Dwijing Festival 2023-24: Date, History, Significance

The Dwijing Festival is celebrated in the Indian state of Assam and is joined by the local people and tourists from all over the world. Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) in collaboration with Bodoland Tourism holds the responsibility to organize this annual fest. This river fest takes place every year in Chirang, Assam from last week of December to first week of January.

Since the festival also revolves around the celebration of new year, it is also known as the New Year Festival of Assam state. The main aim of the Dwijing festival is to showcase the tribal culture and the indigenous tradition of the region in front of the whole world. Complete details related to the Dwijing Festival 2023 can be found here from this article.

History of Dwijing Festival

The Dwijing festival of Assam was started by the Bodo community in the year 2016 –2017. It was then called as Aie River Winter Festival and was a one-time event organized with great pomp and festivities. Response from the visitors who attended the fest was great and the festival found its place in the annual celebration calendar of Assam.

A new name was given to the festival, Dwijing Festival, and it became an annual activity since. Dwijing festival is celebrated on the banks of the Aie (meaning mother) river and derived its new name from there. The word Dwi means river and Jing means bank and thus the festival came to be known as Dwijing Festival.

Significance of Dwijing Festival

The Dwijing Festival serves many purpose apart from giving an opportunity to tourists explore the local tribes and traditions. It provides a way for the local artists to showcase their talent and work and get international recognition and also facilitate better earning opportunities for local communities. Other than this the festival also helps in building a better economy through rural tourism.

Not just the festival but the Aie river is also of great importance to the local people around the area as it supports more than three thousand families living in Chirang with their livelihood.

Dwijing Festival Celebration

The festival of Dwijing continues for 10 days with a number of fun activities assigned for the visitors. There are sports activities ranging from marathons to shooting & boxing, traditional dance and music performance, delectable local cuisines, traditional art and craft and much more to this festival.

Stalls of food, crafty items, handmade goods, decorative handicrafts can be found everywhere during the festival. Other than this, many other adventurous activities are organized on the occasion of this festival which are mentioned below one by one.

  • Helicopter Ride – A helicopter ride goes around the city that provides the tourists an astounding view of the exotic landscape of the city & its surrounding areas.
  • Riverside Camping – Camps with amazing lighting and decoration are set up alongside the bank of river Aie that is quite relaxing and gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the nature from up close.
  • Hot Air Balloon – A ride on hot air balloon is sure to give you an experience like never before. It is one of the major attraction of the Dwijing Festival after the helicopter ride that familiarize people with the exotic landscape of the city.
  • Adventure Sports – Apart from helicopter and hot air balloon rides, swaggering activities like paragliding, river rafting and many other forms a major part of the Dwijing festival celebration.
  • Bollywood Performances – Famous singers from Bollywood begin the festival with their soothing voice attracting an audience from all over the country. In addition to this, performance from native Assam bands are also enjoyed and applauded by the visitors.
  • Ethnic Market – In the Ethnic market, artisans from all across the country showcase their skills through a variety of arts, crafts and culture. Decor items, pottery, carved wood, jewelry, tribal crafts, textiles and many such unusual handmade goods can be found in the market that can be a good souvenir of this festival.
  • Jungle Safari – Jungle safari takes visitors on an amazing ride through the exotic flora and fauna of the Assam state.
  • Exhibition – Exhibition and fairs form an important part of the Dwijing festival where artists get a chance to promote their talent through their work.

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