14 Best Space Books for Children(Age Group- 2 to 15 Years): Solar System Books for Kids

Space is vast and full of wonders. The naïve and curious minds of little children are always found to be attracted towards this wonderous space. They began asking questions more and more about it and just won’t rest. If your child is also a space-lover who can’t stop talking about the Sun, the Moon, planets and stars, it’s time you gift them some of the best space books to feed their curiosity. In this article, 14 Best Space Books for Children have been mentioned that every space-lover kid must read or be read to.

List of top Space books for kids

A list of some of the best Space books for the growing children is given below. These solar system books are sure to entertain your kid and will provide them knowledge about our solar system and the universe.

  1. Little Kids First Big Book of Space(National Geographic Kids)

Author- Catherine D. Hughes  Age group: 4 – 8years

Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Description- Little Kids First Big Book of Space book provides your little ones a nice introduction to the space, starting from our very Earth and moving gradually towards moon, sun, other planets, spaceship, space station, human on earth, etc. The book is a perfect read for little kids who find the space interesting (which it actually is). Other than this, the book can even create interest of the children in space with its informative content and colorful illustrations.

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  1. Goodnight Spaceman

Author- Michelle Robinson Age group: 2 – 5years

Goodnight Spaceman

Description- This book tells the story of two boys who one night get ready for bed and say goodnight to their space toys and then are swept away in the space in their dreams.They have so many adventures while there in space with the astronaut Tim Peake. This is a really fun and entertaining story that is sure to be loved by your little space fans.Goodnight Spaceman is the sixth book of the Goodnight book series and the only one based on space.

  1. Space Race

Author- Malorie Blackman  Age group: 5 – 7years

Space Race

Description- Malorie Blackman brings an illustrative space story book for the little readers who are crazy about the space and its wonders. This book is about a little girl named Lizzie who is challenged by Jake for a race to Pluto. But the problem here is that her spaceship is not as super-duper as Jake’s. Read this amusing story to your little ones before tucking them in bed and send off them to a dream filled with fun and wonders.

  1. Toys in Space

Author-Mini Grey  Age group: 5 – 8years

Toys in Space

Description- Award-winning author-illustrator Mini Grey presents the story of toys who are swept off in the space after they are left in the garden. The Wonderdoll, the helpful wind-up robot, the thoughtful green dinosaur and their whole gang is now in space where they must help a lonely alien. With its funny story and amazing illustrations, this book is sure to bind your kids from the starting to the end.

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  1. Pop-up Peekaboo! Space

Author- DK (Publisher)  Age group: 2 – 4 years

Pop-up Peekaboo! Space

Description- This is a lift-the-flap kind of book where with each flap opened, the children will find something interesting about the space, the stars, the planets and the universe. Pop-up books are designed to make it even more interesting for the children as everyone knows how children love to peek-a-boo. Kids will definitely want to read this book again and again and is sure to make a best gift for those little ones.

  1. There’s an Alien in your Book

Author- Tom Fletcher Age group: 1 – 5years

There’s an Alien in your Book

Description- Undoubtedly one of the best space books for kids, There’s an Alien in your Book from Tom Fletcher takes children to an adventurous journey of saving an alien.An alien who has crash-landed in the book need to be sent home and the children are the ones who have to complete this task.This book not just has a very lovely story but the illustrations are wonderous as well.

  1. The Girl Who Named Pluto: The Story of Venetia Burney

Author- Alice B. McGinty  Age group: 4 – 8years

The Girl Who Named Pluto

Description- Alice B. McGinty brings the story of an eleven-year-old girl named Venetia Burney who suggested the name Pluto for the newly discovered planet in 1930 and the planet was finally named Pluto. This story is based on the real life of Venetia Burney who was also a space fan. The book and the story are both really inspiring and give wings to the dreams of kids who want to become a scientist or astronaut.

  1. The Darkest Dark

Author-Colonel Chris Hadfield Age group: 3 – 7 years

The Darkest Dark

Description- Chris is crazy and curious about space but is afraid of dark. He then watches the groundbreaking moon landing on TV and realizes that despite being the darkest dark, the space is beautiful and adventurous. He then decides to overcome his fears and fulfill his dreams. Colonel Chris Hadfield succeeds in outing his inspiring life story in a beautiful form with this children book of his, The Darkest Dark.

  1. The Stars: A New Way To See Them

Author-Hans Augusto Rey Age group: 12 – 14 years

The Stars

Description- The book, The Stars: A New Way to See Them, is an informative book that creates a graphical, simpler view of the constellations. This book is perfect for children who are a bit older to understand space related terms. So, if your kid is adamant on studying astronomy when he/ she grows up, this book is the going to be the best birthday present that you child can’t get over with.

  1. You Are The First Kid On Mars

Author- Patrick O’Brien Age group: 6 – 10years

You Are The First Kid On Mars

Description- Patrick O’Brien takes the children on to a journey to Mars having colonies for human settlement. The journey to Mars is exciting enough and to live in colonies on the planet, this book is sure going to be loved by your space-crazy kids. One of the top books about space, You Are The First Kid On Mars combines an entertaining story with beautiful illustrations. Read this book to you kid or present it for self-reading, whoever they like.

  1. Moon’s First Friends: One Giant Leap for Friendship

Author- Susanna Leonard HillAge group: 4 – 8years

Moon's First Friends

Description-Moon’s First Friendstells the story of our moon and how he has watched human evolve on the Earth and is patiently waiting for someone to visit and make friends. This is a heartwarming story about friendship that also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. If your kid is a fan of space stories and won’t sleep without listening one, read him/ her the book Moon’s First Friends.

  1. Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space

Author- Libby Jackson Age group: 11 – 15years

Galaxy Girls

Description- Stories of 50 women who have created milestones in space have been presented by Libby Jackson in her book Galaxy Girls. So many women have went to space or have contributed in various space mission. Inspiring stories about all these women is given in this book which can inspire your little one to be one such woman too.Libby’s another book, A Galaxy of Her Own: Amazing Stories of Women in Space, is another inspirational book that is a best read for space craving children as well.

  1. Super Space (First Facts and Flaps)

Author- Campbell Books (Publisher)Age group: 3–5years

Super Space (First Facts and Flaps)

Description-Beautiful illustrations with rhymes to introduce the wonders of the space- the book Super Space is a fun book with a lot to earn for the children. You kid will get to learn so much about the space, the earth, the solar system and discover new facts by opening a flap. More than thirty flaps, a turn-and-learn wheel and giant fold-out ending makes this book so attractive that your child is not going to leave it till they are finished.

  1. Apollo 13 (Totally True Adventures): How Three Brave Astronauts Survived a Space Disaster

Author- Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld Age group: 7– 11years

Apollo 13 (Totally True Adventures)

Description- The book presentsthe real story of three astronauts whose spaceship got damaged in an explosion out in the space and how they got back home by using their knowledge and valor. In addition to the story, the illustrations, photographs, maps, additional facts, etc makes this book quite interesting and one of the top space books of children. Do not wait any more and gift this book to your little space fan the next birthday.

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