World Heart Day 2023: Theme, Date, Slogan, Significance, Common Myths

The World Heart Federation has created World Hart Day to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD). The theme of World Heart Day 2023 is “Use heart, know heart is open-ended”.

Every year, on September 29, people all over the world celebrate World Heart Day as a way to draw attention of cardiovascular illnesses, their management, as well as the worldwide toll they take on society. According to WHO statistics, about 17.9 million individuals every year die from cardiovascular diseases, accounting for worldwide fatalities of 31%.

Extensive utilization cigarettes, poor eating habits, a reduced physical activity, and alcoholism all contribute to these illnesses that present mainly as heart attacks and strokes. Increased high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, being obese or overweight are all side effects of living a bad lifestyle that may harm your heart.

World Heart Day 2023 Slogan

International DayWorld Heart Day
DateSeptember 29, 2023
World Heart Day 2023 Theme“Use heart, know heart is open-ended”

World Heart Day Significance

Founded by the World Heart Federation, the World Heart Day aims to raise awareness of the many cardiovascular illnesses that may cause significant harm to someone’s well being. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), which include strokes and heart attacks, are the major cause of mortality worldwide, claiming the lives of 18.6 million citizens every year.

The goal of World Health Day is to draw attention to the behavior that really can deter individuals from becoming predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, as well as to educate the masses on how to handle the potential risks associated with these diseases, including an unbalanced diet, passive smoking, and lack of physical activity, which seem to be sufficient to stop 80 percent of untimely deaths occurring from strokes and heart attacks.

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World Heart Day 2023: Common Myths

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Dr. TS Kler recently debunked popular misconceptions and gave facts and correct responses.

  • Myth: Youngsters shouldn’t need to work out and may consume unhealthy foods on a daily basis.

Reality: Abnormal eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle are harmful to people of all ages. Young individuals who do not make lifestyle changes and eating patterns may face an increased risk of heart disease in the long term.

  • Myth: Youngsters must not be concerned regarding heart disease since those over the age of 50 are the most vulnerable.

Reality: Nowadays, anybody may be affected by heart disease. Young teenagers are targets. Plaques may form in the vessels of kids and teens, eventually clogging them. Overweight, type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other problems may be present in teenage and middle-aged individuals.

  • Myth:A common myth is that individuals with a history of family of heart disease are powerless since they can do nothing to avoid it.

 Reality: Even if an individual seems to have a family background of heart disease, life choices such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and tight control over blood pressure & cholesterol levels may aid in avoiding heart diseases.

  • Myth:People with diabetes, even if they keep it under control, may still have cardiac problems.

Reality: Individuals having ability to handle diabetes with medication are less likely to get heart disease. Developing diabetes, on the other hand, raises your risk of heart attack and stroke. It raises the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease in an individual. A person’s risks may also be exacerbated by conditions including hypertension, overweight, lethargy, and smoking.

World Heart Day 2023 Theme

World Heart Day 2023 Theme: “Use heart, know heart is open-ended”

Last year, the World Heart Day theme was ‘USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART’.

With the goal of increasing worldwide awareness, preventing CVD, and managing the disease, the World Heart Federation had partnered with digital health companies to celebrate World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

  1. “A healthy heart means a longer, happier life.”
  2. “Listen to your heart—it’s your body’s most faithful friend.”
  3. “The best way to keep your heart in shape is to love yourself and others.”
  4. “Heart health is wealth.”
  5. “Take care of your heart, and it will take care of you.”
  6. “A strong heart is a happy heart.”
  7. “Life is precious, so protect your heart with care.”
  8. “Your heart deserves the best—nourish it with love and health.”
  9. “Heart health: because you only get one.”
  10. “Make every beat count—choose a heart-healthy lifestyle.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World heart Day theme 2023?

“Use heart, know heart is open-ended”

What date is the heart Day celebrated worldwide every year?

It is celebrated every year on 29th September.

When was the first World Heart Day?

September 24, 200

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