World Oral Health Day 2024: Theme, Messages, History, Celebration

World Oral Health Day 2024 will be celebrated all across the world on March 20. Last year year , the theme of this important day was  “Be Proud of Your Mouth”.

Each year on March 20th, World Oral Health Day is commemorated. It emphasizes the importance of excellent oral health, raises knowledge concerning oral illnesses, and encourages proper dental hygiene.

Dental health is just as crucial as overall wellness. It aids in the preservation of a healthier mouth, gums, and teeth. Also it aids in the enhancement of your physical attractiveness. Poor dental health may contribute to a plethora of serious health issues, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, strokes, respiratory difficulties, and preterm deliveries in expectant mothers.

World Oral Health Day 2024 Date

EventWorld Oral Health Day 2024
DateMarch 20, 2024
“A HAPPY MOUTH is A Happy Body”

World Oral Health Day History

The FDI World Dental Federation announced in 2007 that a full day would be set aside to celebrate and promote dental hygiene on a worldwide scale. The FDI World Dental Association’s leader, Dr. Charles Godon, celebrated his birthday on September 12th, which corresponded with the inaugural festivities.

The commemoration of World Oral Health Day moved to the 20th of March in 2013 and has remained there ever since.

World Oral Health Day 2024 Theme & Aim

“Be Proud of Your Mouth” was the theme of world oral health day last year. To put it another way, appreciate it and treat it with respect. Campaigners would like to promote change this year by emphasizing the significance of excellent dental health for overall health and how it may extend your lifespan and keep you healthy for way too long. And it’s something for which you should take action.

The primary goal of World Oral Health Day is to encourage different investors in making pledges to promote excellent oral health at regional, nationally and at worldwide levels through raising awareness.

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World Oral Health Day Celebration

Oral illnesses affect many individuals throughout the globe, but they may be prevented by increasing public awareness, educating the public, and disseminating accurate information. In addition, this day is commemorated in order to raise awareness and money for the disease’s prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

Every National Dental Organization, official and non-government institution, as well as the media are encouraged to engage in efforts at the international and national levels in order to improve oral health.

World Oral Health Day 2024: Crucial Messages

Preventing, detecting, and treating oral illnesses early are critical to limiting their influence on the entire of your body’s health.

  1. Eat a healthy, low-sugar diet to lose weight.

Consuming too much sugar in the form of sweetened beverages, snacks, and processed meals leads to tooth damage (dental caries), obesity, and diabetes.

  1. Initiate a plan to improve your dental health.

Diets rich in sugar and other factors associated, such as smoking, are to blame for most cases of tooth decay.

  1. Maintain a consistent oral hygiene regimen.

Dental decay and gum disease, for example, may have a negative effect on many aspects of one’s life, from personal relationships and self-confidence to academic performance and the capacity to work and learn with other people. However, oral illnesses are prevented if a proper oral hygiene regimen is followed every day.

  1. When you’re out and about, keep your mouth covered.

Gum that is sugar-free has been shown to assist maintain good oral health by neutralizing the acids in plaque.

  1. Learn how to take care of your teeth and gums (especially children)

Tooth decay and gaps in your teeth may be caused by bacteria in your mouth and teeth, therefore taking care of them are critical.

  1. Frequently see the dentist

Approximately 3.5 billion individuals are afflicted by oral disorders, which are frequently related to more severe health problems. These illnesses may cause a great deal of suffering, as well as social alienation, a decrease in self-esteem, and time away from school or job.

Important Points

For example, oral illness is very widespread and may affect anybody at any time. It’s a chronic, lifelong illness that can’t be passed on like the flu or the flu virus. It’s painful, and it may even lead to death or deformity.

Approximately half of the global population suffers from tooth decay, as per the Global Burden of Disease Study from 2016.

There are 10 major culprits of disability- adjusted life years in high-income countries: severe tooth losses and missing teeth.

Oral cancer is the third most common malignancy in certain Asian-Pacific nations.

Dental care is expensive throughout most high-income nations, accounting for 5% of overall health expenditures and 20% of personal health expenditures.

Oral health care needs often outstrip health care systems’ ability to provide them in middle- and lower nations.

In addition to poor diets rich in free sugars, cigarette use, and hazardous alcohol consumption, certain psychological health issues are also linked to oral illnesses and associated with other key non – communicable disease.

Dental health is harmed by dental decay and inadequate fluoride intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Oral Health Day?

We celebrate World Oral Health Day on March 20 every year.

What is the theme of World Oral Health Day this year?

“A HAPPY MOUTH is A Happy Body”

Who organizes the World Oral Health Day?

FDI World Dental Federation

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