Top 15 and Best Scooty/Scooters in India 2023 with Price and Mileage

Scooters have long been a big component of the two-wheeler sector in India. Especially nowadays, when there are a plethora of bikes to choose from, people go to dealerships to get durable and reliable scooters.

When travelling alone on a motorbike, how are you planning to bring those additional groceries or shopping bags? No, you won’t be able to carry them. You’ll need a scooter for that. A scooter with a footboard on which to place the luggage. A scooter with plenty of capacity beneath the seat for your belongings, a full-face helmet, and other small items. We’ve compiled a thorough list of the top and best 15 Scooties in India 2023 with their Price and Mileage that your hard-earned money can buy and make your decision easier.

Best Scooty in India

Here is the list of best scooter in India

  1. Honda Activa 6G

Honda Activa 6G

When it comes to scooters in India, the Honda Activa 6G is the first brand that comes to mind for most Indians. So, why is this case? Because, even after twenty years, the Honda Activa is the most reliable scooter you can purchase and is still the Best Scooter in India 2023, right now. Honda is recognised for its very reliable goods all throughout the world, and the Activa is just one example.

Activa 6G comes in two variants- one is standard and the other one is deluxe. The deluxe version has ED headlights and a semi-digital instrument cluster. However, there is no disc brake at the front even as an option.

The main reasons for it to be on the top of the list are its reliability, lower maintenance, strong metal body, word-of-mouth among the masses, and satisfactory service provided by the Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India.

Model Name Honda Activa 6G
Engine 109.51 cc
Mileage 45 kmpl
Price Rs. 76,234/-
  1. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

Moving on to the Suzuki Access 125, which is regarded as one of Suzuki India’s greatest scooters. Suzuki Access 125 accounts for over a third of all Suzuki sales. Access is one of those stoic-looking scooters with no frills styling. The 125cc scooter is aimed at a more mature clientele or those searching for a more responsible product.

With the greatest under-seat storage of 21.8 litres, a long seat, and a roomy footboard for storing heavy goods, it is the most practical scooter in the 100-125 cc class. Not to mention, the Suzuki Access 125 is one of the most trustworthy products in the class, limited only by consumer awareness of the brand.

Model Name Suzuki Access 125
Engine 125 cc
Mileage 50 kmpl
Price Rs. 79,400/-
  1. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter

With over 50,000 monthly sales, the TVS Jupiter is the country’s second most popular scooter. With its versatility and incredible fuel efficiency, the TVS Jupiter checks all the criteria. The scooter is equipped with an eco and power indicator that informs the rider whether the scooter is in eco mode for maximum mileage or power mode for maximum pickup. Alloy wheels, telescopic forks, and an external fuel filler cap have been standard on the Jupiter since the first variant was released years ago.

Model Name TVS Jupiter
Engine 109.7 cc
Mileage 50 kmpl
Price Rs. 73,240/-
  1. Honda Dio

The Honda Dio is one of the few scooters with fixed headlights that are mounted on the front cowl rather than the handlebar. It’s another Honda scooter that consistently ranks among the top five scooters in India. Honda has marketed the Dio scooter to college students, particularly males, making it one of the top scooters in India for everyday commuting.

Model Name Honda Dio
Engine 109.51 cc
Mileage 45 kmpl
Price Rs. 70,211/-
  1. Ola S1 Pro

The Ola S1 Pro is a game-changer in the world of electric scooters. With its sleek design and impressive performance, this scooter is grabbing the attention of riders all over. Its long-lasting battery provides a range of up to 181 miles, making it ideal for both short commutes and longer journeys.

Its smart features, such as a touchscreen display, built-in GPS, and smartphone connectivity, add a touch of convenience and connectivity to your riding experience.

Model Name Ola S1 Pro
Engine 4 kWh Battery
Mileage 181 km/ Charge
Price Rs. 1,40,000/-
  1. Yamaha Fascino 125

With the introduction of the BS6 pollution standards, Yamaha, a Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, has chosen to phase out the 110cc engine from its scooters. One of them is the Yamaha Fascino. The 125cc engine is more powerful in the city and offers best-in-class fuel efficiency.

The Fascino 125 is Yamaha’s entry-level 125cc scooter, intended to attract the country’s young. This scooter is extremely appealing, with its modern-retro design and appealing colour options. The scooter is also more powerful and refined now that it has a 125cc fuel-injected engine.

Model Name Yamaha Fascino
Engine 125 cc
Mileage 55 kmpl
Price Rs. 79,100/-
  1. TVS Pep+

The Scooty Pep Plus is a TVS entry-level scooter geared towards young Indian ladies that came in 2003. The Scooty Pep Plus was rebadged after the scooter underwent a substantial makeover. It has small dimensions and is light in weight, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre.

Model Name TVS Pep+
Engine 87.7cc
Mileage 60 kmpl
Price Rs. 65,514/-
  1. Hero Destini 125

The Hero Destini 125 produces 9 horsepower and 10.4 Nm of torque. Hero Destini 125 has both front and rear drum brakes, resulting in a combined braking system for both wheels. This Destini 125 scooter weighs 114 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 5 liters.

Model Name Hero Destini 125
Engine 124.6 cc
Mileage 47 kmpl
Price Rs. 71,608/-
  1. Hero Pleasure Plus

The Hero Pleasure Plus is a no-nonsense scooter that is dependable and hassle-free. It has a low seat height that makes it accessible to short riders, and the small kerb weight makes it easy to handle. The seat is pleasantly cushioned, and shorter riders may like the lower handlebars.

For lengthy drives, it is quite comfy. It features large and well-cushioned seats. The finest feature of the new model is that it has a backrest for the passenger, making the trip more pleasant for them.

Model Name Hero Pleasure Plus
Engine 110.9 cc
Mileage 40 kmpl
Price Rs. 70,338/-
  1. Hero Maestro Edge 110

With the Maestro Edge 110, Hero has yet another successful product in its hands. The BS6 update added a lot of functionality to the scooter. The inclusion of regulated injectors in the BS6 update is the talk of the town.

Model Name Hero Maestro Edge 110
Engine 110.9 cc
Mileage 46 kmpl
Price Rs. 68,117/-
  1. Hero Maestro Edge 125

The Hero Maestro Edge 125 has a digital-analog instrument cluster that displays all of the scooter’s critical information. Hero’s i3S technology, which shuts off the engine while it’s idling and restarts it with a little twist of the throttle, is also available.

Model Name Hero Maestro Edge 125
Engine 124.6 cc
Mileage 45 kmpl
Price Rs. 80,616/-
  1. Aprilia SR 125

The Aprilia SR 125 is a scooter designed specifically for sport scooter fans. This sports scooter accelerates quickly and has a high peak speed. Despite the lack of practicality, Aprilia manages to attract around 2000 clients each month owing to its athletic attitude. Along with the SR125, the brand delivers Italian racing DNA in the nation.

Model Name Aprilia SR 125
Engine 124.45 cc
Mileage 40 kmpl
Price Rs. 1,23,000/-
  1. Yamaha Ray ZR 125

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 is a completely new scooter. It has a unique style and is packed with design cues that appear to be extremely fashionable. It also comes in a variety of colour schemes. The fuel-injected 125cc engine runs admirably.

Unlike the Fascino, the Yamaha Ray ZR is aimed squarely at young people searching for a fun-filled sporty scooter. The target demographic is primarily males between the ages of 18 and 25. The scooter comes with a completely digital instrument cluster that displays a broad range of data, although it pales in comparison to the TVS Ntorq 125’s feature-rich cluster, which also has a Bluetooth connection.

Model Name Yamaha Ray ZR 125
Engine 125 cc
Mileage 55 kmpl
Price Rs. 84,230/-
  1. Suzuki Burgman Street

The Suzuki Burgman Street is the country’s only maxi-scooter with huge proportions and a touring-ready design. Burgman Street has a number of characteristics, including a completely digital instrument cluster and handlebars that are similar to those seen on motorcycles. A body-mounted windshield provides wind deflection at greater speeds, and this one feature sets it apart from the competition. Full-LED headlights and taillights give the vehicle a premium appearance.

Model Name Suzuki Burgman Street
Engine 124 cc
Mileage 50 kmpl
Price Rs. 93,000/-
  1. Vespa VXL 125

The Vespa VXL 125 is the Italian manufacturer’s iconic round headlight 125cc luxury scooter. The Vespa has a distinct position in the premium scooter industry, as seen by monthly sales figures. In a country with a population of about 1.37 billion people, approximately 3000 units are sold. Vespa is distinguished by its growling sound, which is unlike that of any other popular scooter on the Indian market.

Model Name Vespa VXL 125
Engine 124.45 cc
Mileage 45 kmpl
Price Rs. 1,31,000/-

While these are the top and best 15 Scooties in India, one should browse the market for more. Almost every month, new and upgraded models are launched. You must keep your eyes peeled for any new scooter that meets your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best electric scoooter in India?

Ola S1 Pro is the best scooter in India as per our research. You can consider other options such as TVS iQube, Ather 450X, etc.

Where can I buy these scooters in India?

You can purchase these scooters from authorized dealerships of respective brands located across India.

Are these scooters reliable and durable?

Yes, all of these scooters are famous for their reliability and durability.

Do these scooters come with warranty?

Yes, most of these scooters come with a warranty period ranging from 2 to 5 years. It depends on the brand and model.

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