Top 10 Best Law Schools in The World 2024

In today’s era, students are getting more attracted to the law profession because of higher career prospects, and attractive salaries. The need for a lawyer is not only limited to the court but also in demand for various non-legal jobs including teaching, business consulting, project management, labor relations management, and many others.

After analyzing the growing demand for the law profession all across the world, a large number of students like to move toward this field. However, a fruitful career in law starts with getting admission to the best law school that fits you well.

A law degree will help to get familiar with legal norms, conduct legal paperwork, compose legal documents, and help clients with their cases. Pursuing law will also polish your critical thinking, and analytical skills, and deal with difficult circumstances.

There are many top law institutes or colleges that offer world-class law education and are known for high bar passage rates, and many clinic programs. Getting admission into any of the top law colleges in the world is a dream come true for those who are expecting a bright future in this field.  In this article, we’ve listed the details about the top 10 best law schools in the world for the year 2024.

Best Law Colleges in the World 2024

#1 Harvard University, USA

A virtual tour of Harvard Law School Source (youtube)

The Harvard University Law School is renowned as one of the best law schools globally. It is ranked first by QS World University Rankings for Law & Legal Studies. Every year, over 2,000 commendable candidates enter Harvard Law School across different law programs. The university offers law degrees in courses like International Law, Animal Law, Law and Religion, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Corporate and Transactional Law, Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws, Disability Law, etc.

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#2 University of Oxford, UK

Oxford University is one of the world’s leading universities that offers world-class facilities for study in law and other research programs. Being recognized as one of the top departments of law in the world, the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford is as significant as the university itself.

The university offers a wide range of UG & PG degree courses in the department of law such as jurisprudence, law studies in Europe, legal studies and emerging areas of law & finance, international human rights law, criminology, intellectual property law, etc.

#3 University of Cambridge

Law at Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law is the third-best Law university in the world. This is one of the oldest universities, offering legal education since the 13th century. The most sought-after law courses offered by the University of Cambridge are Masters in Corporate Law, BA Law, and LLM.

#4 Yale University, USA

Yale Law School has constantly held the top spot for best law schools in the world. The university is known for its exceptional faculty, the precision of its academics, and highly competitive admissions. Yale University Law School offers a variety of law courses in the fields of Constitutional Law, Public Interest Law, Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Criminal Justice, IT and Media Law, Law and Health, and Law Teaching.

#5 Stanford University, USA

Stanford University Law School has been ranked in the top five law schools in the USA. The law school of the university offers incomparable opportunities including creating new programs based on particular student’s interests.

The University offers law courses in the areas of Constitutional Law, Environmental Justice Law, Criminal Justice Reform and Litigation, Intellectual Property, Youth Law and Policy, and International Human Rights.

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#6 New York University (NYU), US

Community at NYU Law

New York University School of Law offers more than 40 different clinical programs through which students can improve their practical experience in preparing case briefs, representing clients, and working with practicing legal professionals.

It is one of the oldest and top law schools that offers courses like Human Rights, Taxation, Law and Security, Corporate & Commercial Law, Labor and Employment, Criminal Justice, Gender, Family, Global, and Environmental and International Law.

#7 The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

ELLM – Student Testimonial

The London School of Economics and Political Science Law School is one of the best law schools in the world. The school focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary, international perceptions to study law. The most sought-after law courses offered by the London School of Economics and Political Science Law School include Criminal Law, Tort Law, Public Law, E-Commerce Law, Contract Law, International Financial Law, Introduction to Legal Systems, Principles of Copyright Law, Climate Change and International Law.

#8 Columbia University, USA

Columbia University, USA regularly ranks in the top ten best American law schools and is well renowned for its unconventional approach to legal education. The most popular law courses offered by the university include Criminal Justice, Constitutional Law, Environment and Energy, International and Comparative History, Legal History, National Security and Privacy, Intellectual Property and Technology.

#9 University of California, Berkeley (UCB), USA

University of California, Berkeley Law School is one of the top law institutes in the world. The school’s dedicated faculty and education system encourages students to make use of top-notch courses, research institutes, and perform groundbreaking research. The UCB, Law School offers Law courses at UG & PG levels under various disciplines like Law and Economics, Social Justice and Public Interest, Law and Technology, Environmental Law, Criminal Justice, and Constitutional and Regulatory.

#10 University of Toronto, Canada

Founded in 1887, the University of Toronto Law School is one of the largest and best law colleges in terms of legal studies and research across North America. The law department at the University of Toronto offers courses like Juris Doctor, International and Comparative Law, Taxation, Health Law, Global Professional LLM, LLM, and other master’s and doctoral programs. Students can also enroll for joint degree law courses in the fields of global health, bioethics, Jewish studies, and much more.

Types of Law Degrees

Doctor of Judicial Science (SJD)

Juris Doctor (JD)

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Master of Law (LLM)

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Law in Top Universities

Each law school across the world has separate eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria required to study law program depends upon the choice of country and level of degree course. The basic eligibility criteria for law admission are as follows:

The student must have passed Senior Higher Secondary Education/ bachelor’s degree with good grades from a recognized state or central board of examination.

TOEFL/ PTE/IELTS scores are mandatory to study abroad if English is not your native language.

LSAT/ LNAT scores are also required to pursue an LLB program from Universities and Colleges abroad.


Which is the best law school in the world?

Harvard University School of Law is the best law school in the entire world.

Which Law specialization has the best scope in the future?

Law courses in the areas of Criminal Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Corporate and Commercial Law have the best scope in the future.

What is the toughest law school to get into?

Yale University is considered one of the toughest law schools to get admission.

Which country is popular for studying Law?

The United States of America is one of the popular destinations for law students.

Which is the most expensive law college in India?

Symbiosis Law School, Pune is one of the most expensive law schools in India.

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