List of 188 Schools under Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Yojana: Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Uttarakhand List

With the goal of making quality education accessible to all, the Government of Uttarakhand has launched the Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Yojana. Under this scheme, a list of schools have been prepared with two government schools selected from each block of every district in the state and they are given affiliation with CBSE. Pattern of study, quality of education, availability of facilities, etc in these schools are to be improved and made at par with the top grade CBSE schools. As it is seen that there is a drastic decrease in the number of students in government schools, opening of these schools after the upgrade is likely to attract more students. Check out more about the Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya List from this article below.

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Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Yojana- An Education Scheme for Better Future of the Country

Lately, parents have been avoiding government schools and are seen more keen to enroll their kids in private schools. Given the conditions of government schools, they believe that their children will get better education in private schools. This has resulted in a major downfall in the number of students in the government schools in Uttarakhand. The parents are willing to enroll their kids in private school despite their fees being high. In regard with this, the Uttarakhand Government decided to select certain government schools of the state and change their poor conditions so that quality education becomes affordable and parents do not have to suffer to get their children better education.

With the above goal in mind, the Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Yojana was launched by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat and is expected to not just give a new dimension to the education system but will also create employment opportunities in the state. The scheme has been named in the honor of former Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee.

Development of schools mentioned in Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya List

The Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya List consists of the name of the schools included under the scheme along with the district in which they fall. Schools under thisyojana will be divided into two categories- English medium and Hindi medium. Parents and students have the choice to enroll any of the mediums as per their convenience. Education quality, standard of teachers, availability of facilities will remain same for all the schools under this scheme. There was an aim of selecting two schools from every block, thus making a total of 190 schools from 95 blocks that are to be upgraded. However, instead of 190, only 188 schools have been identified for now. The Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya list has already been prepared and most work has been already done regarding the renovation of these schools. It has been proposed that the number of schools in each block will be increased with time and the ultimate goal is to cover as much school as possible under this scheme.

Earlier, the proposal was to open the school from class one to twelve but it was later decided that for now the school will operate from class six to above. Opening these schools from class one onward has been made a future goal as everything has to start from scratch starting from affiliation to remodeling of the schools. Well-equipped lab, sports center, vast library and all other important facilities will be made available in every school under the Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya scheme and the students will also be given the option to select between Hindi and English medium. Facility for virtual classes can also be found in these schools and special focus is to be given on Spoken English. Academic classes are expected to begin in these schools from mid-April onward.

Apart from bringing quality education within the reach of everyone, the Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya Yojana is also expected to help the migration of people in the Covid situation by bringing opportunities for employment at their doorstep. Teachers in the schools under this scheme will be posted for a period of minimum five years. Number of children enrolled and number of teachers required in these schools are decided by the authority based on different parameters like area of block, size of school, etc. Now starting from just two schools per block, the future aim of the scheme will be to cover as many schools as possible so that quality education not remain mere a dream but comes within the reach of every child.

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List of Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya in Uttarakhand

Check out the Uttarakhand Atal Utkrisht Vidyalaya List comprising all the schools that have been recognized for redevelopment under the government scheme.

S.No.School NameDistrictDevelopment Block
1.Rajkiya Inter College AlmoraAlmoraHawalbagh
2.Rajkiya Inter College DinapaniAlmoraHawalbagh
3.Rajkiya Inter College salojAlmoraTakula
4.Rajkiya Inter College RamashwarAlmoraTakula
5.Rajkiya Inter College DwarahatAlmoraDwarahat
6.Late. Shri Chandrashekhar Khulve Rajkiya Inter College Jalali AlmoraAlmoraDwarahat
7.Rajkiya Inter College BhonkhalAlmoraSult
8.Rajkiya Inter College KweralaAlmoraSult
9.Rajkiya Inter College BadhechenaAlmoraBhaisiyachana
10.Rajkiya Inter College  Nogaon RethagAadarshdAlmoraBhaisiyachana
11.Rajkiya Inter College BhikiyasenAlmoraBhikiyasen
12.Rajkiya Inter College ChonaliyaAlmoraBhikiyasen
13.Rajkiya Balika Inter College JalnaAlmoraLamgara
14.Rajkiya Inter College Ganga Nagar Motiya PatherAlmoraLamgara
15.Rajkiya Balika Inter College BharsoliAlmoraSyalde
16.Rajkiya Inter College SyaldeAlmoraSyalde
17.Rajkiya Inter College MAadarshsiAlmoraChaukhutiya
18.Rajkiya Balika Inter College ChaukhutiyaAlmoraChaukhutiya
19.Rajkiya Inter College DnyaAlmoraDhauladevi
20.Rajkiya Inter College PaligunadityaAlmoraDhauladevi
21.Rajkiya Inter College TarikhetAlmoraTarikhet
22.Rajkiya Inter College BhujanAlmoraTarikhet
23.Rajkiya Inter College BhatkholaBageshwarBageshwar
24.Rajkiya Inter College SaniudiyarBageshwarBageshwar
25.Rajkiya Inter College SiyakotBageshwarKapkot
26.Rajkiya Inter College KanyalikotBageshwarKapkot
27.Rajkiya Inter College AmsyariBageshwarGarud
28.Rajkiya Inter College MagdistateBageshwarGarud
29.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College TapovanChamoliJoshimath
30.Rajkiya Inter College UrgamChamoliJoshimath
31.Rajkiya Inter College GdoraChamoliDasholi
32.Rajkiya Inter College GopeshwarChamoliDasholi
33.Rajkiya Inter College GhatChamoliGhat
34.Rajkiya Inter College CandaiChamoliGhat
35.Rajkiya Inter College SimliChamoliKarnaprayag
36.Rajkiya Inter College NainisenChamoliKarnaprayag
37.Rajkiya Inter College NAadarshgnath PokhriChamoliPokhari
38.Rajkiya Inter College Radua ChandnikhalChamoliPokhari
39.Rajkiya Inter College NandasenChamoliGairsain
40.Rajkiya Inter College RohidaChamoliGairsain
41.Rajkiya Inter College GarhkotChamoliNarayanbagar
42.Rajkiya Inter College KothuliChamoliNarayanbagar
43.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College DungriChamoliTharali
44.Rajkiya Inter College TalwadiChamoliTharali
45.Rajkiya Inter College DewAadarshlChamoliDewal
46.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College MundoliChamoliDewal
47.Rajkiya Balika Inter College LohaghatChampawatLohaghat
48.Rajkiya Inter College Pool HindolaChampawatLohaghat
49.Rajkiya Inter College ChomelChampawatBarakot
50.Rajkiya Inter College BarakotChampawatBarakot
51.Rajkiya Inter College ChodmehtaChampawatPati
52.Rajkiya Inter College PatiChampawatPati
53.Rajkiya Inter College ChampawatChampawatChampawat
54.Rajkiya Balika Inter College TanakpurChampawatChampawat
55.Rajkiya Inter College LakhamandalDheradunChakrata
56.Rajkiya Inter College ThyuniDheradunChakrata
57.Dhananand Rajkiya Inter College Masuri DheradunDheradunSahaspur
58.Rajkiya Inter College SelakuiDheradunSahaspur
59.Sh. Se. Shri Narpal Singh Rajkiya Inter College Thano DheradunDheradunRaipur
60.Rajkiya Inter College SodasroliDheradunRaipur
61.Rajkiya Inter College KalsiDheradunKalsi
62.Rajkiya Inter College ShahiyaDheradunKalsi
63.Rajkiya Inter College DudhliDheradunDoiwala
64.Rajkiya Inter College ChiddarwalaDheradunDoiwala
65.Rajkiya Inter College LanghaDheradunVikasnagar
66.Rajkiya Inter College BarotiwalaDheradunVikasnagar
67.Rajkiya Inter College LAadarshndhoraHaridwarNarsan
68.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College PodowaliHaridwarKhanpur
69.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College NiranjanpurHaridwarLaksar
70.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College Mundakhera KalanHaridwarLaksar
71.Rajkiya Inter College SikhrodaHaridwarBhagwanpur
72.Rajkiya Balika Inter College BuggawalaHaridwarBhagwanpur
73.Rajkiya Inter College RoorkeeHaridwarRoorkee
74.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College BhoriHaridwarRoorkee
75.Rajkiya Balika Inter College Jwalapur HaridwarHaridwarBahadarabad
76.Rajkiya Inter College B.H.E.LHaridwarBahadarabad
77.Rajkiya Inter College BellpadhavNainitalKotabagh
78.Rajkiya Inter College KaladungiNainitalKotabagh
79.Rajkiya Inter College PoolchoddNainitalHaldwani
80.Rajkiya Inter College HalduchoddNainitalHaldwani
81.Rajkiya Inter College Devipura MAadarshldhanchoddNainitalRamnagar
82.Rajkiya Balika Inter College RamnagarNainitalRamnagar
83.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College DhanachuliNainitalDhari
84.Rajkiya Inter College SunderkhalNainitalDhari
85.Rajkiya Inter College DhokaneyNainitalRamgarh
86.Rajkiya Inter College PyudaNainitalRamgarh
87.Rajkiya Inter College BhimtalNainitalBhimtal
88.Rajkiya Balika Inter College NainitalNainitalBhimtal
89.Rajkiya Inter College JituwapipalNainitalBetalghat
90.Rajkiya Inter College BetalghatNainitalBetalghat
91.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College PatlotNainitalOkhalkanda
92.Rajkiya Inter College OkhalkandaNainitalOkhalkanda
93.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College BhrigukhalPauriYamkeshwar
94.Rajkiya Inter College MohanchattiPauriYamkeshwar
95.Rajkiya Inter College ChobattakhalPauriPokhra
96.Rajkiya Inter College SaknolikhalPauriPokhra
97.Rajkiya Inter College OjhliPauriPauri
98.Rajkiya Inter College KandaraPauriPauri
99.Rajkiya Inter College KandvghatiPauriDugadda
100.Rajkiya Inter College BalliPauriDugadda
101.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College KhirsuPauriKhirsu
102.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College ChorikhalPauriKhirsu
103.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College KanskhetPauriKaljikhal
104.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College BillkhetPauriKaljikhal
105.Rajkiya Inter College SidhpurPauriJaiharikhal
106.Rajkiya Inter College SAadarshriPauriJaiharikhal
107.Rajkiya Inter College ChelusenPauriDwarikhal
108.Rajkiya Inter College DevikhetPauriDwarikhal
109.Rajkiya Inter College BugalgarhiPauriRikhnikhal
110.Rajkiya Inter College SidhkhalPauriRikhnikhal
111.Rajkiya Inter College HaldukhalPauriNanidanda
112.Rajkiya Inter College KhirerikhalPauriNanidanda
113.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College PaboPauriPabo
114.Rajkiya Inter College CholosenPauriPabo
115.Rajkiya Inter College SundernagarPauriBironkhal
116.Rajkiya Inter College JaspurPauriBironkhal
117.Rajkiya Inter College BughidhAadarshrPauriThalisain
118.Rajkiya Inter College ChakisenPauriThalisain
119.Rajkiya Inter College ShrikotkhalPauriEkeshwar
120.Rajkiya Inter College NaugaonkhalPauriEkeshwar
121.Rajkiya Inter College JAadarshmlakhalPauriKot
122.Rajkiya Inter College BasantpurPauriKot
123.S.D.S Rajkiya Inter College PithoragarhPithoragarhBin
124.Rajkiya Inter College GorangchoddPithoragarhBin
125.Rajkiya Inter College JhulaghatPithoragarhMunakot
126.Rajkiya Inter College BadabePithoragarhMunakot
127.Rajkiya Inter College DevlthalPithoragarhKanalichhina
128.Rajkiya Inter College Narayan NagarPithoragarhKanalichhina
129.Rajkiya Inter College DidihatPithoragarhDidihat
130.Rajkiya Inter College ZorashiPithoragarhDidihat
131.Rajkiya Inter College BaramPithoragarhDharchula
132.Rajkiya Inter College BaluwakotPithoragarhDharchula
133.Rajkiya Inter College MunsyariPithoragarhMunsyari
134.Rajkiya Inter College NAadarshchniPithoragarhMunsyari
135.Rajkiya Inter College PuranathalPithoragarhBerinag
136.Rajkiya Inter College BerinAadarshgPithoragarhBerinag
137.Rajkiya Inter College GangolihatPithoragarhGangolihat
138.Rajkiya Inter College Ganai GangoliPithoragarhGangolihat
139.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College RudraprayagRudraprayagAgastyamuni
140.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College AgastyamuniRudraprayagAgastyamuni
141.Rajkiya Inter College GuptkashiRudraprayagUkhimath
142.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College UkhimathRudraprayagUkhimath
143.Rajkiya Inter College Tela SilgarhRudraprayagJakholi
144.Rajkiya Inter College BudhnaRudraprayagJakholi
145.Rajkiya Inter College JakhanidharTehriJakhanidhar
146.Rajkiya Inter College SemandidharTehriJakhanidhar
147.Rajkiya Inter College GazhaTehriChamba
148.Rajkiya Inter College ChambaTehriChamba
149.Rajkiya Inter College GhodakhuriTehriJaunpur
150.Rajkiya Inter College PujargaonTehriJaunpur
151.Rajkiya Inter College Pawki DeviTehriNarendra Nagar
152.Rajkiya Inter College JajalTehriNarendra Nagar
153.Rajkiya Inter College KmandTehriThauldhar
154.Rajkiya Inter College ChAadarshmTehriThauldhar
155.Rajkiya Inter College KirtinagarTehriKirtinagar
156.Rajkiya Inter College DangchoraTehriKirtinagar
157.Rajkiya Inter College PokhalTehriBhilangana
158.Rajkiya Inter College ChamiyalaTehriBhilangana
159.Rajkiya Inter College LambgaonTehriPartapnagar
160.Rajkiya Inter College SilariTehriPartapnagar
161.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College PaurikhalTehriDevparyag
162.Rajkiya Inter College BamradadeviTehriDevparyag
163.Tharu Rajkiya Inter College KhatimaUdham Singh NagarKhatima
164.Rajkiya Inter College BandiyaUdham Singh NagarKhatima
165.Rajkiya Inter College RudrapurUdham Singh NagarRudrapur
166.Rajkiya Balika Inter College KichhaUdham Singh NagarRudrapur
167.Rajkiya Inter College Kelakhera (Bazpur)Udham Singh NagarBazpur
168.Rajkiya Inter College Haripura Harsan BazpurUdham Singh NagarBazpur
169.Rajkiya Inter College HagirawalaUdham Singh NagarJaspur
170.Rajkiya Balika Inter College JaspurUdham Singh NagarJaspur
171.Rajkiya Inter College MahuakheraganjUdham Singh NagarKashipur
172.Rajkiya Inter College JoshimajhraUdham Singh NagarKashipur
173.Rajkiya Inter College Rudrapur- SitarganjUdham Singh NagarSitarganj
174.Rajkiya Inter College VijtiUdham Singh NagarSitarganj
175.Rajkiya Inter College GadarpurUdham Singh NagarGadarpur
176.Rajkiya Inter College DineshpurUdham Singh NagarGadarpur
177.Rajkiya K Inter College UttarkashiUttarkashiBhatwari
178.Rajkiya Inter College BhatwariUttarkashiBhatwari
179.Rajkiya Inter College Thati DhanariUttarkashiDunda
180.Rajkiya Inter College GevlaUttarkashiDunda
181.Rajkiya Inter College Jibya KotdharUttarkashiChinyalisaur
182.Rajkiya Inter College ShrikotUttarkashiChinyalisaur
183.Rajkiya Inter College KalogiUttarkashiNaugaon
184.Rajkiya Inter College KhradiUttarkashiNaugaon
185.Rajkiya Inter College GhundiyatgaonUttarkashiPurola
186.Rajkiya Inter College PurolaUttarkashiPurola
187.Rajkiya Aadarsh Inter College ArakotUttarkashiMori
188.Rajkiya Inter College NetwadUttarkashiMori

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  1. Colege name of listed as number 54 is ” Lala Ram Ratan Lal Bhagwat Saran Rajkiya Balika Inter college.

  2. Very good approach for the benefit for poor people, hostel facilities for girls (50 girls only) should be added in initial stages with play ground facilities (a school with out play ground is like a man with out heart)


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