World Standards Day 2023: Date, Significance, History & Theme

World Standards Day 2023 is being observed all over the world on Friday, 14th of October. The day was established by three organizations namely the IEC, ISO and the ITU to honor the collaborative efforts of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.

World Standards Day is also a means of raising awareness about the need for the global standardization of products and its importance to the world economy.

World Standards Day 2023 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for World Standards Day for the next 5 years.

World Standards Day 2023October 14, 2023Saturday
World Standards Day 2024October 14, 2024Monday
World Standards Day 2025October 14, 2025Tuesday
World Standards Day 2026October 14, 2026Wednesday
World Standards Day 2027October 14, 2027Thursday

World Standards Day 2023 Overview

EventWorld Standards Day, International Standards Day
DateOctober 14, 2023
Declared byIEC, ISO and ITU
Observed byGlobally
Purpose of celebrationTo honor the collaborative efforts of experts who develop voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.

Significance of World Standards Day

Standards are very important to make sure that products and services work the way that we expect them to. This way, standards make our life more safer and easier. Standards touch almost every part of our daily lives and are also essential to achieve the 2030 Agenda and creating a fairer, more sustainable world.

To celebrate the importance of standards in our life, World Standards Day 2023 will be observed with great excitement. Together with the members, the IEC, ISO and the ITU are celebrating standards as a global community. For those who already contribute to the development of standards, those who work with standards, or those who want to find out more, World Standards Day is a day of global celebration.

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History of World Standards Day Observation

World Standards Day, also known as International Standards Day, is celebrated every year on October 14 each year. Three organizations International Organization for Standards (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) & International Telecommunication Union (ITU) came together and started the observation of this day.

The aim behind establishing the day was to raise awareness about the importance of standardization to the global economy among the consumers, regulators and industry. October 14 was chosen to commemorate the first gathering of delegates in 1956 from 25 countries in London who decided to create an international organization for facilitating standardization. The first World Standards Day was celebrated in 1970.

World Standards Day 2023 Celebration

The IEC, ISO and the ITU are the leading developers of international standards in the world and they come together every year to organize the World Standards Day on October 14. Under the name of World Standards Cooperation, these three organizations collaborate on a number of other initiatives as well.

There are events such as workshops, activities, conferences and seminars organized by standardization organizations all over the world on this day. A theme is decided every year for celebrating International Standards Day.

As an individual, you can celebrate this day by learning more about how international standards for products and services affect your life. You can also support national and international standards-making organizations in different possible ways. Talk about standards on the internet and encourage others to celebrate importance of standards this World Standards Day.

World Standards Day 2023 Theme

World Standards Day 2023 Theme: “Shared Vision for a Better World”

The theme for International Standards Day 2022 was ‘Our shared vision for a better world’. The theme is explained by the ISO as follows-

‘The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which project to address social imbalances, develop a sustainable economy, and slow the rate of climate change, are highly ambitious. To reach them will require the cooperation of many public and private partners, and the use of all available tools, including international standards and conformity assessment.’


When will we celebrate World Standards Day 2023?

October 14, 2023

Why are standards so important in our life??

Standards ensure the safety, quality and reliability of products and services.

What is International Organization for Standardization (ISO)?

ISO is a nongovernmental organization of national standards bodies from more than 160 countries, with one standards body representing each member country.

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