Indian Ordnance Factories: Check names of all 41 Indian Ordnance Factories in all states of India

We all know how crucial the Armed Forces of India are to keep our borders safe. But, do know organizations such as Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) are equally important. OFB consists of multiple Indian Ordnance Factories that manufacture Guns and Ammunition for the Armed Forces of India. The Ordnance Factory Board of India is the 2nd largest manufacturer of defence equipment in Asia.

Divided into 7 Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs), there are 41 Indian ordnance factories in various locations. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of all 41 Ordnance factories in India in 2024.

Facts about the Ordnance Factory Board of India

Before checking out the list of all ordnance factories in India, let’s take a look at some important facts related to Ordnance Factory Board of India.

  • The first ordnance factory of India was established in India in the year 1712 when the Dutch Ostend Company established a Gun Powder Factory in Ichhapur.
  • The Ordnance Factory Board was established on 2nd April 1979.
  • In the year 1935, Indian Ordnance Service was introduced to administer the whole Defence Production Industry of India
  • On 1st October 2021, the government of India dissolved Ordnance Factory Board. All its staff, management, control is now transferred to the following 7 newly for Defence PSUs.
    • Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWE)
    • Troop Comforts Limited (TCL)
    • Yantra India Limited (YIL)
    • Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVANI)
    • Gliders India Limited (GIL)
    • Munitions India Limited (MIL)
    • India Optel Limited (IOL)

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Check List of All Indian Ordnance Factories

Name of the Factory and Corresponding PSULocation State
Ammunition Factory Khadki (AFK) – Munitions India LimitedPuneMaharashtra
Engine Factory Avadi (EFA) – Armoured Vehicles Nigam LimitedChennaiTamil Nadu
Cordite Factory Aruvankadu (CFA) – Munitions India LimitedAruvankaduTamil Nadu
Field Gun Factory, Kanpur (FGK) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKanpurUttar Pradesh
Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur (GCF) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Grey Iron Foundry (GIF) – Yantra India LimitedJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Gun and Shell Factory (GSF) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKolkataWest Bengal
Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project (HAPP) – Munitions India LimitedTiruchirappalliTamil Nadu
High Explosives Factory (HEF) – Munitions India LimitedPuneMaharashtra
Heavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai (HVF) – Armoured Vehicles Nigam LimitedChennaiTamil Nadu
Machine Tool Prototype Factory Ambernath (MPF) – Armoured Vehicles Nigam LimitedMumbaiMaharashtra
Metal and Steel Factory (MSF) – Yantra India LimitedKolkataWest Bengal
Ordnance Clothing Factory Avadi (OCFAV) – Troop Comforts LimitedChennaiTamil Nadu
Ordnance Factory Chandigarh (OCFC) – India Optel LimitedChandigarhChandigarh
Ordnance Clothing Factory (OCFS) – Troop Comforts LimitedShahjahanpurUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Equipment Factory Kanpur (OEFC) – Troop Comforts LimitedKanpurUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEFHZ) – Troop Comforts LimitedHazratpurUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Ambernath (OFA) – Yantra India LimitedMumbaiMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Ambajhari (OFAJ) – Yantra India LimitedNagpurMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bhandara (OFBA) – Munitions India LimitedBhandaraMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bhusawal (OFBH) – Yantra India LimitedBhusawalMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Bolangir (OFBOL) – Munitions India LimitedBolangirOdisha
Ordnance Factory Kanpur (OFC) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKanpurUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Chandrapur (OFCH) – Munitions India LimitedChandrapurMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Dumdum (OFDC) – Yantra India LimitedKolkataWest Bengal
Ordnance Factory Dehu Road (OFDR) – Munitions India LimitedPuneMaharashtra
Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFDUN) – India Optel LimitedDehradunUttarakhand
Ordnance Factory Itarsi (OFI) – Munitions India LimitedItarsiMadhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK) – Munitions India LimitedJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Katni (OFKAT) – Yantra India LimitedKatniMadhya Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Muradnagar (OFM) – Yantra India LimitedMuradnagarUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Project (OFN) – Munitions India LimitedNalandaBihar
Ordnance Factory Project Korwa (OFPKR) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKorwaUttar Pradesh
Ordnance Factory Project Medak (OFPM) – Armoured Vehicles Nigam LimitedHyderabadTelangana
Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli (OFT) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedTiruchirappalliTamil Nadu
Ordnance Factory Varangaon (OFV) – Munitions India LimitedVarangaonMaharashtra
Opto Electronics Factory (OLF) – India Optel LimitedDehradunUttarakhand
Ordnance Parachute Factory (OPF) – Gliders India LimitedKanpurUttar Pradesh
Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKolkataWest Bengal
Small Arms Factory (SAF) – Advanced Weapons and Equipment India LimitedKanpurUttar Pradesh
Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) – Armoured Vehicles Nigam LimitedJabalpurMadhya Pradesh

Customers of Indian Ordnance Factories

The primary customers of the products manufactured in Indian Ordnance Factories are as follows.

  • Armed Forces of India – Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force,  Central Armed Police Forces, State Armed Police Forces, Paramilitary Forces of India and the Special Forces of India.
  • Civil Departments –  Indian Railways, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Nuclear Fuel Complex, Aeronautical Development Agency, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Telecommunications, and State Electricity Boards.
  • Exports – More than 30 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, North and South America.

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