Maharashtra Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024-25

This article provides you Maharashtra Board HSC Economics syllabus for the academic session 2024-25. The syllabus is designed on the basis of National Economic Policy to elucidate the learners the nature of Indian Economy, issues because of population explosion, unemployment, poverty and required measures to remove these issues.

You may further download the Maharashtra Board Economics syllabus for class 11 and 12 in pdf fomat.

Maharashtra Board HSC Economics Syllabus 2024-25

Explore below the full Maharashtra Board HSC syllabus for Economic for the academic session 2024-25:

Class 11 Economics Syllabus

A Section – Indian Economic development

  • Economic development & Economic growth
  • Quality of human life – Introduction – Physical quality of Life Index & Human Development Index.
  • Major challenges before Indian Economy
    1. Population
    2. Poverty Unemployment
  • Economic Reforms since 1991 & its main features.
  1. Liberalisation
  2. Privatisation
  3. Globalisation
  • Economic Planning
    1. Meaning and objectives
    2. 10th Five year plan – a study
  • Infra structural development in India.

B     Section – Introduction to statistics

  • Introduction to statistics
  • Collection & organization of Data
  • Graphical presentation of data
  • Measures of Central Tendency Mean, Median & Mode
  • Index

Class 11 Economics Topics for Project (20 Marks)

  • Comparative study of some families based on income, expenses on health, education, entertainment
  • An interview of an
  • Study of the relationship between poverty and size of
  • Information about the relationship between number of children in a family and standard of
  • Report of visit to Employment
  • Information about jobs created through Employment Guarantee
  • An interview of self-employed
  • Visit to Agriculture College/Industrial Training Institute/District Industrial
  • Information about economic & social inequality existing in various
  • Study of the effects of globalization on rural and urban
  • Information about Placement
  • Study of impact of New Economic Policy on agriculture/industry/ service
  • Information about families using solar energy (solar cooker, solar water heater )
  • Visit to places using non-conventional energy
  • An interview of some people using public
  • An interview of some people using private
  • Collect information from newspaper related to different economic events, during fifteen
  • Collect the data from 25 families regarding number of family members, sex, age, education and occupation. From the collected data, classify families according to number of members per family, sex wise distribution, age distribution of all members, education wise distribution, occupational distribution.
  • Collect prices of 7 commodities on the 1st day of the month and on the last day of the month and find price Index numbers using Simple Aggregate Method and Average of price relatives
  • Information about employment opportunities arising due to different modes of

Note : The above list of projects is given only as guideline.

Class 12 Economics Syllabus

Section A

Micro Economics

  1. Introduction to Micro Economics
  2. Consumers behavior
  3. Analysis of Demand
  4. Elasticity of Demand
  5. Analysis of Supply
  6. Types of Market & Price determination under Perfect competition
  7. Factors of Production

Section B

Macro Economics

  1. Introduction to Macro Economics
  2. National Income
  3. Determinants of Aggregates
  4. Money
  5. Commercial Bank
  6. Central Bank
  7. Public Economics

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Class 12 Economics Topics for Project (20 Marks)

  • Visit any cottage industry and collect information about its income and
  • Visit some families and note down observations regarding how utility of different commodities is subjective and
  • Prepare a chart for Marginal Utility and Total Utility of any commodity consumed by
  • Comparative study of individual demand schedules of any one commodity of two
  • Visit a grocery shop and collect information about changes in demand and changes in price of wheat for the period of 5
  • Visit retailers of any commodity & collect information about prices &
  • Collect information about prices charged for toothpaste, bathing soap etc. by different firms under monopolistic
  • An interview of an
  • An interview of skilled and unskilled labour engaged in different
  • Survey of people using credit cards & debit
  • Visit any Commercial Bank & collect information about its
  • Collect information of different Banking instruments like cheques, demand drafts, etc.
  • Collect information about E-Banking
  • Collect information about changes in the policies of Reserve Bank of
  • Collect information of the current budget from

Note : The above list of projects is given only as guideline.

Download- Maharashtra Board HSC Economics Syllabus

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