Top Ways to Fix Yahoo Email Not Working Problem

Yahoo email not working- what does it mean? Are you unable to sign-in (you forgot your Yahoo ID or password or both), are you unable to send or receive emails, is your Yahoo account locked? I’ll discuss it here.

Consider Yahoo email not working as one of the most common technical concerns of users. Fortunately, Yahoo is aware of this issue and therefore, they have prescribed certain guidelines that can help you to get out of this concern quickly.

It is crucial to understand the root cause if your Yahoo email suddenly stops working. May be you are not able to login as you either forgot your Yahoo ID or password or you have successfully logged in to your account but email menus are not working or you are unable to send or receive emails, or your Yahoo account is locked.

When you understand the root cause of why your yahoo mail isn’t working then you can apply solution according. Therefore, here our focus is to discuss all possible reasons of Yahoo email not working problem and its associated solutions.

How to Fix Yahoo Email Not Working Problem?

Do you know Yahoo gives you option to set up Yahoo account key so that you can login to your account without entering the password? If you are tired of remembering your email passwords then create your Yahoo account key once and you won’t have to face Yahoo email not working problem in future just because you forgot your account password.

Or else, check out these reasons why your yahoo email is not working along with its associated solutions. Later, I’ll share with you the step-by-step guidelines to set up, use, and manage Yahoo account key.

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Case 1: Did you forget your Yahoo ID or Password

This is quite certain that sometimes we forget our Yahoo account ID or password as most of us use multiple email accounts of different email clients. Yahoo suggests users to use Sign-in Helper for locating their Yahoo ID and login to their account using alternate email address or recovery mobile number.

There may be a case when you know your Yahoo ID but have forgotten your password. In that case, you need to choose Yahoo reset password option to create a new password for your account. Yahoo suggests users to create a strong password for their account and for the same they have shared some tips- have a glance:

  • Create only unique words: Never create a password like Yahoo, Password, email ID etc. Your password must be unique.
  • Keep it at least 12 characters or more: Longer passwords are considered more secure passwords. Hence you should always create a password of minimum 12 characters.
  • Never use each-to-guess password: Yahoo never suggests users to create their Yahoo email password using their personal information such as their name, birthday, Yahoo ID etc.
  • Do not use sequences or repeated characters: Try not to create a password using adjacent characters in your keyboard such as ASDFGHJ.
  • Always keep a separate password for each account: It is always suggested to create a unique password for each account. Do not keep the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Using a passphrase is recommended: You can create a passphrase using sequences of words by giving spaces in between them. This kind of password is longer and not easy-to-guess.

Sometimes, your browser remembers your Yahoo email account password and for the same you need to check your autofill setting.

Case 2: Did you get ‘Invalid password or Yahoo ID’ error

It means you are not entering the correct Yahoo ID or password which leads to failed Yahoo login. You need to check the following:

  • You need to quickly check “num lock” or “caps lock” keys.
  • In case your browser remembers your password then it is essential to update your autofill settings after you change your account password.
  • Yahoo also suggests users to try logging in to their account in any other browser.
  • There may be a case that your account got compromised. In that case you need to regain access to your account and undo changes.

Case 3: You are attempting to sign in from a device, program, or location for the first time

Yahoo asks users to enter a verification code if they are attempting to sign in to their account from a specific device, program, or location for the first time. You receive the verification code to your recovery email or mobile number. In this way, Yahoo ensures that the account is being accessed by an authorized person.

Case 4: Your Yahoo Account is locked

Whenever Yahoo records multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in they may lock your account for 12 hours for security reasons. Your account gets unlocked automatically soon after the locking period of 12 hours is over.

Case 5: Your sign-in screen reloads or loops

In case you are caught in a loop as the sign-in screen continually reappearing when you click the Sign-in then there is a need of resetting the “sign-in” cookie.

  • You need to click Not you? from the sign-in page
  • Then provide your Yahoo ID and password.
  • Hit Sign in button.

If the issue still persists then you need to try the following steps:

  • It is recommended to clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Close and just restart your browser.
  • You may also use other browser in your device.

There were the 5 circumstances when you face Yahoo email not working issue. I have shared the solution as well.

If you are not able to login even after trying the aforesaid steps then there may be a case that your recovery email or phone number is incorrect. In that case, you may sign up for a new Yahoo account.

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You can also Sign up for a New Yahoo Account?

In case you want to create a new account with Yahoo then you need to visit the official website of yahoo

Enter your full name, new Yahoo email address, birth year and create a new password for your new account.

Click Continue to enter your recovery mobile number and finish setting up your new Yahoo account.

Process to set up, use, and manage Yahoo Account Key?

Yahoo Account Key lets you to sign in to your account without entering the password. Here, your mobile phone will be used as password. Once you enable Yahoo Account Key, Yahoo sends notification to your mobile whenever you attempt to sign in.

Process to set up Yahoo Account Key

Install Yahoo app in your mobile device and follow the steps as shared below-

Step 1: Go to the Profile icon and tap Account key under your email ID.

Step 2: Now you need to click Set up Account Key.

Step 3: Hit the Approve icon.

Step 4: Now you need to Tap on Enable Yahoo Account Key.

Step 5: At last tap on Great, got it!

Process to Sign in using Account Key

It is essential to sign in to Yahoo app on your mobile device for enabling the Account Key.

  1. Go to Yahoo sign in page.
  2. Provide your Yahoo ID and hit Next. A notification will be sent to your mobile device.
  3. Approve the login attempt and you are successfully logged in to your account.

If you don’t want to use Yahoo Account Key feature in future then you can disable the same by following the steps as shared below:

Process of disabling Account Key from a web browser

  1. You need to access Yahoo Account security page.
  2. From here you can Turn off Yahoo Account key feature.
  3. Click Turn off twice to confirm.

Process of disabling Account Key from a Yahoo mobile app

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail app and tap on Profile Icon.
  2. Further, you are required to tap Account Key under your email address.
  3. Further Tap Disable Account Key.


I forgot my Yahoo account ID, can i recover?

Yes, get it recovered using Yahoo Sign-in Helper.

Do I need to create separate password for each account?

Yes, it is recommended.

It is showing invalid password, what to do?

If you remember your password then make sure you are entering the right password. You may also reset your password in case you forgot.

Why is my Yahoo email not working?

It has many reasons, may be your internet is not working, you forgot your account ID or password. Please find the reasons behind and fix it accordingly.

Why am I not getting my emails?

Please check your internet connection first. You may have accidentally deleted emails.

How do I check my email on Yahoo?

Please login to your account using your registered email ID and password.

This was all about how can you fix Yahoo email not working problem. I have also shared a way using which you can login to your Yahoo account without password. Hope, it helps!

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