Top 5 Agriculture Companies in India 2023

Spices, cashews, and jute are all produced in India, which is the world’s largest producer. Wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, are all produced in enormous quantities in this country, which is the second-largest producer in the world. The arable land resources of India rank eighth in the world. Additionally, it is one of the world’s leading spice producers, consumers, and exporters.

Top 5 Agriculture Companies In India 2023

On a per-capita basis, India contributes 16.6 percent of the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Agriculture’s part in the economy has been steadily decreasing over time. From 18.2 to 16.0 percent in 2019, the GVA has decreased. Listed below are the Top 5 Agriculture Company In India 2023.

1. UPL Ltd.

At the time of its inception in 1969, UPL Ltd. was the country’s largest and most prestigious agricultural firm. Crop protection, specialty chemicals, and other industrial chemicals are among the items that the firm makes and sells.

Their agricultural goods include agrochemicals, seeds, and so forth. Nutri feeds, fungicides, insects, plant growth, and regulators, and rodenticides are also produced by the non-agro division of the company.

To be sure, this Indian MNC is a global leader in agricultural chemicals, selling its goods to more than 150 nations throughout the world. For the fiscal year 2020, the company expects to generate 70% of its sales from outside the United States and Europe.

Investors should be wary of the charges made against the promoters that they have unlawfully transferred cash from the firm since this might have an impact on the stock’s valuation in the future.

Because crops are cultivated in different places at different times, the agricultural business and dependent on the monsoon rains, etc., one of the company’s greatest benefits is its worldwide reach. This reduces the company’s risk and ensures that its operation will continue regardless of what occurs in a particular area.

2. PI Industries

Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd., the predecessor company to PI Industries, was established in 1946. Mining processing was added to the company’s portfolio after it established an Agchem factory in the early years. Gujarat is home to eight of the company’s multipurpose plants. Exports of custom synthesis are also important for the corporation.

It was decided to rebrand as PI Industries when the corporate name was altered. Insecticides, herbicides are only a few of the company’s agricultural inputs. It is among the leading Top 5 Agriculture Companies In India 2023.

3. Godrej Agrovet

Indian agribusiness giant Godrej Agrovet is one of the world’s leading agribusiness companies. Godrej Agrovet is a subsidiary of the Godrej group, which was founded in 1990. The corporation is a leading producer of animal feeds products, and palm oil plantations in the nation.

In terms of animal feed production, the firm has 10,57,000 tonnes. Dairy cattle, broiler chickens, and aquaculture goods are just a few examples of them. This makes it among the Top 5 Agriculture Companies In India 2023.

In addition, it is one of India’s top palm oil producers. Across Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and the Goan and Maharashtrian states as well as the Orissa and Mizoram provinces their cultivation covers about 55,000 hectares.

4. Coromandel International

EID Parry and two other American firms, IMC and Chevron Co., created this Indian firm in the early 1960s. One of the biggest fertilizer manufacturers in India, the corporation has a substantial presence in the southern region of the nation.

Pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty nutrients are the company’s primary goods. There are a total of 16 facilities across the nation where the business is based. For this reason, the firm now has a 3.5 million-ton CPC (Crop Protection Chemicals) capacity, which represents 22% of India’s total manufacturing capacity.

The firm has more than 800 rural retail locations in Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. About 5000 farmers around each retail outlet use its services.

Bayer Crop Science

Founded by Bayer AG, Bayer Crop Science is a division of the German pharmaceutical firm. There are several unique and world-class items available to Indian farmers because the firm is one of the leading worldwide leaders in this industry.

Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and growth regulators are just some of the goods available from this company. The corporation recently enhanced its market position thus making it among the Top 5 Agriculture Companies In India 2023 by acquiring Monsanto India Limited, another firm in the field.

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