Maharashtra Day 2023: Date, Holiday, Quotes & Wishes

Maharashtra Day 2023, also known as Maharashtra Din or Maharashtra Diwas, is a holiday that marks the formation of Marathi speaking state of Maharashtra after the division of the Bombay State on 1 May 1960. The day also marks the formation of Gujarat state and is known and celebrated as Gujarat Day. On the occasion of Maharashtra Day, parades and speeches are organized in different part of the state. Many cultural activities are also conducted as a part of celebration of Maharashtra Day. Before the formation of Maharashtra, there was Bombay State which included people speaking four major languages- Marathi, Kutchi, Gujarati, and Konkani.

With the Bombay Reorganization Act, Bombay got divided into two states namely Gujarat and Maharashtra. Those speaking Kutchi and Gujarati became a part of Gujarat while those who spoke Marathi and Konkani became a part of Maharashtra. Important details related to Maharashtra Day 2023 such as upcoming date, celebration, wishes, etc are discussed in this article here.

Maharashtra Day 2023 Date

Event Maharashtra Day 2023
Also Known as Maharashtra Din (महाराष्ट्र दिन)
Maharashtra Day 2023 Date May 1, 2023
Day Sunday

Date of Maharashtra Day 2023

Maharashtra Day is observed annually on 1st of May. In the upcoming year too, the day will be observed on Sunday, May 1 2023.

This day is observed all over the state in commemoration of formation of Maharashtra state after the erstwhile Bombay province was broken into two states, one being Maharashtra and other Gujarat.

Holiday on Maharashtra Day 2023

Maharashtra Day is observed as a public holiday in the state of Maharashtra. Public offices, schools and banks in the state will observe a day-off on the occasion of Maharashtra Day. Many private organizations also remain close on this day. Shops, stores and other conveniences might be open for reduced hours.

History of Maharashtra Day 2023

The Bombay state was a pretty large state that comprised of many districts speaking different languages. As a result of States Reorganization Act, 1956, the Kannada-speaking districts of Belgaum, Bijapur, Dharwar and North Canara were transferred from Bombay State to Mysore State. However, the state still composed of regions where different languages namely Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi and Konkani were spoken.

It was further decided under the Bombay Reorganization Act, 1960 that the state will be divided into two major states. One state composed of areas where people primarily spoke Gujarati and Kutchhi which came to be known as Gujarat and the other where people primarily spoke Marathi and Konkani that came to be known as Maharashtra.

Bombay State was finally dissolved with the formation of Maharashtra and Gujarat states on 1 May 1960 and the day began to be celebrated as State Formation Day in both the states. Celebrations of Maharashtra Day are however more grand and filled with joy and the day is also marked as a public holiday in the state.

Celebration of Maharashtra Day 2023

Maharashtra Day is celebrated all across the state with great excitement. Parades, political speeches, cultural ceremonies and many other events related to the history and traditions of Maharashtra are organized on this day. A grand parade is carried out at the Shivaji Park, Dadar which is followed by a speech from the Governor of the state.

On the occasion of Maharashtra day, the state government and private sector launch various new projects and schemes for the benefits of the state and its people. The Marathi language Wikipedia also started on 1 May in the year 2003.

Maharashtra Day 2023 Quotes & Wishes

Below here are given some new year wishes to exchange with your friends and family on the occasion of Maharashtra Day 2023.

  1. Take pride in being a Maharashtrian. The state works together with other states to make India shine. Jay Maharashtra.

  2. We are proud to be a Maharashtrian. We are proud of the Marathi language. We cherish our culture, our allegiance is to the soil. Happy Maharashtra Day!

  3. Sending warm wishes and greetings to you and your family on this day. Happy Maharashtra Day.

  4. Justice brotherhood and love Is the song in our heart Let’s join hands on Maharashtra Day This land is our inseparable part.

  5. Wishing all the people living in Maharashtra, a Happy Maharashtra Day. Long Live Maharashtra

  6. Let us all remember the golden heritage of our state and feel proud to be a part of Maharashtra Happy Maharashtra Day.

  7. Best wishes to the people of Maharashtra. May this state will progress with new developments in the years to come. Long Live Maharashtra.

  8. On this day of Maharashtra, let’s unite and promise to take our state to new heights together.

  9. We are proud to be raised in Maharashtra. We are proud of the Marathi language. We are proud of our culture. Wish you all a Happy Maharashtra Day.

  10. May the spirit of Maharashtra. Stay in the core of your heart. Let’s salute this state with pride. It’s our own inseparable par. Maharashtra Diwas.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Maharashtra Day celebrated?

Maharashtra day is celebrated on 1st May every year.

When was the state of Maharashtra formed?

1 May 1960

Why do we celebrate Maharashtra Day?

Because, the state of Maharashtra was formed on 1st May 1960.

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