World Milk Day 2024: Theme, History, Significance, Facts

Every year, World Milk Day is observed internationally on June 1 to recognize the importance of milk as a global food. The day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 2001. World Milk Day is also intended to provide an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the dairy sector and support in any and every way we can. In this article, important details about World Milk Day 2024 such as its history, significance, celebration, etc are provided.

World Milk Day 2024 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for World Milk Day for the upcoming 5 years.

World Milk Day 2024June 1, 2024Saturday
World Milk Day 2025June 1, 2025Sunday
World Milk Day 2026June 1, 2026Monday
World Milk Day 2027June 1, 2027Tuesday

World Milk Day Quick Overview

EventWorld Milk Day
DateJune 1, 2024
Declared byFood and Agriculture Organization, United Nations
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo recognize the importance of milk as a global food.

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Significance of World Milk Day

World Milk Day provides an opportunity to draw the attention of people all over the world towards milk. The day raises awareness of the importance of milk in healthy diets and supporting livelihoods and communities. According to data from FAO, more than one billion  livelihoods are supported by the dairy sector and more than six billion people consume dairy globally.

World Milk Day History

World Milk Day was established by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2001 to celebrate the dairy sector and also recognize the importance of milk as a global food. Since its establishment, the day has been promoting the benefits of milk and dairy products around the world. June 1 was chosen as the day of celebration as many countries were already celebrating their national milk days around this time of the year. Initially, a date in late May was proposed for the celebration but finally, 1 June was selected as the date for the celebration. Many countries in the world also celebrate their National World Milk Day around this day.

Celebration of World Milk Day

World Milk Day 2024 is all set to be observed on June 1, 2024, by individuals and organizations all over the world. Various events, activities, seminars and workshops showcasing the importance of milk consumption and production are organized all over the world. Social media celebrations are also encouraged among people with the use of hashtags #WorldMilkDay & #EnjoyDairy. also encourages people, especially dairy farmers, to create short videos that showcase sustainability practices in their farm or their company. Create these videos and share them on social media so that people can be more aware of dairy practices. Videos of length 15-30 seconds shot in Landscape mode or 1:1 dimensions can be sent directly to or via WeTransfer.

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Theme For World Milk Day 2024

In 2024, World Milk Day will focus on showing the importance of dairy in reducing environmental footprint along with providing nutritious foods and livelihoods. The objective behind this theme is to drive an active narrative that integrates the environmental, nutritional and societal impacts of the sector. The theme encourages people to talk about the important contributions of the dairy sector. The theme will also focus on the following points:

  • Farmers caring responsibly for their communities, the land and their animals
  • Sustainability practices in the dairy sector
  • Good food, health and nutrition
  • Contribution of dairy to economic development and livelihoods

Quick Fun Facts about Milk

Check out some interesting facts related to milk this World Milk Day:

  1. The history of cow’s milk goes back to 10,000 BC when nomadic tribes settled down and started farming & domesticating animals.
  2. Milk is the most nutritionally-dense food.
  3. 250 ml glass of milk can provide a 6-year-old 48% of their dietary protein requirement.
  4. Milk can be turned into a bioplastic.
  5. India is the largest producer of milk and accounts for 22% of global milk production.
  6. India is followed by the US, China, Pakistan and Brazil in milk production.
  7. The milk we drink today contains little or no harmful bacteria, thanks to French biologist Louis Pasteur.
  8. Before modern refrigeration, people in Russia and Finland placed Russian Brown Frogs in milk to keep them fresh.
  9. Consumption of milk can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  10. Milk helps in the prevention of bone fractures and disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate World Milk Day?

June 1 every year

When is National Milk Day observed in the US?

US National Milk Day is observed every year on January 11.

Who started the observation of World Milk Day?

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO)

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