National Paranormal Day 2023- A Day for people who believe in ghosts and paranormal activities

Every year people all across the United States observe May 3 as National Paranormal Day. This is an unofficial holiday observed by ghost enthusiasts who believe in paranormal activities and like to share their experiences with others. To celebrate this day, people get together with their friends and exchange ghost stories with each other. For more details about National Paranormal Day 2023 such as its history, celebration, etc, keep reading this article.

National Paranormal Day Upcoming Events

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for National Paranormal Day for the upcoming 5 years.

National Paranormal Day 2023May 3, 2023Wednesday
National Paranormal Day 2024May 3, 2024Friday
National Paranormal Day 2025May 3, 2025Saturday
National Paranormal Day 2026May 3, 2026Sunday
National Paranormal Day 2027May 3, 2027Monday

National Paranormal Day 2023 Overview

EventNational Paranormal Day 2023
DateMay 3, 2023
Observed byUnited States

Significance of National Paranormal Day

Whether ghosts exist or not is completely an individual opinion and no one can or should force their opinions on others. Many people believe that ghosts really exist and they also claim to have experienced them personally. On the contrary, some people are totally against the belief and dismiss the fact that ghosts exist. National Paranormal Day offers a platform for both kinds of people to meet each other and present their evidence and facts about ghosts and their existence on non-existence in front of each other.

What are paranormal activities?

Paranormal activities are defined as phenomena that cannot be described scientifically but can only be experienced. Most of the time, it is only described as a sense or feeling of something extraordinary that cannot be explained in scientific terms. Any feeling of extrasensory perception, spiritualism, or ghost experience can be termed paranormal activity.

Charles Fort is considered the father of modern paranormalism (study of paranormal activities) and is known to have collected many paranormal anecdotes during his lifetime. It is believed that Fort had compiled over 40,000 notes on unexplained paranormal experiences during his lifetime. These collections were known as ‘the orthodox conventionality of Science’.

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History of National Paranormal Day

Not much is known about the history of National Paranormal Day except that it was established sometime in 2013.

Celebration of National Paranormal Day

National Paranormal Day is celebrated with great excitement by the people of the United States. On this day, people get together with their families and friends to share ghost stories or their real-life ghost experiences with each other. You can also enjoy this day by binge-watching horror movies at your home or reading stories about ghosts and paranormal activities. Many people dress up as they do on Halloween to celebrate National Paranormal Day. Some people like to get together with their friends and visit any nearby haunted places, abandoned sites, forests, or similar places. Playing with the Ouija board is also somewhat of a tradition for many people on National Paranormal Day.

Top 10 Haunted Places (as per Time Magazine)

Here is a list of the top 10 haunted places in the world, according to Time Magazine.

  1. The Amityville House
  2. Eastern State Penitentiary
  3. Edinburgh Castle
  4. Gettysburg Battlefield
  5. The Myrtles Plantation
  6. The Queen Mary
  7. The Tower of London
  8. The Whaley House
  9. The White House
  10. The Winchester House

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate National Paranormal Day?

May 3 every year

Which is the most haunted place in the world?

The Amityville House is considered by many as the most haunted place in the world.

Do ghosts really exist?

Many people believe that ghosts exist but there is no scientific proof of it.

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