Top 21 Funny Books for Children to Read 2024

The genre of the book you are looking to gift to your child may depend on his/ her taste but a funny book is loved by all. It is said that the more you make a child more he will come back.

There is an old saying that “Books are our best friends”. Rightly so because books teach us values to show the correct path to live. This is the reason why it is often advised that we should gift books to our children. This will not only help them develop a good habit of reading but also help them built an impeccable vocabulary.

It’s a great chance that if gift a funny book to a kid he/she will read it again and again. To narrow down your choices, we are providing a list of the top 21 hilariously books for children to read.

Top 21 Best Funny Books for Kids to read

To make the choice easier for you, we are adding only those books to our list that are easily available online. All these books are highly rated and quite engaging for the kids.

  1. Body Swap

Author – Katrina Kahler

This funny story is about 12 years old Jack Stevenson who wakes up to find himself in his dad’s body. The twists and turns that the life of Jack takes after this accident are very funny. It is a must-read for children from the age of 8 to 13 years.

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  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Author – Jeff Kinney

This amazingly cool book is about Greg Heffley who is living in a town that has decided to go back from modern life into an old-fashioned world. The story revolves around the survival of Greg. The author of this book Mr. Jeff Kinney is often considered one of the best children’s authors on the planet.

  1. President Taft Is Stuck in the Bath

Author – Mac Barnett

Written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, this book is about President “William Howard Taft” who is a man of great physique who got stuck in a bathtub. Things got quite funny when different methods are tried to pull out the President.

  1. Secret Agent 6th Grader

Author – Marcus Emerson and Noah Child

This story is about Brody Valentine whose life was plain and boring. One day his life takes anupside-down turn when he accidentally became a 6th grade secret agent at his school. This complete series consists of 4 books.

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  1. The Fiend Next Door (Fiend 2)

Author – Sheila Lavelle

The fiend next door is the sequel to “My Best Fiend” which is also written by the same author. The story is about “Charlie” and his friend Angela who always gets him in trouble. The book is recommended for 6 to 8 years old kids

  1. The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country

Author – Lane Smith

The book is about the Hocky family that moves into an old house in the country. They absolutely loved their new as they use the rooster as their alarm clock. The book consists of beautiful pictures and catchy fonts to make kids again and again.

  1. I’m Bored (The I’m Books)

Author – Michael Ian Black

Being a kid is boring. This is what a potato told this little girl. But this girl can’t let vegetables say whatever they want. This is the theme of the book “I’m bored”. It is written by comedian Michael Ian Black.

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  1. We found a hat

Author – Jon Klassen

This one is visual humor with a range of funny pictures that tell a story in a unique way. The comic timing of the Author is magnificent. The book is readily available on most online shopping platforms.

  1. The Bear Ate your sandwich

Author – Julia Sarcone Roach

It is a catchy story about a bear who came from a forest and get lost in the city. A lot of funny accidents and encounters happen with the bear in the city. Finally, the bear goes back to the forest again but only after creating complete chaos.

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  1. Giraffe Problems

Author – Jory John

We all know how long and bendy the neck of a giraffe is. Even though it helps the giraffe in many ways but not this time. Finally, a turtle tries to console the giraffe and let him know that his neck has a purpose.

  1. The Day the crayons quit

Author – Drew Daywelt and Oliver Jeffers

What will happen if the crayons in your colour box decided to go on strike. A kid named “Duncan” wants to colour and open its crayon box. The only thing he found was letters saying we quit. What happened next? Find in “The day the crayons quit” book written by Drew Daywelt and Oliver Jeffers.

  1. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Author – Judith Kerr

This one is a classic. The book “The tiger who came to tea” was first published 50 years ago. The story is about a tiger who came to a tea party hosted by a girl named Sophie. It is one of the best-selling children’s books ever.

  1. The giving tree

Author – Shel Silverstein

The storyline of “The giving tree” is simply awesome. The story revolves around a boy and a tree. Everyday the boy would come to the tree to get apples and swing on the branches. But, as the boy grows older his demands kept increasing.

  1. The wonderful things you will be

Author – Emily Winfield Martin

If your kid loves rhymes this book can be perfect for him/ her. Filled with mesmerizing rhymes the book “The wonderful things you will be” is about wonderful opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead in the future for kids.

  1. The clever tailor

Author – SrividhyaVenkat

The clever tailor is the Indian adaptation of a famous European folktale. The story is about a tailor named “Rupa Ram” who was poor with an unfulfilled dream of stitching something beautiful for his family.

  1. The Wednesday Bazaar

Author – Neha Singh

This heart-touching book is about Bela who lost her mother at a very young age. One day she decided to find her mother with the help of her new friends including a man who can walk in the air and a goat.

  1. Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet

Author – Valentina Camerini

Based on the true story of environmental activities Greta Thunberg, this book can be perfect for your children. This book lets kids know about the importance of nature. It also inspires readers through the story of Greta Thunberg who challenges world leader to take necessary actions immediately.

  1. It’s An Amazing Universe: A Story Inspired by Stephen Hawking (Little Leaders)

Author – ArthyMuthanna Singh

It is an inspirational book about Stephan Hawking who fought all odds including his disabilities to become one of the finest scientists ever. It is never too late to introduce your child to this great scientist.

  1. Why is my hair curly?

Author – Lakshmi Iyer

This touching story is about Avantika who had curly hairs. She always wished to have smooth straight hair just like Amma’s, Appa’s, and her brother Avnish. The book explores many aspects like genetics, family dynamics, etc. This book is ideal for 8 to 12 years old kids.

  1. The Girl who drank the moon

Author – Kelly Barnhill

This darkly funny book is about a baby who was left as an offering to the witch who lives in the forest. Fortunately, the witch in the forest named Xan was a good witch and she decided to make the little baby her family. One day, Xan accidently feeds a baby moonlight filling the normal child with extraordinary magical powers.

21. Pax

Author – Sara Pennypacker

Illustrated by multiple award winner, Jon Klassen “Pax” is a story about a boy “Peter” and his friendship with a fox named Pax. Peter has to leave home and his friend behind and move to his grandparent’s home due to war. The book takes us on to journey about how these friends reunited again as war rampages throughout the country.

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