Top 10 Richest Farmers in India 2024

Pramod Gautam is the India’s richest farmer with his net worth estimated around Rs. 1 crore.

Farming in India is often related to poverty and living under extreme conditions.

It is true that farming is a noble yet very difficult job that involves risks of drought, flood, risk of low production, plus loans and debts.

However, there are a few farmers in the country that have changed this notion of farming and with the proper use of the right equipment and technology emerged as quite successful and richest farmers in India.

This article presents a list of the top 10 richest farmers in India in 2024 along with some basic information about them.

List of Richest Farmers in India as of 2024

The table provides the list of the 10 richest farmers in India along with their area of farming and the state they reside in.

S. No.FarmersArea of farmingLocation
1Pramod GautamHorticultureMaharashtra
2Sachin KaleSeasonal vegetablesChhattisgarh
3Harish DhandevAloe veraRajasthan
4Ram Saran VermaBanana, Tomato, BrinjalUttar Pradesh
5Ramesh ChaudharyPolyhouse, floricultureRajasthan
6Dnyaneshwar BodkeOrganic farmingMaharashtra
7Khema RamjiPolyhouse farmingRajasthan
8Geena Bhai PatelPomegranateGujarat
9Rajiv BittuWatermelon, MuskmelonJharkhand
10Vishwanath BobadeMixed farmingMaharashtra

India’s 10 Richest Farmers

Here are some more details about the 10 richest farmers in India.

#1. Pramod Gautam

Pramod Gautam richest farmer in india

Pramod Gautam was an automobile engineer who gave up his dream job and turned to farming. Before entering into the field, he learned all about farming, the challenges faced, how to overcome them and the use of farming tools and techniques. Then using his wit and creativity, Pramod became not only successful but one of the richest farmers in India.

#2. Sachin Kale

Sachin Kale farmer

Sachin Kale is another successful farmer of India who gave up his dream job and hefty salary of 24 lakhs to pursue a career in farming. Using all his provident fund and most of his savings, Sachin entered the field of farming and also established his own company that helps other farmers.

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#3. Harish Dhandev

Settled comfortably with a government job, one visit to an agriculture expo in Delhi changed Harish’s life completely. After this, he decided to quit his job and begin aloe vera farming along with certain other crops. Now, he is one of the leading producers of aloe vera in the country and also one of the richest farmers.

#4. Ram Saran Verma

The journey of Ram Saran Verma as a small land farmer to one of the richest farmers of the country is quite inspiring. Owing to his innovative efforts in the field of farming, ram Saran has even been awarded with the Padma Shri award in 2019, the fourth-highest civilian award in India.

#5. Ramesh Chaudhary

With a turnover of over two crores and luxurious bungalows and cars, Ramesh Chaudhary is a proud farmer from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He currently owns three polyhouses and one greenhouse and practices floriculture and animal husbandry as well in addition to traditional farming.

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#6. Dnyaneshwar Bodke

Dnyaneshwar Bodke is not just a thriving farmer but an influencing personality who encouraged and helped every farmer around him to be better. Bodke was the one to start the award-winning initiative known as “Abhinav Farmers Club”. The club now has a national presence with more than 1.5 lakh farmers following the practice of organic farming.

#7. Khema Ramji

Khema Ramji got the opportunity to visit Israel and took this moment to learn some amazing farming techniques while he was there. He applied those techniques to his farm and today has built over 200 polyhouses with an annual turnover of around 1 crore. Ramji has also helped other farmers who were under mortgage turn their lives around.

#8. Geena Bhai Patel

Born with polio in his both hands and legs, Geena Bhai Patel is nothing less than an inspiration for everyone. Recipient of the Padma Shree award, Patel has also turned the lives of more than 60000 others around him. His specialty lies in growing pomegranates.

#9. Rajiv Bittu

Before he entered into farming, Rajiv was enjoying life as Chartered Accountant. As of now, he is both a determined farmer and also handles his Chartered Accountant job with great efficiency. Bittu’s farm majorly produces watermelon and muskmelon along with some other vegetables and he enjoys an easy profit of around 15 lakhs per year.

#10. Vishwanath Bobade

Vishwanath Bobade was a simple, traditional farmer who faced immense loss due to his traditional method of farming. He then started experimenting with new farming techniques and turned his fate over. Now, with a net profit of over 5 lakhs, he is one of the richest farmers of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest farmer in India?

Pramod Gautam is probably the richest farmer in India.

Which state has the most number of rich farmers?

Uttar Pradesh

What is the net worth of Pramod Gautam?

Rs. 1 crore (approx.)

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