Differences Between Public Schools and Private Schools

There are some positive aspects of both types of schools as well as negative that must be taken into account before making a final decision.

When it comes to parenting, child’s education is one of the most important part of it. With this generates the tension of choosing the right kind of school for kids. Deciding between public school and private school for their wards confuse the parents the most.

This article mentions some major differences between public schools and private schools that might help the parents in getting to the conclusion as to which type of school is good for their wards.

6 Major Differences Between Public Schools  and Private Schools

For an assortment of reasons, choosing where to send the kids for studies can be an overwhelming decision for the guardians. Most urban areas have alternatives for the parents that they can send their wards to either public or private schools.

Furthermore, with the number of schools getting added each day, guardians have another issue to solve which can simply add more disarray to the process of selecting the right school. The primary concern for most guardians is that they need to get the best schooling for their kid, regardless of where it comes from.

Few important points that can help the parents take the first step towards their child’s education are provided below.

  1. Class Size

Private schools generally have small class size which provides a more customized teacher-student interaction. This means that needs of an individual students are understood well and thus they can be taught properly. On the other hand, public schools have a large ratio of student and teacher, i.e. they have bigger class sizes (well mainly because of lack of teachers and infrastructure).

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  1. Quality of Education

The learning principles and methodologies adopted by private schools are developing constantly. This is one major area wherein public schools are slacking. There is a great deal of exposure in private schools since students are urged to take an interest in different scholastic competitions. This assists them in acquiring experience at a faster rate by learning from others as well. Facilities and teachers available in most private school are also of top-grade thus contributing to high quality of education. On the other hand, public schools mostly lack in things like facilities, infrastructure and staff thus leading to degradation in the quality of education.

  1. Academic Options

Giving quality education to their children is the first and foremost goal for each parent. Another greatest contrast that the parent scan find between private and government schools is the availability of academic options. Very few subjects are provided as option to study to its students in public schools, whereas in private schools, plethora of academic options can be found. For example, you can take the subject English. Where most public schools only have this option of language present, a large portion of the private schools show other than English and teach those languages in their Language lab.

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  1. Facilities Available

Facilities available at any school plays a major role in the quality of education that it is going to impart its students. Private schools attempt to give an environment to the students that helps in learning better. Aside from excellent quality education, they give appropriate infrastructure and facilities needed for the overall improvement of the kids.The facilities and learning standards by private schools are growing by the day. There’s also high-quality equipment and features available in private schools like student workshops, learning labs, theatre rooms, libraries, etc. All these motivate the student to learn and do their best by instilling a passion for learning in them. Since public schools lack a lot in this arena, students might feel frustrated or discouraged from time to time.

  1. Role of Teachers

Another major region in which the private and public schools vary is the role of teachers. Although the teachers in public schools are well-qualified and certified, they are somehow seen to be unable to fully dedicate themselves in teaching students. Private teachers on the other hand lay great emphasis on their students and make sure that they not just study things but also, they learn from what they study. Since the reputation of a private school depends mainly on the performance pf its students in board exams, the teachers pay more attention in their class and make sure that each and every child is learning instead of simply teaching them as their duty.

  1. Cost of Education

Last but not the least, one big difference between public and private schools is the cost of education. This is one area in which public schools are leading by offering low-priced to completely free education to the students. Since the government schools are funded by different sources including the state and public Governments, they do not charge the students much expense in exchange of providing them education. Story of private school is however different. Complete financing of private schools comes from the fees paid by the students. Apart from tuition fee, there are different parameters on which the students are charged in a private school. This makes it hard for working-class families with lower income to bear the cost of the education of their children.

Except for certain regarded government schools, conditions of most public schools in the country are not very good. Due to this reason, even the low-pay families strive hard to send their children to a private school for betterment of their future. It is therefore important that the conditions of the public schools are brought to be such as they are able to provide high-quality education.

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