Honours and Awards GK Questions

21) Who among the following is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna? 

(A)  Vinobha Bhave

(B)  Sardar Vallbhabhai Patel

(C)  Lal Bahadur Shastri

(D)  Dr.S. Radhakrishnan

Answer: B (Sardar Vallbhabhai Patel)

22) Which country awards the Nobel Prize?   

(A)  Ireland

(B)  Sweden

(C)  England

(D)  America

Answer: B (Sweden)

23) Who among the following Indian artistes is the winner of the Oscar Award? 

(A)  Shyam Bengal

(B)  Bhanu Athaiya

(C)  Dilip kumar

(D)  Rohini Hattangadi

Answer: B (Bhanu Athiya)

24) The Oscar Award was won 36 times by 

(A)  Walt Disney

(B)  Alfred Hitchcock

(C)  Charlie Chaplin

(D)  Akira Kurosawa

Answer: C (Charlie Chaplin)

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25) Who is the first non–indian to receive the Bharat Ratna? 

(A)  Martin Luther King

(B)  Mother Terasa

(C)  Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

(D)  Aubin Mehta

Answer: C (Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan)

26) The first Indira Gandhi Award for International Justice and Harmony has been given to 

(A)  Larry Pressler

(B)  Yasser Arafat

(C)  Hussain Ibrahim Zaki

(D)  Amnesty International

Answer: B (yasser Arafat)

27) In 1901, Nobel Prize was not given for 

(A)  Physics

(B)  Chemistry

(C)  Economics

(D)  Peace

Answer: C (Economics)

28) Who among the following is the recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke Award? 

(A)  Kishore kumar

(B)  Durga Khote

(C)  Satyajit Ray

(D)  Om puri

Answer: B (Durga khote)

29) Moortidevi Award is given annually in which of the following fields? 

(A)  Films

(B)  Music

(C)  Literature

(D)  Journalism

Answer: C (Literature)

30) The Chameli Devi Award is given to an outstanding woman is a 

(A)  Vocalist

(B)  journalist

(C)  lawyer

(D)  scientist

Answer: B (Jounalist)

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