Don 3 Release Date- Check out interesting details about the upcoming movie in the Don franchise

Actor and filmmaker Farhan Akhtar has announced the new installment of his famous film franchise Don. He made this announcement at the start of August 2023 and fans have been going crazy about the news ever since. Through a social media post, Farhan not only disclosed his plans for the new movie but also dropped the name of the actor who will be playing the lead role. The lead of the movie, which was earlier played by Shah Rukh Khan, will now be portrayed by Ranveer Singh. The first Don movie (2006) was a reboot of the original Don movie featuring Amitabh Bachchan and was released in 1978. This article provides interesting details related to the Don 3 release date, movie plot, star cast, and much more.

Release Date for Don 3

The previous two Don movies were major hits grossing more than ₹100 and ₹200 crores in collection worldwide. Many fans speculated a third movie of the franchise but with no new news about it, they dropped the thought about it. More than a decade after the release of the second installment, there was finally an announcement of the third movie. However, no there is no particular news about the release of the movie and it is only expected that it will release in 2025. Once there is any announcement made in regard to the release date for Don 3, we will update about the same here in this article. As for now, it can only be said that there will be Don 3 and that it will hit the screens as soon as the filming is over. Those involved with the making of the movie very well understand the craze of the Don movies and will try to bring it on screen as soon as possible.

Details about Don 3

Don 3, as the name suggests, will be the third movie of the franchise. The first two movies revolved around a crime boss Mark Donald, also known as, Don, and the various criminal activities surrounding him. It was a general idea that the third movie would also follow the plot but given that the lead actor has been changed for this movie, there is no room for imagination as to what will be the storyline of this new movie.

Don 3 Story Line

As of now, there is no way to get an idea about the plot or storyline regarding Don 3. However, you can see the basic plot of the previous two Don movies featuring actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Don 1

When crime boss Don falls into a coma, DCP DeSilva who was working to bring Don down finds his look-alike Vijay and plans to bring Don’s dynasty down with Vijays’ help. When everything seems to be working quite alright, Vijay learns that his life might be in danger. In a twisting turn of events, the true identity of Vijay is revealed and Don ends up becoming the master of the Asian drug cartel.

Don 2

Don is not satisfied with his domination of the Asian underworld and now wants to rule the European criminal market too. Situations present themselves in a manner that Don is forced not only to meet his previous girlfriend but must also face the enemies he made in the past. After getting caught between the mafia and law enforcement, Don must plan a great escape plan amidst all the betrayal.

Both Don and Don 2 movies are available on the OTT platform Netflix for those who haven’t seen the movie yet and wish to watch it.

Don 3 Star Cast

It has been confirmed that Ranveer Singh will be cast for the lead role in the movie. As for the other star cast, it has not been decided by the director who else will be cast for this movie. Once the information relating to Don 3 star cast is released, the same will be updated on this page.

Where to Watch the Don 3 Movie?

Don 3 will get a theatrical release most probably in 2025. The date for the release has not been confirmed as of now. Fans eager to watch the film can get box office tickets and see the film as soon as it hits the big screens. Later on, the movie might also get released on the OTT platform as decided by the filmmakers. As the first two movies are available to watch on Netflix, the third movie might also be released on Netflix, although nothing can be said for sure for now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the third Don movie named?

The movie has been named Don 3: The Final Chapter for now.

When will Don 3 be released?

The exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

Will Shah Rukh Khan return for Don 3?

No Shah Rukh Khan will not return for Don 3 movie.

Who is directing the third Don movie?

Farhan Akhtar will direct the third Don movie just like the previous two movies.

Who will be the actress in the Don 3 movie?

Some rumors about Kiara Advani being cast in Don 3 are flying but there is no confirmed news.

Can I watch the trailer for Don 3 movie on YouTube?

Not the trailer but the title announcement teaser of the movie has been uploaded by Excel Movies on YouTube.

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