12 Richest Roblox Players along with Interesting info of their Net worth

In this article, you will find about some of the richest Roblox players in the world along with interesting info of their net worth, collectibles owned and much more.

Roblox is a highly popular online gaming and game creation platform where players showcase their game playing and developing skills and earning in 8-digit figures. Not only the users can develop their own games or access games developed by other users, they can also earn by reselling or trading of items or by receiving donations from the fellow users.

12 Richest Roblox Players in the World in 2024

The table provides the list of the 12 richest Roblox Players in the world along with their net worth on Roblox.

S. No.Roblox PlayersNet worth (in US Dollar)
1Roblox (David Baszucki)$1.7 Billion
2Stickmasterluke (Luke Weber)$149 Million
3Son Of Sevenless (John James Shedletsky)$106 Million
4Linkmon99$103 Million
5EarlGrey$78 Million
6Zlib$62 Million
7BuildIntoGames$56 Million
8CV10K$49 Million
9Azarth$47 Million
10Saturniidae$41 Million
11Quatos$40 Million
12iDiablo$39 Million
All net worth estimated and shared above is tentative and for reference purpose only. This is not the exact data.

World’s 12 Richest Roblox Players in 2024 with Details

Here are some more details about the 12 richest Roblox players in the world.

1. Roblox (David Baszucki)

David Baszucki- Roblox

David Baszucki is the co-founder and CEO of Roblox Corporation. Baszucki, along with Erik Cassel, created Roblox (made from a combination of words robots and blocks) in 2005 and is currently the richest Robox player in the world. He was also ranked seventh among the highest-paid CEOs in the world in 2021, by Business Insider. David has an R-value of $186,906,227, RAP of $52,225,117 and possesses 1,981 collectibles.

2. Stickmasterluke (Luke Weber)

Luke Weber

Luke Weber, popular as Stickmasterluke on Roblox, is known for creating many classic Roblox games. He joined Roblox in 2007 and within four years, he became an administrator. Luke also runs a YouTube video channel Roblox Television that has over 1 million views. Luke has an R-value of $128,779,988, a RAP of 39,403,005 and possesses 2,564 collectibles, including six limited editions.

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3. Son Of Sevenless (John James Shedletsky)

John James Shedletsky

John James Shedletsky known by the name of SonOfSevenless on Roblox is the third richest player to be included in the list.  Shedletsky was a  former administrator whose account is primarily used for storing limited items. Son of Sevenless has an R-value worth $138,881,738 and a RAP of $33,852,056.

4. Linkmon99


Next comes, Linkmon99, a Roblox YouTuber who primarily uploads Roblox challenges, vlogs, gameplays, pranks, and guide videos. This person is also an administrator with 13,000 followers, 200 friends and a collection of 529 items.  Linkmon99 also has over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and follows more than 6,000 gamers on Roblox. Linkmon99 has a net worth of $103 million.

5. EarlGrey

Roblox player EarlGrey has a net  worth of $78,260,000 and a RAP of $17,362,498, making him one of the richest players in the world. Apart from this, Grey also owns 44 collectibles, four of which are limited. Currently, this person has no friends, more than 4500 followers, and is following around 4000 players.  Grey has been on Roblox since its very starting, i.e., in August 2006.

6. Zlib

With a net worth of $62,788,694 and a RAP of $16,084,264, Zlib is the sixth wealthiest player on Roblox. The person has been a member of this gaming platform since 2015 and possesses 215 collectibles and made around 90 friends. Zlib has been a member of multiple clubs on Roblox including Bee Swarm Simulator Club, Small Games, etc.

7. BuildIntoGames

Known for his games like  Giant Survival, Giant Survival 2, Disaster Dome and others, BuildIntoGames is counted among the world’s richest Roblox players.  Also known by his first name Preston,  BuildIntoGames is not only a game developer on Roblox but outside of it as well. This person also has a  YouTube channel of the same name.

8. CV10K

CVK10K is the eighth richest Roblox player with a net worth of $49,126,771 and a RAP of $12,468,134. CV10K also owns  271 collectibles, including 5 limited, and has 141 friends on this platform. The player also has a YouTube channel with over 2000 subscribers where he uploads Roblox music code IDs.

9. Azarth

Azarth has been on Roblox for over a decade now and with $47,839,284 and a RAP of $8,747,099, is one of the richest players. Talking about friends, followers and collectibles, Azarth has over 40 friends, 3000 followers and more than 800 collectibles. Three of these collectibles namely, Dominus Empyreus, Dominus Frigidus and Dominus Infernus are limited items.

10. Saturniidae

Known formerly as ColdLegacy, Saturniidae is a Roblox clothing creator and the tenth richest player on Roblox. The player owns 377 out of the 500 copies of When Animals Attack: Elephant Aggression and is also the owner of the Limited Lunatics group. Saturniidae owns around 32.4 million RAP and 41 million in net worth.

11. Quatos

Quatos is a player on Roblox since 2013 and has been able to make himself one of the wealthiest players in the world. The player is the owner of 51 collectibles and has more than one hundred friends. Quatos net worth stands at about $40,827,021 and has Rap of $7,496,271. this player has over 11,000 followers but follows only 219 gamers.

12. iDiablo

The list of 12 richest Roblox players in the world concludes with iDiablo who has a Roblox value of R$39,200,000 and a Recent Average Price (RAP) of R$17,172,530. This player is the creator of White Stallion group and has 34 friends, more than 1,000 followers and 265 following on the gaming platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest Roblox player in the world?

David Baszucki

Who are the founders of Roblox?

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel

On what platform can I run Roblox?

Roblox can run on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac operating systems, Fire OS and Xbox Series X & S.

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