Discover the Future of Cycling: India’s Top Electric Cycles in 2024

If you are also looking to buy eclectic cycles then this can help you out. Here, we will discuss the top 15 electric cycles in India in 2024. We will provide you with details of these cycles along with their merits and demerits. 

India is now officially the most populous country in the world and fuel prices are reaching new heights every day. This has generated a huge market for electric vehicles in the country. Apart from electric scooters, electric cycles are also highly sought after.

The benefits of electric cycles are that they are lightweight, easy to commute, and affordable.

15 Best Electric Cycles in India

RankName of the cyclePrice
1Motovolt Urbn e-BikeRs. 53,261/-
2EMotorad X2Rs. 27,999/-
3Hero Lectro C8iRs. 39,999/-
4EMotorad DoodleRs. 79,800/-
5Hero Lectro H5Rs. 29,999/-
6Nexzu RoadlarkRs. 45,999/-
7Toutche Heileo H200Rs. 62,900/-
8SVITCH XERs. 82,250/-
9udChalo VirBikeRs. 27,995/-
10Firefox AdventronRs. 63,000/-
11Nexzu Rompus PlusRs. 33,999/-
12Hornback X1Rs. 44,999/-
13Essel Energy GET 1Rs. 37,500/-
14Motovolt KivoRs. 31,774
15NIION Sensei 27.5 inchesRs. 24,999/-

Details of Electric Cycles Available in India

#1. Motovolt Urbn e-Bike

Motovolt Urbn e-Bike
Range120 Km/ Charge
Charging Time4 Hours
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.72 kWh
Weight40 kg

Motovolt Urbn e-bike tops our list of best electric bikes in India due to so many reasons. It has an amazing range of 120 kilometres per charge. Plus, it has a powerful battery and killer looks. It can reach a speed from 0 to 25 kmph in just 10 seconds. You can get this bike in five different colours and it has disc brakes on both front and back wheels.

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#2. EMotorad X2

EMotorad X2
Range40 Km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity7.65 Ah
Weight23 kg

Lightweight, affordable, and good-looking, EMotorad X2 has every quality that we want in a perfect electric cycle. The built quality of this cycle is great and designed to perform on Indian roads. It has removable batteries, an LED display, and multi-level padel assist. 

#3. Hero Lectro C8i

Hero Lectro C8i
Range25 km/ charge
Charging Time4-5 hours
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.23 kWh
Weight22 Kg

If you are looking for a great bicycle from a top brand like Hero then you can consider Lectro C8i. It has a sleek design combined with a strong frame to provide unmatched durability. Although it is a touch expensive you get good brand value with the bicycle. See Who Invented Electricity

#4. EMotorad Doodle

EMotorad Doodle
Range50 km/ charge
Charging Time5-6 hours
Top Speed25 km/hr
Battery Capacity0.36 kWh
Weight28 kg

For those who are looking for a foldable bike with a look to die for then EMotorad Doodle is the best choice you have. The bicycle is incredibly strong with its aircraft grade Aluminium alloy frame. It also comes with a 5-inch multifunctional display. The bike is foldable. So, you can take it wherever you want. 

#5. Hero Lectro H5

Hero Lectro H5
Hero Lectro H5
Range30 km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 km/hr
Battery Capacity1.56 kWh
Weight20 kg

Hero Lectro H5 is a great electric cycle with an amazing range of 30 kilometres per charge. The frame of the cycle is designed meticulously to give stable performance in a variety of terrains. You can easily integrate the bicycle with Hero’s i-Smart App. 10 Best Electric Trucks in the World

#6. Nexzu Roadlark

Nexzu Roadlark
Range100 km/ charge
Charging Time3-4 hours
Top Speed25 km/hr
Battery CapacityDual Battery (5.2Ah + 8.7Ah)
Battery Life Cycle750 charges.

The Nexzu Roadlark is the perfect electric cycle for urban commuters. It has a mammoth range of over 100 kilometres. With its sleek design, the cycle offers you a smooth ride. It also features a lightweight frame with wide & knobby cotton tube tires.  

#7. Toutche Heileo H200

Toutche Heileo H200
Range75 km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 Km/hr
Battery Capacity0.42 kWh
Weight18.7 kg

The Toutche Heileo H200 is an electric cycle that combines style and functionality. It has a robust frame and high-performance motor that ensure a comfortable ride in all terrain. With a range of up to 75 km on a single charge, the H200 is also good for long travels. Check Fastest Electric Cars in The World


Range80 km/ charge
Charging Time3-4 hours
Top Speed25 km/ hr
Battery Capacity0.56 kWh
Weight24 kg

The SVITCH XE is a compact and folding electric cycle that is perfect for urban travellers with limited storage space. It has a lightweight design that allows for easy commuting even on narrow roads in India.

#9.udChalo VirBike

udChalo VirBike
Range40 km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 km/ hr
Battery Capacity0.27 kWh
Weight20 kg

udChalo VirBike is designed keeping endurance in mind. It is very sturdy and built like a tank. The company is also offering an additional discount for defence personnel and dependents. The standard version of the bike is available at around 28 thousand rupees.

#10. Firefox Adventron

Firefox Adventron
Range35 km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 kg
Battery Capacity8.7Ah Lithium-Ion battery
Weight23 kg

The Firefox Adventron electric cycle is built for off-road adventures and outdoor enthusiasts. With its robust frame and powerful motor, it can handle challenging terrains with ease. It features a long-range battery, allowing you to travel without worrying about running out of power.

#11. Nexzu Rompus Plus

Nexzu Rompus Plus
Range32 km/ charge
Charging Time2-5 hours to 3 hours
Top Speed25 km/ hr
Battery CapacityLithium-ion 5.2 Ah
Weight23 kg

Rompus Plus by Nexzu is a super bicycle designed for an effortless riding experience. It offers three ride modes with a mileage of 32 km per charge. The bicycle comes with a strong frame made up of cold rolled steel and advanced disc brakes to tackle any ride with better stopping power. 

#12. Hornback X1

Hornback X1
Range45 km
Charging Time3 hours
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery CapacityLi-Ion 36V, 7.65Ah
Weight24.5 kg

Hornback X1 is a foldable electric bike that comes with an impressive range of 45 km. It has a sleek design to offer you a smooth and effortless ride. The cycle also comes with an IP65 rating. So, you will never have to worry about rain and water splashes.

#13. Essel Energy GET 1

Essel Energy GET 1
Range50 km/ charge
Charging Time5 to 6 hours
Top Speed25 km/ hr
Battery Capacity48 V/ 13AH
Weight39 kg

The Essel Energy GET 1 is an eco-friendly electric cycle designed for city dwellers. It boasts a lightweight frame, making it agile and easy to manoeuvre through crowded streets. Its efficient electric motor provides a decent speed and range. It has a unique design that can impress many product delivery companies in India. 

#14. Motovolt Kivo

Motovolt Kivo
Range70 km/ charge
Charging Time5-6 hours
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity0.58 kWh
Weight23 kg

Motovolt Kivo is another electric bike that is designed for a long-range and can carry a weight of up to 110 kg. The Kivo features a high-capacity battery that offers a range of 70 kilometres per charge. Apart from this, the after-sales service of Motovolt is also impressive.

#15. NIION Sensei 27.5 inches

NIION Sensei 27.5 inches
Range40 km/ charge
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed25 km/hr
Battery Capacity7.8 AH Li-Ion Battery
Weight24 kg

Hornback M1 is an electric cycle that comes with a range of 40 kilometres per charge. It has disc brakes on both wheels with a high-strength carbon steel frame to offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance. Another good thing about this cycle is that it is extremely lightweight with a weight of just 24 kg. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to ride an electric cycle in India?

No, you don’t need a licence to ride an electric cycle in India.

Are electric cycles expensive to maintain?

Not really, the maintenance cost of electric cycles is usually less than that of electric scooters.

Can I ride an electric cycle in the rain?

Yes, most of these cycles are designed to be water-resistant.

What factors should I consider while choosing an electric cycle for a hilly region?

For hilly regions, you should choose an electric cycle with a motor of higher power and torque capabilities. 

Where can I buy electric cycles in India?

You can buy these cycles from their authorised stores or online through their official websites. They are also available on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

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