National Pig Day 2024: Date, History, Activities, Fun Facts, How to Celebrate?

Being an annual event, National Pig Day 2024 in the United States will be observed on March 1, 2024. Hong Kong observes National Pig Day on March 12 every year in order to celebrate the LuLu pig. Various events at schools, zoo, and nursing homes along with sports events are held around the United States on this day.

National Pig Day was celebrated for the first time by Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave in the year 1972. The day focuses on raising awareness about pigs- one of the most intelligent and domesticated animals.

Pigs are unquestionably a vital part of our life and on this coming National Pig Day 2024 let’s together praise the wonders of this magnificent animal on this planet and their importance to human beings.

National Pig Day 2024 Date

National Pig Day is celebrated on first day of March every year in the United States. Have a look at upcoming National Pig Day date in 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Event Date
National Pig Day 2024
March 1, 2024
National Pig Day 2025
March 1, 2025
National Pig Day 2026March 1, 2026

National Pig Day 2024 Overview

National Pig Day is among the special days celebrated worldwide in March:

EventNational Pig Day
The day is also known asPig Day USA, Pig Day, Happy Pig Day
DateMarch 1, 2024 (1st day of March)
EventsPig Parades, Pig Parties, Feasting

Do You Know?

Each and every pig deserves a healthy life and environment where they can actually raise their babies and roam freely.

  1. Pigs are among very clean, highly clever and incredibly social animals.
  2. Pigs can’t sweat.
  3. Pigs are much smarter than dog and can be trained for various purposes as a pet.
  4. They are capable to run at speeds of up to 11mph and they have exceptional sense of direction.
  5. Pigs have amazing memories, exclusively when it comes to locating an object.
  6. A pig’s squeal can reach 115 decibels, which is 3 decibels more than the sound of a supersonic airliner.
  7. Pigs are capable to drink 14 gallons of water in a day which them a thirsty animal.
  8. Pigs are capable to communicate with each other in more than 20 different vocalizations.
  9. A pig can eat anything even human bones.

National Pig Day History

The celebration of National Pig Day was started in the year 1972 by two sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. They believed that the role of Pigs in society can’t be ignored and they deserve national acknowledgment. Ellen Stanley was a teacher in Lubbock, Texas and Mary Lynne Rave in Beaufort, North Carolina.

When asked to Mary Lynne Rave about the actual motive of National Pig Day she said-

“The key purpose of National Pig Day is to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place” as one of the most intelligent domesticated animals.

How is National Pig Day Celebrated?

National Pig Day is majorly celebrated in the Midwest of the United States. There is a dilemma- whether this day is to honor pigs by providing them a rest day or to appreciate their offerings such as bacon, spare ribs, and ham. You can enjoy sports events and many other events at zoo & nursing homes and attend awareness lectures in the educational institutions around the United States.

The celebration of National Pig Day takes place in many ways:

  • Many special events along with sports events are organized at nursing homes and zoos across the United States.
  • Many educational institutes observe this day by organizing awareness lectures on importance of pig- people give speeches on immense importance of Pigs to human beings.
  • Many pig parties are organized where pork delicacies are served.
  • Many nursing homes observe National Pig Day with a porcine parade which includes a display of pig collectibles like pig potholders, porcelain pigs, piggy banks, and pigs prepared from cross-stitches and calico.

National Pig Day 2024 Activities

Adopting a pig on National Pig Day could be the most appropriate way of celebrating the day. Otherwise, you can become a part of National Pig Day 2024 celebration simply by reading about pigs’ intelligence and why they are a crucial component of society. You may also attend piggy parties on this day.

Here is the list of activities you can be a part of:

  • Visit the local zoo with your family and attend events marking National Pig Day.
  • Do memorable fun with your friends by organizing a pig party.
  • You can also attend Pig Parade which is organized at nursing homes around the United States.
  • You may also pay a visit to your nearest pig farm.
  • Let other people in your society know interesting facts of national pig day and the crucial importance of Pigs in our day-to-day life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate National Pig Day?

National Pig Day is celebrated annually on the first day of March.

How many pigs are in the United State?

United States was home to 74.77 million hogs and pigs in the year 2021.

What is the total number pig in the world?

The estimated number of pigs in the world was 677.6 million in the year 2020.

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