National Hug Day 2024: Origin, activities and Facts to know

On the 21st of January, we commemorate National Hug Day, in honour of the most basic and efficient manner to show our devotion. When you think about it, giving and receiving a hug is one of the most natural things you can do. As a form of self-expression, Hug is encouraged throughout this festival.

January 21 is National Hug Day, or National Hug Day, an annual holiday that occurs every year on this day. Since its founding in 1986, the holiday has extended to countries such as Canada, England, Australia, Germany and Poland.

To give or receive a hug is a non-sexual type of physical contact in which the giver or receiver closes their arms around the other person’s neck or waist. It has been scientifically shown that Hug is good for you. Hugs have been found to raise oxytocin levels and lower blood pressure, according to one research.

National Hug Day 2024 Date

National Hug Day is an annual event that will occur on January 21st. People are urged to hug one another on this day, as its name suggests. If you’d want to embrace your family, friends, or even complete strangers, be sure to ask first.

In addition to being a means to convey love and affection, Hug has several health advantages for both the hugger and the recipient. Just another reason to rejoice this holiday and to give your loved ones a hug they truly deserve. There are many other special days also observed in January.

Event nameDayDate
National Hug Day 2024Sunday21st January 2024

National Hug Day’s Origins and Development

Kevin Zaborney founded National Hug Day in 1986. Her family owned Chase’s Calendar of Events, and she was a close friend of his.

He picked January 21 since it was the time of year when people tend to feel down in their moods between the winter holiday season and New Year’s Eve.

He also hoped that National Hug Day would help Americans overcome their embarrassment about showing affection in public, but he never expected it to catch on.

The Old Norse term “hugga,” which means “to soothe,” is thought to be the source of the English word “hug.” Hug’s origins, on the other hand, are less clear. In the past 50 years, we have witnessed a full acceptance of Hug in public, which separates it from other distinguishing shows of emotion such as kissing.

When it comes to embracing, there are two main theories as to why it’s become so popular in recent years: a less-formal dress code between partnerships, and political officials’ efforts to appear more approachable and warm-hearted to the public.

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Activities to do on National Hug Day

The greatest way to honour National Hug Day is to show your affection for those you care about by giving them a bear hug. A little embrace can make such a huge impact. Make it a point to show your loved ones that you care by Hug them and cheering them up.

No one even remembers when public embracing was considered impolite physical affectionate contact. Greeting friends and relatives, saying farewell, or congratulating someone are all reasons for a hug. To comfort or express support for a friend or loved one. The act of giving and receiving a bear hug is common practise before sporting events, as well as in close personal relationships. There are additional fundraisers for Free Hugs!

National Hug Day Facts

  • There are several health benefits to getting a good old-fashioned hug. Studies have revealed that giving and receiving a hug can decrease one’s blood pressure.
  • The immune systems of both you and your partner can benefit from regular cuddling.
  • Again, the hormone oxytocin is responsible for the pain-relieving effects of Hug. Dopamine is released when a pair cuddles, which heightens their sexual desire for one another.
  • When it comes to fighting weariness and reducing one’s risk of heart disease, nothing beats a good hug.
  • Stress and/or terror can be alleviated by Hug a person or an inanimate item like a Teddy Bear.
  • 3.17 seconds is the average length of a hug
  • It is at least 6,000 years old, if not earlier, that people hug one other.


When was the last time you saw Hug Day in a good mood?

Every year, January 21 is observed as National Hug Day. The goal of National Hug Day is to get people to give and receive hugs more frequently with those they care about.

Hug Day was created by whom?

Founded by Kevin Zaborney, the event takes place every year on January 21st. First seen on January 21, 1986, in the United States town of Clio (Michigan). It’s a holiday celebrated in a wide range of nations throughout the world.

Is January 21 a Hug day?

The 21st of January is designated as “National Hug Day” by the United States Copyright Office, although it is not a federally recognised holiday. Organizers hope that the day would encourage people to express their feelings in public.

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