World Portuguese Language Day 2023: Why should you celebrate it?

Every year on May 5, the Portuguese language is given special attention on World Portuguese Language Day. Because of its importance in maintaining the Portuguese people’s unique culture and identity, it serves to unite and unify them. One of the world’s most widely spoken languages is Portuguese.

It is the most commonly spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere, with about 265 million native speakers. As a result, Portuguese is the world’s sixth most widely spoken language. Explore the rich cultural heritage, rich history, and how the Portuguese language has influenced other countries.

World Portuguese Language Day 2023 Date

An intergovernmental organization is known as the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) – a UNESCO-affiliated organization that brings together peoples with the Portuguese language as one of its foundations and is an official CPLP partner since 2000 – officially established on 5 May 2009 as a date to honor the language and Lusophone cultures. According to UNESCO’s 40th General Conference, the fifth of May will be dubbed “World Portuguese Language Day” going forward.

Event name Day Date
World Portuguese Language Day 2023 Friday 5th May

World Portuguese Language Day: A Look Back

On May 5, Intergovernmental Organization (C.P.LP.) established World Portuguese Language Day as a commemoration of the language’s importance. Since 2000, C.P.L.P. has had an official collaboration with UNESCO. So far, the UNESCO General Conference has only resolved to declare May 5 in 2019, during its 40th session.

It is said that the Galician is where the Portuguese language had its start. The people who lived in the north of Portugal spoke this language as their first tongue. A mixture of regional accents and Latin was used to create Galician. Portuguese evolved as the language’s ancestor in the 14th century after years of evolution. Lusophones are those who speak Portuguese as a first language. Brazilians make up the vast bulk of the Lusophone population nowadays.

As a fun fact about Portuguese, there are regional variances in word use and meanings that may be found across the country. Another interesting fact is that until 2009, the letters “K,” “W,” and “Y” were not part of the language. A new “Orthographic Agreement” was signed in 2009 by Portuguese-speaking nations and introduced these letters. The Portuguese language is the source of many English terms. “Mosquito,” “cobra,” and “breeze” are a few examples.

Why celebrate World Portuguese Language Day 2023?

  • It has a long and illustrious past. Some of the first explorers were born in Portugal. Included in this group are world-famous figures like Vasco de Gama and Alvares Cabral.
  • We should learn more about it. You can’t compete with the rich culture of the Portuguese nations. Portuguese language and culture are also celebrated on this day.
  • This is a special time of year. On this day, we commemorate the people, language, and history of the Portuguese-speaking world as a whole. As a result, it’s a festival worth commemorating.

How to celebrate World Portuguese Language Day 2023

  • If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of the Portuguese-speaking nations, make the most of it by documenting your experiences and posting them online. The Portuguese culture might be celebrated in a big way via your initiative.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of the language. The greatest way to commemorate World Portuguese Language Day is to study the language yourself. ‘ By making subtitled movies entertaining, you may encourage people to study as they watch. To spread the love, share your language with your family and friends.
  • Watch a film. Do you become tired and drowsy while you’re studying or reading? Let us know if you need anything, friend. The City of God, Central Station, The Arabian Nights, and Once Upon a Time in Rio are just a few of the many Brazilian and Portuguese films you may enjoy.

World Portuguese Language Day 2023 Interesting facts

  • A word that has 29 letters. The Portuguese language’s longest word includes a whopping 29 letters.
  • In nine nations, it’s legal. There are nine nations where the Portuguese language is an official one, namely Portugal and Brazil.
  • The Arabic impact on the Portuguese language may be traced back to the Islamic dominion of Portugal in the 8th century.
  • Second, only to English in terms of popularity, the Portuguese language is the quickest European language.
  • In Portuguese, there are six possible endings for each verb tense.


Will Portuguese will be the language of tomorrow?

According to the British Council’s “Languages for the Future” report, one of the ten most significant foreign languages over the next two decades will be Portuguese.

In what year was the first World Portuguese Language Day celebrated?

UN General Conference resolved in 2019 to designate May 5th as “World Day of Portuguese Language” every year. 2020 5 5th. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is holding the first-ever World Portuguese Language Day.

Do you know how long Portuguese has been around as a language?

The Romans brought their language and culture to the Iberian Peninsula, which is now predominantly made up of modern-day Portugal and Spain, in the third century BCE, giving origin to the Portuguese Romance language.

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