National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024 (India), Significance, History and Celebration

Every year India celebrates its National Anti-Terrorism Day on May 21 to mark the death anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991 by the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) while attending a public gathering. The objective of the day is to mitigate terrorism and promote national harmony and unity among people of all castes, creeds, and sex. In addition to this, the day also spread awareness about the violence caused by the terrorists. Let us learn some more about National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024, its history, significance, celebration, etc from this article.

National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for National Anti-Terrorism Day for the upcoming 5 years.

National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024May 21, 2024Tuesday
National Anti-Terrorism Day 2025May 21, 2025Wednesday
National Anti-Terrorism Day 2026May 21, 2026Thursday
National Anti-Terrorism Day 2027May 21, 2027Friday

National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024 Overview

EventNational Anti-Terrorism Day 2024
DateMay 21, 2024
Declared byGovernment of India
Observed byIndia
Purpose of celebrationTo raise awareness among people about terrorism and the violence caused by it.

Significance of National Anti-Terrorism Day

May 21 is observed as National Anti-Terrorism Day in India with the objective to provide knowledge about terrorism and its impact on human lives. Terrorists do not hesitate in taking innocent lives and kill thousands of people without any remorse. The act of terrorism is nothing but propaganda to instill fear in the lives of people and create unnecessary panic in society. Anti-Terrorism Day makes people aware of an anti-social act of terrorism so that they remain cautious of any suspicious activities and keep themselves safe. It is very important that the message of humanity and peace reaches every individual and with this objective in mind, the Government of India encourages people to celebrate the Anti-Terrorism day every year.

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National Anti-Terrorism Day History

The Government of India in 1991 declared May 21 to be observed as National Anti-Terrorism Day. The declaration to adopt the day was passed after India’s seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a terrorist group on the same day. Under the government of VP Singh, the center adopted the resolution and Anti-Terrorism Day was established. The first National Anti-Terrorism Day was observed on 21st May 1992.

Events of 21 May 1991

On May 21, 1991, the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, went to Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu to attend a rally. While he was there, a woman approached him and made it seem like she wants to touch Gandhi’s feet. However, the woman was a member of the terrorist group Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) and was wearing explosives under her clothes. When she was close enough to Gandhi, the woman bent down and there was a sudden bomb explosion that took lives of Rajiv Gandhi, the women and other 20 people standing there.

Celebration of National Anti-Terrorism Day

On the occasion of National Anti-Terrorism Day, all government offices, public sector undertakings, and other public institutions in India take Anti Terrorism pledge. The central and state governments organize many events such as seminars, discussions, rallies and parades to familiarize people with the effects of terrorism. Events such as educational programs,  debates, discussions, etc are organized in schools, colleges, and universities on the dangers of terrorism and violence to highlight the ill effects of terrorism. You can take part in these events and activities to learn more about terrorism and be an alert citizen.

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People also pay their respects to Rajiv Gandhi on this day by observing a two-minute silence in his honor. Marches and gatherings are organized by different local and national committees. Spreading awareness against terrorism through social media platforms is also being considered. But the only problem that remains is the spread of fake messages using these platforms. Take this day as an opportunity to learn more and educate others about terrorism.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate National Anti-Terrorism Day?

May 21 every year

What is the theme to celebrate National Anti-Terrorism Day 2024?

There is no theme to celebrate National Anti-Terrorism Day in any year.

Is there any International Anti-Terrorism Day?

No, but the UN does observe the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism on 21 August.

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