15 Best Sports Movies for Kids: Animated Sports Movies List

By watching movies, the children can learn a lot in addition to have fun, given they are shown the right movies by their parents. If you kid is a fan of sports-based movies, some of the top picks have been recommended for the parents. This article presents a list of 15 best sports movies for kids that can be watched together with their parents. These movies are not just meant to entertain them but at the same time are also inspiring and teach the kids different valuable lessons from racial to gender equality and the role of hard work in achieving a dream.

List of best Sports Movies for children

A list of some of the best Sports Movies to watch with your children the next Saturday night is given below. These animated sport movies are sure to entertain as well as inspire your fun and sports-loving kid. Please have a look at the list of best sports movies for children:

  1. Rudy

Release year: 1993            IMDb rating: 7.5/ 10


Movie synopsis:The movie Rudy is based on true story of Daniel Ruettiger who was considered unfit to play football. There are many other barriers too in his way to become a football player. But despite all obstacles in front of him, he is able to fulfil his dream to play for Notre Dame. This is a movie about dream, dedication and hard work and can be enjoyed by kids and the parents as well.

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  1. A League of Their Own

Release year: 1992            IMDb rating:7.3/ 10

A League of Their Own

Movie synopsis: Starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis, A League of Their Own, focuses on the problems that women face when they set out to play any sport.The story revolves around Dottie and Kit who are chosen for professional baseball league but face many difficulties including a drunk, former-star manager Jimmy. This is an incredible sports movie that must be shown to children by their parents.

  1. Jim Thorpe: All-American

Release year: 1951            IMDb rating:7.0/ 10

Jim Thorpe All-American

Movie synopsis:Jim Thorpe: All-American is one old but gold sports movie that is sure to entertain your kid. It is a biographical movie based on the life of Jim Thorpewas an American athlete and Olympic gold medalist. However, due to certain circumstances, he is stripped off of his medal but is later reinstated to him. Not just kids but the movie can be enjoyed by grown-ups as well.

  1. Angels in the Outfield

Release year: 1994            IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Angels in the Outfield

Movie synopsis: This one is a really fun and entertaining sports movie revolving around a small boy who prays to God to make his wish come true. What he wishes if for a complete family and a win for his favorite basketball team. However, there is something about this boy that makes him a good charm for his favorite team. Make some movie time with your kids and watch Angels in the Outfield for sure.

  1. The Karate Kid

Release year:1984           IMDb rating:7.3/10

The Karate Kid

Movie synopsis: This Karate Kid movie is one of the highest-grossing filmsand Hollywood’s biggest sleeper hit of the year1984 which also earned a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Story revolves around  a teenage who is taught Karate by his teacher to help defend himself and compete in a tournament against his bullies. If your child is a fan of sports-based movies, The Karate Kid is a very entertaining and amazing movie to watch.

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  1. Miracle

Release year: 2004 IMDb rating: 7.5/ 10


Movie synopsis: Miracle is a story of a college coach and former Olympic hockey gold medalist who assembles a team of hot-headed college players to present their nation against the favored Soviet team. The team overcomes many barriers on their way to achieve Gold medal in Olympics and finally succeeds in bringing one, being considered as Miracle here. This movie is based on the real-life of  American ice hockey player and coach Herbert Paul Brooks Jr.

  1. The Rookie

Release year: 2002            IMDb rating: 6.9/ 10

The Rookie

Movie synopsis: This movie is also based on the true story of Jim Morris,an American former professional baseball pitcher who played in Major League Baseball (MLB). A baseball coach suddenly realizes that he could be more than a coach and dreams to beach a professional baseball player at an advanced age of 35 years. The movie is about struggles, difficulties and hard work that play an important role in achieving one’s goal.

  1. Little Giants

Release year: 1994  IMDb rating: 6.2/ 10

Little Giants

Movie synopsis: It is fun and comedy sports movie that is sure to entertain your child on his family movie night. The movie tells the story of a man named Danny who forms a team of football with some amateur children after his daughter is cut from his brother’s hockey team just because she is a girl. How they succeed in winning against the powerful rivalry team and the fun that foes in the way is something that should not be missed by a sports-movie fan.

  1. The Mighty Ducks

Release year: 1992      IMDb rating:6.5/ 10

The Mighty Ducks

Movie synopsis:The Mighty Ducks is a family, sports movie that tells the story of a man named Gordon Bombay who is forced to coach a team of kids’ hockey team as apart of his community service. While doing so he  once again relives his day as a hockey player and is now focused to make one of his players the next big thing. The movie has two more sequels- D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks which are also worth watching.

  1. Bend It Like Beckham

Release year: 2002                  IMDb rating: 6.6/ 10

Bend It Like Beckham

Movie synopsis: One of the highest-grossing, widely appreciated movies, Bend It Like Beckham is about an Indian girl who bends all the rules of her Sikh family and joins local women’s football team. Although being a girl she is supposed to cook and clean, she goes on with her dream to become a great football player, just like David Beckham. This movie can be enjoyed by the children and their parents as well.

  1. The Pride of the Yankees

Release year: 1942       IMDb rating: 7.7/ 10

The Pride of the Yankees

Movie synopsis:The Pride of the Yankees is a biographical movie based on the life of New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig and his journey to become one of the greatest baseball players even though he just at an early age of 37 years. The movie won Academy Award for Best Film Editing and was nominated for several others. If your kids love to watch sports-based movies, this one is a must-watch for them.

  1. Glory Road

Release year: 2006            IMDb rating: 7.2/ 10

Glory Road

Movie synopsis: The movie tells the story of a basketball coach who decides to make a team that is based on talentand not on race. A team is formed but with black players dominating the field by their game, racial tension increases even more. This sports-based movie also focuses on racism and should be shown to the children so that they gain some inspiration and understands racial equality. The movie won many awards including the 2006 ESPY Award for Best Sports Movie.

  1. Cool Runnings

Release year: 1993            IMDb rating: 7.0/ 10

Cool Runnings

Movie synopsis:Cool Runnings is a comedy sports-based movie about a Jamaican bobsleigh team and dreams of competing in Winter Olympics even if they belong to a hot region and have never seen snow.a disgraced former champion helps the team in reaching their goal of winning Olympics.Despite not winning the race, the team is able to win the hearts. The movie is really fun and entertaining that can be enjoyed by parents and kids both.

  1. The Natural

Release year: 1984            IMDb rating: 7.5/ 10

The Natural

Movie synopsis: The movie is based on the novel of the same name and was nominated for Academy Awards in four categories and Golden Globe award as well. This movie is about a baseball team and how it rises to the top after a middle-aged, naturally-talented player with a bat made out of a tree struck by lightning joins the team. Your sports loving fan is sure to enjoy this movie from the starting to the end.

  1. The Sandlot

Release year: 1993    IMDb rating: 7.8/ 10

The Sandlot

Movie synopsis:The Sandlot or The Sandlot Kidtells the story of a group of young baseball players during the summer of 1962 who experience many adventures on their way to become a reputed baseball team. This movie is to be enjoyed by kids as well as grown-ups and will definitely make a good movie for your next Saturday night with the kids. The movie also has a sequel The Sandlot: Heading Home that is also a pretty good movie to be enjoyed by the children.

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