • In case your fax is found relevant and important then your query will be answered by fax or other methods.

Contact PM Modi on Social Media or through Email

  • PMO Email Address – You can also contact the PM through email. Go to the Digilocker website and go to the PM page. Here, you will find complete information related to the email facility of PMO. You may also send an email to the PM’s email ID i.e.
  • YouTube Channel of Prime Minister’s Office – On the youtube channel of PMO, you can use the “Send Message” option to convey your message to the PM.
  • PMO’s Twitter Handle – Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very active on Twitter. You write messages, opinions and suggestions to his official Twitter handle i.e. @pmoindia.
  • PMO’s Facebook Page – The official Facebook page of PMO is
  • At Instagram
  • At Linkedinhttps: //
  • Narendra Modi’s Tumbler Account

You should note that the Prime Minister of India has a very busy should. So, he might not be able to answer all your queries himself. However, you may expect a reply from his team.

All the contact information of PMO mentioned in this post are sourced from the Internet. If you think any of the detail is not correct then let us know through the comment section. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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  1. Respected Modiji
    I am your fan and appreciate the hard work put in all sphere by you . Having shocked with our defeat in Karnataka and simultanously seeing on that very day great success at UP .

    I have a strong suggestion for all future elections.
    1. Portray a CM in a state as far as possible a YOGI (orange rope) this reflects selfless worker as CM candidate, and you will see drastic rise of Hindu undivided votes to BJP
    resgrds and best wishes

  2. Hello sir you r working very hard for our country.i live in Vienna but I have seen our India is growing day by day which is not grown since freedom.Thank you sir for ur sleepless dedication for our country.
    Prabhjot singh

  3. Sir, PMO shall annonce that PM willadress th nation on an impoertent issue on so nd so date. Accrdingly PM shall adress matter : All ellegal migrants shall leave th country with in a month tendering their fake ID cards at th border. Those hu cought later with or without ID cards will face strict legal action.
    Sir this will give , atleast 25% result.
    Thanking you sir.


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