Expository Writing for Children: How Parents Can Help In Writing An Expository Essay?

Expository writing means a piece of writing, essay, article, manual, etc., that is explanatory in nature and exposes the reader to complete aspects of a topic (expository derives from expose here). Expository writing can be of six different kinds, depending on the kind of information that is conveyed through the writing. For example, process writing is where steps related to a task is discussed or problem/ solution writing where a problem and its solution is discussed. Expository writing for kids has also become an important part of academics nowadays where the children are encouraged to write expository essay. Writing an expository essay can be a bit overwhelming for children and they will find it easier to do so if parents keep checking in on them. If they are facing any kind of difficulty, parents can help them with that like if they need someone to review their work or help them research about certain topics.

Now, to write an expository essay, it is important for the writer to know what exactly expository writing is, led by examples, and what are the simple tricks of writing one. As it has been already discussed above what expository writing is, further in this article, the tips and trick for writing an expository essay have been provided. Along with the children, this article is equally beneficial for the parents who want to help their kids with writing an expository essay.

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How to Start Writing an expository essay?

People, at many stages, can be asked to write an expository essay. For example, a child can be asked to write expository essay for their academics, a professional working in an organization can be asked to submit a report, etc. It is therefore considered wise if the skills for writing an expository essay is induced in the children at an early stage. Before one starts writing, it is important to get an idea of the type of writing one is proceeding with, what things should be considered, what ideas can be used and many other things. The basic steps for proceeding with writing an expository essay are discussed below. These steps are exceptionally advantageous for the beginners and can help them write their very first expository essay. Once the topic is decided, proceed with this 7-step guide to write an informative expository essay. Apart from the little learners, the parents can also go through these steps to gain some insight on expository writing.

  1. Research more & more about the topic you want to write-

Do an in-depth research about the topic you want to write about. Topics related to material objects might require the write to gather information from various sources. Like suppose you are about to write about an ecosystem, junk foods, computer games, you need to collect some data before you start writing. However, this is not always the case. If you are writing about qualitative topics such as leadership, strict parents, happiness, you might not require to perform a research before you start writing.

  1. Collect your thoughts and ideas at one place-

Once all the researching and thinking comes to a halt, proceed with giving a shape to your ideas on a paper with a pen. It doesn’t matter if the idea or the research is right or not, is it good or bad, whatever it is write them all down. Once all the ideas are jotted down at a place, you can start separating right from the wrong, good from the bad. Seeing everything at one place will calm the mind and you can see how these ideas start forming a definitive shape.

  1. Arrange all your ideas into meaningful sentences-

Ideas and thoughts might give you a clear picture of the topic but for the reader they mean nothing unless they are given a meaningful form. Start forming sentences in a way that it conveys your thoughts meaningfully into the other person’s mind (the reader of course). It is not necessary to include complicated words or jargons in the essay and rather it is suggested to use simpler words for creating a sentence. Each and every sentence should be clear and concise in order for your whole essay to be clear and concise. The only thing that matters is that the reader is able to decode the message or the information given in the essay.

  1. Introduce facts, figures and data to strengthen your point-

To strengthen the points discussed in your essay, you can include data, facts, figures, examples, etc. These details must be collected from verified sources that can prove their authenticity. It is not important that you use many examples, but whatever is included in the article, it must be verified.  Credibility of the article enhances with the use of facts and figures and allows the reader to make any opinion about the topic discussed in an informative manner. However, make sure that you do not include your personal opinion about the topic as expository writing is about simply explaining a topic or providing any information about a topic. It is up to the reader to make opinions or decisions based on your essay.

  1. Perform a thorough revision of your essay-

After the essay is completely structured, you must proofread it to find and eliminate any error found. An article or essay even if written with profound care might have in it one or more grammatical, organizational, punctuational, typing or other similar errors. These flaws can degrade the quality and reliability of the essay and is therefore important to remove them all. A thorough revision of the essay written will allow the writer to find out the flaws. If you like, you can also have someone else to review the essay for you as one who has written the essay has a better chance to find out even the slightest of the mistake.

  1. Apply corrective measures to make your essay flawless-

It is important to remove the errors that you find in your essay. Along with this, also remove points that you think are unnecessary. Sometimes, it happens that the writer drifts slightly from the topic originally started and include points that are not completely relevant. Such points should be removed from the essay as well. Once all kind of errors are corrected, the essay is ready to be presented in front of others.

  1. Prepare a final draft of your essay-

A final draft of essay, free from errors, can now be prepared. Make sure that you essay has all the three important components- introduction, main body and summary. Any provision you want to make in your content, you can do it at this step. Once you are satisfied that every point discussed above has been taken care of, this essay can now be shared with parents, teachers and friends. Make sure to take the feedback of the readers as this will help you write even a better essay the next time you are up to writing something.

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Start writing an expository essay- Keep above points in mind

Once you are familiar with all the important things related to writing an expository essay, you can proceed with writing one. Like many other forms of writing, expository writing also comprises of three major components- introduction, main body and summary. Have a look here to see what should and what shouldn’t be included in all of the three components.

Introduction: In introduction, an idea about what topic you are going to discuss below should be provided. An introduction is simply a basic outline of the rest of the essay. A proper introduction provides the users with the idea of what they are going to read about. Once you are done writing an appropriate introduction, you can proceed with the body of the essay. Keep in mind that the right might have no idea about the topic and need to be introduced to it properly. Although, it is the first component of an essay, it is not necessary that you write the introduction in the beginning. Most children find it difficult to write the introduction. In this case, rest of the article can be written first and then introduction ca be added at the end.

Main Body: The main body will describe the topic that has just been introduced. It can consist of one to many paragraphs depending on how much the writer has to convey. It is however considered good if the essay consists of at least three paragraphs in the main body. The paragraphs should be structured in a manner that they gradually slide over to the next one. Next paragraph must not lose the idea of what was said in the earlier paragraph. Stay completely focused while writing the main body of the essay. Children often lose the original idea of what they are writing and start deviating from the original topic. This must be avoided at all cost.

Summary: In the last step, you summarize the topic that you have discussed all along the main body. You are not here to provide your viewpoint on the topic but to simply provide a summary of that. It is up to the readers to make their own viewpoint based on the data and facts provided in your essay body. Summary does not require to be very long but should include the key points of your essay.

Topic of the essay: Although it is not included in the component, it is the most important part of your essay. The topic of your essay must be simple and short yet informative and catchy.

Topics for practice

Some simple topics for the children to write an expository essay are discussed below:

  • Effect of lifestyle on environment
  • Music as a stress-relieving tool
  • Pet as a friend
  • How to minimize generation gap?
  • Effect of social media on our lives

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